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[Graded]Love Bites! (So Do I)
Topic Started: Feb 19 2012, 02:29 AM (456 Views)
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Pulling a strand of hair out of the corner of my mouth, I allowed a brief moment of annoyance to cross my face, as the light breeze playfully tossed around a few strands that had come loose from their fastening. I debated fixing it back into its original position, but the hiding spot that I had chosen wasn't the best, and too much movement would probably give away my position to the knights patrolling the area. While the thought of being chained up wasn't too bad, being in a cold dark dungeon was, and would defeat the entire purpose of my being here today. Various men and women in armor trudged in and out of the front gate as the midday sun beat down on my hiding spot on the roof of a nearby distillery. I had chosen the spot for one because of its closeness to the academy, and for its unique repulsion. The smell of a distillery tended to drive most people away from it, so the building was tucked away at the end of street, but since the Knights Academy tended to be their main business, it was still close enough to see the front gate easily enough. Anyone walking by wouldn't tend to bother actually facing the place and risking getting a blast of its acrid stench full in the mouth unless something caught their eye. My only worry was the guards on the walls, but the black of my outfit blended very well with the tar roof, and it would take a keen eye to pick me out from that far away. One of the nearby exhaust chimneys blocked me from the view of half of the guards on the wall, so as long as I didn't make too many sudden moves while they were walking in my direction, I should pass unnoticed.

I hadn't been back to Chrysanthemum in almost a year, and my departure had been rather sudden. Shrugging off the memories of the past year, I focused on the task at hand, scanning through the faces of the crowd, hoping the people I was looking for weren't out on assignment. My assignment today was to find several low-level Leakers, and make sure that they were doing their job properly. If not, well, I would "guide" them back on their course, or permanently de-rail them. Getting into the Academy now was almost an impossibility, as news of her sudden disappearance had probably spread quickly, since there wasn't many female knights that took the kind of jobs she normally took. I harbored no doubts that they merely thought I died on a job, or finally gave in to my undercover work and turned coat. Of course, they weren't far off, but them finding me alive would lead to a lot of questions I would rather not answer. A flash of red hair caught her eye from the crowd, but much as she tried to focus, she couldn't tell if it was the man she was looking for or not. Tired of laying on the hot roof anyway, I decided to take a risk, and slowly inched my way forward. How many people could there be with red hair like that anyway?

Stopping at the edge of the rooftop, I caught my breath for a moment, waiting for the guard on the wall to turn away. The red haired person turned into the Academy, and I cursed to myself silently, but luck was with me. The guard yawned widely and stretched his arms, craning his head back and working out the kinks in his muscles. Taking the opportunity, I slid off the roof silently, flipping forward lightly and landing on the ground with a light thump, absorbing the impact of the fall by bending forward a little and bending my knees, lightly touching the ground with my hands. I nearly landed on a man walking out of the distillery, his eyes wide with shock as he took in my clothes. I scowled at him and gave him a look that made him hurriedly slap a hand over his eyes and back into the shop, slamming the door shut. Standing up, I brushed myself off and walked nonchalantly in the opposite direction of the gate, to where a small bench and some trees offered a moments peace next to the Academy wall. No one was there at the moment, and the end of the street seemed barren for the moment, as it usually was. The bench more often than not was populated by workers in the distillery, taking a moment to come outside and smoke since they couldn't smoke in the distillery itself without risking an explosion.

