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[Graded]Are you not entertained?!; Larkin
Topic Started: Feb 10 2012, 02:37 AM (1,499 Views)
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Not Like