I had taken this particular route a lot when I was still a member of the Knights, to avoid the wrath of the Headmistress of the dorm, and to avoid the questions of the guards when coming back from some of the more unique missions I had been sent on. With a light hop, I jumped on the back of the bench and vaulted myself up to a nearby branch, swinging my legs forward and flipping upside down, hooking my ankles on another high branch. letting go of my hands, I pulled myself up and flipped my body backwards, reaching forward for the wall edge I knew would be there. Within a minute, I had come off the rooftop of the distillery, and now was pulling myself carefully up onto the Academy wall top, my eyes on the guard from earlier. He was leaning on the railing with his elbows, one hand on his chin, his legs crossed calmly behind him. His eyes blinked sleepily as they followed some of the more scantily clad women walking around down below, a lecherous smile on his face. Slipping over the edge of the wall, I padded over to him silently and stood behind him for a moment, wondering if this is what the Knights had fallen to in her absence. The young recruit eventually noticed her presence behind him, and glanced over at her briefly with a sleepy look on his face. I was tempted to end his life right there and help the Knights out a bit, but the kid actually looked away from her, back to the street as if his brain couldn't comprehend her presence right away. Taking that moment to fall backwards off the wall, I did a light somersault into the courtyard, landing on the soft grass inside and rolling under the cover of a cart parked nearby. Loud cursing came from up on the wall, and I knew that his brain had finally kicked in. The sound of his boots scuffling on the wall top as he rushed around to try and find me was hilarious, and it was all I could do to not laugh at the poor boy's confusion. He was probably wondering whether or not he had seen a ghost, and the sound of his scuffling boots returned to their previous position when he didn't see anything.

The sight of red in the corner of my eye turned my attention towards the residential area, and I rushed out of my hiding spot, rolling behind the stables, and following the shadow of the wall towards my quarry. He was whistling loudly, a bottle of something dark colored in his hand, and by the look on his face, it wasn't soda. Running a little ahead of him, I waited for him in between two of the residential buildings, knowing that he would have to walk by the female dorms to get to the male dorms. It surprised her that she still remembered the layout so well. The whistling grew closer, and as it reached the corner her hand flashed out, gripping cloth, and she jerked the surprised red head into the narrow alley, her claws flashing in the darkness as they rested underneath his chin. His face paled as they took in my face, and I opened my eyes wide, letting my emotions spill into them, the light reflecting from the claws reflecting from my own twin orbs of darkness as well. His knees began to quiver as my razor sharp claws scratched across the stubble on his chin, a bead of blood drawing where they broke the skin slightly. Kat could smell the scent of his urine in the narrow space, and she scowled at him.

"Report," I said to him simply, jerking him upright by pressing the blades harder against his skin. A tiny trickle of blood ran down his neck, and his eyes looked like a cow in a slaughterhouse, knowing that its life could end any minute. The man hadn't reported to her in nearly a month, and if he had nothing worthwhile to say, his life would end right there. She didn't pay him to carouse around the town all day.

"Milady, I'm sorry, I got caught up-" he started to say, making up lame excuses. I wasn't interesting in hearing them, and I let him know by pressing harder on the blades. The blood was starting to trickle harder now, and the man was practically on his tip toes trying to avoid them. I was half tempted to end his life right there, but I hoped he at least had something useful to say before I killed him. He choked slightly, and fumbled in his pocket, but I reached out and snatched his wrist, turning it hard. A light crack echoed in the alley, and the man whimpered, tears running down his face as something metallic fell out of his hand. Releasing his wrist, I snatched the object out of the air as the fell, letting my claws fall from his neck as I realized they were keys. He slumped backwards and hit the wall, sliding down to his butt and cradling his injured wrist. "They changed the locks on your room, but I managed to steal the new set. All of the reports are hidden under the floorboards of your closet, I'm so sorry, I meant-" the man said in a rush, his eyes squinted shut, tears flowing down his now dirty face, mixing with the trickle of blood as they flowed down his chin and neck.

Deciding that he might be worth something after all, I squatted down in front of him and laid my hand gently on his cheek, wiping the tears from that side of his face and smiling at him gently. "That's a good boy, Jeremy, but next time you don't report to me for awhile, I'm going to have to punish you again, you know that right?" I said to him sweetly, leaning forward and gently kissing his forehead. Jeremy nodded and looked up at me with bright eyes full of adoration and I patted his head, pulling out a handkerchief and standing up, throwing it down into his lap. "Now go clean yourself up, and make sure no one sees you. You've made a mess of yourself, dear," I said to him, turning and walking away, the keys spinning around on my finger as I glanced around outside of the alleyway, making sure that no one was in sight. My heart caught in my throat as I saw a familiar back turn into the female dorms, and I jerked my head back into the alley, my heart thudding in my chest as I tried to calm down. I should have known that this would happen, but I wasn't quite ready to respond to what they had to say. Looking back into the alley, she noticed that Jeremy was getting to his feet, his eyes still glued to her. Rolling her eyes and wondering how she always managed to find the masochists, she turned towards the female dorm and strolled inside, her keys clutched in her hand. If Jeremy had made a copy for himself, she would kill him. Literally.

Heading towards her room, she kept an eye out for Aiden, hoping not to run into him, but hoping to run into him at the same time. Her objectives warred with her feelings, but her objectives won in the end, and she walked briskly towards her room, getting her keys ready. Coming around the corner to her hallway, she stopped quickly and ducked back around after seeing Aiden standing at a doorway, knocking quietly. Of course he was going to a woman's room, its not like Kat could blame him, she had been gone for some time after all. Hearing the door shut as she went in, she wondered what wierd twist of fate had his objective just down the hallway from her room. Checking her doorway real fast, she noticed that all of her trips were sprung, but still there. Glad for small things, Kat unlocked her door and slid inside, shutting the door behind her, locking it. Walking in, she took a deep breathe and relished the smell of her old life, her old habits kicking in. Kicking off her sweaty clothes as she walked in, she dropped them in a trail towards the bathroom, tossing the keys on her large glass table as she walked by it. Walking into the bathroom, she wasted to time kicking on the shower and getting in, delighted to see all of her things were still there. As the soap washed off the dirt and grime of the robe, she didn't care if she got caught anymore, at least she would be clean for her court marshall.


A little later, Jeremy stood outside of Kat's door, a feverish light in his eyes and a maniacal smile on his face. His uninjured left hand fumbled in his right pocket for a moment, and he dropped the keys in his haste. A slight chuckle left his lips as he picked up the keys and unlocked the door, not even bothering to shut it on his way in. The sound of the shower came faintly from the back of the apartment as Jeremy's eyes alighted on the scattered clothes, and the light in his eyes turned feral as he stalked deeper into the apartment.
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Laying down on her bed, Alexis was trying to shake off the suspicions that Jackie had thrown on her earlier. A little infuriated Alexis's roughly turned in her bed, trying to just shake off her thoughts and just go back to sleep. Whenever she got over this fever she was seriously going to have to give Jackie a good punch in the arm. Who comes to see someone when they're sick, possibly dying, and leaves them hints like that. Chrysanthemum being mostly peaceful didn't mean that knights on patrol duty wouldn't be attacked by some monstrous beast that could have all the strength of a great typhoon. Instantly, thoughts about a twin headed flaming dog-beast that was at least two houses tall filled her mind. Sure it seemed ridiculous, but considering the fact that she just came back from a parallel dimension where card games had life and death consequences, Alexis was more the a little willing to believe that such a creature existed. If anything it would be strange if it didn't exist. Either way so long as it just minded its own business and didn't even consider coming out of its neck of the woods, she was okay with it. Then again, thinking about it, Aiden could probably handle something like that. It would be the evil mage that cast sleep spells that would truly defeat Aiden. Once he was out, BAM! Never going to get him up again, at least not without the sweet, warm aroma of waffles to grab his attention. The knight rolled her eyes, remembering one of the times she tried to wake him up and ended up buying a baker's dozen of fresh waffles to wake him up. Sure, she ate them and fed the rest to Waffles and Kiki, but she made Aiden get up with them for sure.

Rolling over onto her stomach, Alexis was starting to get more frustrated with herself not being asleep. Her head was pounding and her body felt like it was bathing in a volcano, a combination that was surprisingly not peaceful. Any sane person would much rather be asleep then deal with this, but too many thoughts were clogging up her brain and all the little mini-Alexis controlling it were frantically running around trying to sort it all out. This mental image actually made her head feel worse, thousands of tiny feet stomping around her brain did that for some reason. Taking a deep breath the knight attempted to empty her mind and just let the coolness of her pillow be the chariot on the back of the Lock Ness monster that would fly her into the land of slumber. The Private truly wasn't thinking about anything and was focused greatly on trying to sleep, but the more she tried the more she started to notice little things that grabbed her attention. A bird cawing. How her blankets felt against her skin. The random yell she would hear outside her window. Eventually Alexis decided that it was time she used the one sure fire thing that would get her to sleep. Against her body's protest, she leaned over to her nightstand and thankfully her fully stretched arm was just long enough to be able to open the drawer. Feeling through the various magazines she had stored in their her hand brushed against something hard. Grabbing hold of it she slowly pulled it out and brought it over in front of her. A reluctant smile, she hated to use this, but it was the only thing that would make her instantly go to sleep, An In-depth Look at Fiore's Political History. This was possibly the most boring book she had ever owned, not that she bought it out of want, but instead because of the fact she had to have it for one of her previous classes. Opening it up to the first page she started to read, putting her thumb under the first word.

Hours later, the knight was slowly coming out of her dreamless sleep-state. Blinking her eyes a few times, she started to slowly sit up. Looking down at the book she still had in her hands, Alexis smiled at it before giving it a silent thank-you. Moving it to the side the woman stretched her arms out above her head and rolled her head around. One of these days I'm going to have to get someone to tell me how that first sentence ends. That book always bored her straight to sleep and this time was no different. Feeling somewhat better and in the mood for food, she out of her bed and made her way to the kitchen. Groggily making her way down the short hallway and into her place's little kitchen, her sleepy eyes saw Aiden. Momentarily confused she called out at him, mainly just to make sure he was actually there and it wasn't some heavy sleepy-eye fog. Alexis surprised him it seemed from the look on his face.

"O-oh, Alexis. What've you been doing here?"

"I live here, dummy."

"Shouldn't you be sleeping, Alexis?"

"I was curious and wanted to see what you were doing in here. Strawberries... Wow, you actually took what I said seriously?"

"G-got a problem like that? I just felt like eating cake. So, that's why I'm making it."

"Fine. Save me a piece when you're done then. I'm looking forward to it." With that Alexis turned back and headed back down the hallway.

Silently giggling as the knight walked back into her room, Alexis was thinking that Aiden was just too for his own good sometimes. Baking a cake and all, being sweet was just too precious. Alexis had never thought that Aiden would actually bake a cake, now she was imagining Aiden in an apron and chef's hat saying that he truly wanted to be a Chef as his profession. If his cake actually turned out to be good then she would have to get him to bake her other sweets. A woman can't properly start off her morning without freshly baked muffins and waffles after all. Who else to make that for her then the one and only Aiden? Stifling a bit more of her laughter, Alexis continued to lay on her bed. She was planning on just waiting for Aiden to finish baking the cake and then he could come and get her, but having not entirely woken up the knight quickly fell back asleep, this time dreaming about walking, talking pastries.
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Not Like This

There was something strange about a guy with a sword at his side baking a strawberry shortcake. It would certainly bring questionable er...questions to mind, such as whether or not he was actually using his sword to cut the ingredients for the shortcake. Of course, that would be pretty gross considering where his sword has been, or really who it's been in. Someone make an innuendo here (or perhaps it had already made itself?). Besides that, Aiden was a classy gentleman and used a chef's knife.

As he sliced some more strawberries, Aiden vaguely imagined himself wearing an apron and a full suit of armor underneath. Aiden didn't know why that thought bubbled into the front of his thoughts, cutting the other strange thoughts in line, but he probably chalked it up to the weapon sheathed at his side. He did look pretty odd with it, especially since he was wearing his uniform (sans the armor). After all, he did just come back from patrol duty. Aiden was actually pretty glad he didn't wear his armor as well. You ever go grocery shopping in a hulking, bulky suit of reinforced metal? Neither have I, but it sounds kind of difficult if you ask me.

In reality, Aiden really didn't mind cooking once in awhile for Alexis. She made him breakfast a bunch of times, but perhaps that's mostly due to the fact that Aiden is a brick when he sleeps, which is essentially a notorious tidbit of information around the knight community even outside of Chrysanthemum. The King of Afternoon Naps are legendary, basically. It takes a hellish amount of effort to get the blue-haired knight to wake up some days. However, just as the way to a man's heart is through his stomach (but also a dagger through the chest), waking up Aiden with the smell of delicious food. Even now, Aiden was feeling wide-awake with the scent of lovely smelling food ingredients set out on the countertop in front of him.

Aiden's absent minded thoughts were suddenly interrupted when the person who he was making the shortcake for approached. It kind of startled Aiden, causing him to almost drop his knife while he was chopping. It would have been pretty diastrous if he had dropped it on a finger. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Aiden felt a little odd being startled by something like this when he has been previously snuck up on by people with clear and obvious intent to kill. It just goes to show that underneath all that armor and battle-heartened fortitude lies a living, breathing person. Otherwise, he'd be a robot.

"O-oh, Alexis. What've you been doing here?"

"I live here, dummy."

"Shouldn't you be sleeping, Alexis?"

"I was curious and wanted to see what you were doing in here. Strawberries... Wow, you actually took what I said seriously?"

"G-got a problem like that? I just felt like eating cake. So, that's why I'm making it."

"Fine. Save me a piece when you're done then. I'm looking forward to it."

Shrugging his shoulders, Aiden had gone back to making the shortcake. Carefully placing the contents into the pre-heated oven, Aiden made sure to check all the timers and settings. Working with ovens had never been Aiden's forte. The knight preferred the simplicity of grills and friers where the majority of the time spent involves turning or flipping something over. Ssssizzle. As the cake baked, Aiden sat rather patiently on one of the couches situated in her room. After a good amount of time, Aiden had taken it out and placed it on the counter. To finish off the cake, Aiden topped it with cream, strawberry sauce, fresh strawberries, chocolate shavings, and a smile. Cause, y'know, food's totally more delicious when made with a smile.
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Kat leaned against the shower wall and closed her eyes, feeling the weariness of the road wash off of her and down the drain with the dirt and grime. The smell of her soap and shampoo reminded her of the past, mixed with the smell of cake, for some reason. The smell of strawberries and cream wafted into her nostrils, and Kat's stomach rumbled, making her sigh and stand up straight, reaching for the faucet to turn off the water. As she turned it off, something caught her eye from the doorway, and she immediately lashed out, striking at the shadow on the other side of the curtain. Her foot flashed through the plastic shower curtain, connecting hard with the person's midsection, sending him stumbling backwards. The curtain clattered to the ground, making an incredible amount of noise as it tore off the wall, its metal bar striking the tile of the bathroom. Kat growled and stalked out of the tub, a feral light in her eyes as she stepped over the ruined curtain. As the water dripped off of her, she scowled at the mess she was making. She had really liked that shower curtain, it had been hard to find, and she doubted she could find another one. Not that she would be coming back here most likely, but she still had her preferences.

Snatching a towel off the rack beside her, she unfolded it with a snap, catching the man before her hard in the face with the tip, a crack sounding in the air from the towel, followed by a howl of pain from the man as he stumbled back farther, clutching his face. With a smooth motion, Kat pulled it back and whipped it around her body, tucking it in on itself to hold it in place. Seeing Jeremy standing before her still in his soiled clothing, Kat sighed, realizing she should have gone with her gut feeling and just disposed of him in the alleyway. He knew too much anyway, and he would become a loose end soon enough. Looking around for her armor, she saw it laying on the ground, and decided against putting it back on. Jeremy wasn't that dangerous anyway, Kat doubted he would even be in the Knights if she hadn't forged his acceptance letter. He was a simple street thug she had found one day and recruited, who jumped at the sight of jewels like any other street rat. Jeremy was on his knees crying outside of her bathroom door, and Kat shook her head at him, grabbing him by the hair and hauling him to his feet. "Get off my floor with your piss-ridden clothes, dog," she muttered at him, and his face turned toward her. Kat recoiled in disgust at the look on his face, she had seen it on men's faces plenty of times in the past.

Knowing that he was a lost cause, all Kat could do was get him out of the dorms before he started a scene, and dispose of him. Looking around, she realized she would have to get dressed probably, and she snatched up her weapon, strapping it on while keeping an eye on Jeremy. He eyed her weapon with confusion at first, then horror as he realized what he had just done. Stammering, he started crying and blubbering once more, but Kat ignored him this time. It was too late for that, the trust was broken. Reaching for her top off the floor, she took her eyes off of him for a second, and she felt him run for the door. If its one thing street rats can do, its run, but Kat didn't doubt she could catch up to him. Sprinting after him, she saw him reach out and slam the door closed after himself, but Kat merely ripped it back open and looked out into the hallway. Engaging her claws, she saw Jeremy running down the hall farther into the dorm, and she sprinted after him. Just as he was running past a doorway, Kat caught up to him, diving feet first and scissor-kicking his feet out from under him. Jeremy grunted and lurched sideways, slamming into the door with his shoulder at full speed. The dorm doors weren't built to withstand that much force, and the crazed man smashed through it bodily, the entire thing breaking inwards like it was hit with a battering ram.

Kat followed him unflinchingly, slamming her foot down hard on the back of his head as he fell, the momentum of his fall and her foot creating a sickening crunch from the ground. Jeremy's body twitched for a second and then lay still, and Kat sighed, hearing doors starting to open in the hallway. Looking up, brushing a few strands of wet hair out of her face, she saw Aiden sitting on the sofa and smiled at him like she had just seen him yesterday. "Hey there!" she said cheerfully to him, sauntering over to him and plopping down in his lap, looking at the table. "Nice cake, you make it?" she said with a grin, tasting the cream with one finger, probably letting the finger linger in her mouth a little longer than necessary, but hey, it was for old times sake after all. Looking around, she admired the small dorm and took another lingering taste of the cream. "Nice dorm," she said mischievously. "I think you look better in mine though."
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The majority of Alexis' dream left her wondering through a world very similar to Charlie and Chocolate Factory where even the blades of grass were food. Alexis found herself enjoying the sweetly delicious world, and even some of the inhabitants, as she found that the people were all pastries. While this may be a little sick and some could interpret this into a secret desire to eat those around her, Alexis thought of it as nothing more then delicious. As much as she would have loved to continue this dream the aroma of a freshly baked cake started her slow rise out of sleep. This is because the scent of fresh strawberry shortcake translated over into her dream as noxious, eye-watering, death gas that was raining down over all of little pastry-ville. Everywhere crumpets were disintegrating, eclairs were spontaneously combusting, cupcakes were eating their own frosting! It was madness and chaos, all with a strawberry scented aroma, made Alexis wonder how it was she got here in the first place. The strawberry scent started to get stronger as the knight became more aware of her dream and slowly waking up. This process could have, and usually did, continue for another hour which was just Alexis stalling the inevitable and not get up and out of her warm and comfy bed. Instead the loud and sudden crash through a door made her eyes shoot open and her nimble body practically jumped out of her bed as the knight rushed to see what all the noise was about.

Dressed in her pajamas Alexis came bursting out into her living area to see her door busted down, a red-headed boy laying flat on his face with a suspicious red liquid slowly making a pool below him. Now one may focus on this 'negative' and overreact with a statement along the lines of 'OMGWTF! A BOY JUST CRASHED INTO MY ROOM!" but in situations like this when a woman sees another woman practically naked with her finger tasting some cream in front of the first woman's boyfriend... time pauses. Time pauses and things slow down as Alexis tried to rationalize all the reasons why she was standing in her night gown with all of this in her living room. The first conclusion she came to was that this was Aiden's own weird way of trying to surprise the fever out of her in which case the appropriate response would be to have her equip a steel gauntlet and land a strong backhand to his face. Overreacting? Not even in the slightest seeing that if he actually did do that it would be one of the stupidest things he had ever done. Now the only other option was that a woman had busted in through the door, thrown down a body to distract Alexis, and was now trying to shamelessly flirt. Well thankfully Alexis had managed to avoid her distraction technique and see her inner plans. Now came the critically moment where the sophisticated Alexis had to decide a counter strategy for the woman. True, the option to flirt with the man that she brought into the room was always up for grabs, but she needed something more effective, something that would sting...

A quick, sly grin came across Alexis' face as she thought up the most perfect way to handle the situation while spraying sinister lemons on the open flesh wound that is the woman's plan to do something malicious, whatever that may be. Putting on a gentle smile Alexis walked over to the woman sampling her cake and looked at her, then the body on the floor, and then back at the woman. "So... This thing you did where you throw bodies through doors, yeah that's going to have to stop. Oh and while your at it could you tell me who the hell you are and why your sampling my cake?" The knight smiling said to the new woman. Thinking about why hadn't Aiden done something about this. Surely someone busting through the door would have snapped him up into 'Knight Mode' where he would attempt to control the sudden situation. Maybe he was just off his game because of cake being in the room, and if so then Alexis would actually have to give him something of a break. The cake he baked looked marvelous and the scent was hard not to get distracted by, but right now she was too focused on the black-haired woman in front of her.

For her to be on the grounds of the Knight's Dorms then she must either be a knight that Alexis hadn't seen before, doubtful since even she could place the face of about every person who took residence in the doors, or the other option was that she sneaked past all the guards and "sneakily" made her way into Alexis' room just to sample some cake. While she could at least understand the very noble intentions of the latter choice the knight would have resorted to deceit to do it. Surely there were easier ways to sample a cake, let alone steal one. Why she hadn't gone ahead with robbing a bakery was beyond her understanding. Regardless of all of that though, Alexis wasn't happy about her being there, even in the slightest and the faster she just turned around and left the better she would feel and the more intact her cake would be.
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Not Like This

"Well, shit..."

Those were the only two words that Aiden's mouth and brain could formulate in this situation. I mean, what else could a guy say in these circumstances? There was literally nothing that came to mind for Aiden. How the hell could he logically and reasonably explain the door being battered and broken down with a momentarily twitching, then still unconscious or dead body on the floor? Then, to make matters more crazy and ridiculous, here was a girl, dripping wet and wearing only a towel, sitting on his lap. Did I mention that this same girl was technically the 'one who got away'? Did I also mention that this all took place in his current girlfriend's dorm after he had just made some delicious cake for her 'cause she was sick? Aiden was at a complete loss for words here.

Billions of thoughts raced through his head like ants running for dear life from an overly excited kid with a magnifying glass on a hot summer day. For one, Aiden didn't instantly recognize who the person was that had just made his lap their new chair. Then, upon finally realizing just who it was more questions poured into his brain like a waterfall rushing down the edge of a steep cliff. Questions such as what had happened to her, where she had been for so long, and things of the sort bubbled into his thoughts. The fact that she had come back in such a way was ten times more than surprising. The woman had acted like they had last talked yesterday, making Aiden wonder what their last conversation was to have her make such a dynamic entry.

Of course, at the same time, ten trillion thoughts were racing through Aiden's mind regarding how the hell he would explain this situation. As Alexis confronted the dark haired woman, Aiden made sure to show that his hands weren't touching anything. By that, he had his hands up in the air, clearly visible. This also served to indicate that Aiden had basically nothing to do with this. However, Aiden had the slightest feeling that with his luck some more ridiculous misunderstandings were going to occur before things got all sorted out. Not to mention, this all happened while Aiden had to somehow, through sheer force of will, prevent the blood in his body from going south. I mean, that would definitely only serve to worsen the situation. At the same time, that image of her tasting the cream from the cake lingered in his head a little too long, almost playing on repeat as if he couldn't unsee it. While it's totally understandable due to the fact that Aiden is a man, it's not like it helps the situation at all.

Aiden kind of slid out from underneath Kat, then immediately scooted a little bit away towards the other end of the couch, all the while trying to maintain his gaze, keeping it dead ahead towards a fly on the wall.

"Uh... Alexis, meet Kat. Kat, Alexis - my girlfriend." Aiden's tone was almost one-hundred percent awkward. It's quite rare that you hear Aiden speaking out of his ordinary, casual, nonchalant tone. However, this wasn't a situation where he could or should sound nonchalant. If he was, then that implies things and the last thing Aiden wanted to do was imply things. That could end horribly, and Aiden was desperately trying to avoid whatever scenario would wind up getting a pimp slap across the cheeks, face and/or other. Both are just prime targets.

You know, there are probably a lot of random people observing the scene from their own little dorms. This day just gets better and better. Perhaps Aiden had forgotten that his swag was on maximum.
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meh bitchin posting from bitchin Rp'ers

1SP and 200k for all

seemed to be going okay though, wonder why it stopped :/

either way, awkward thread is funny and awkward

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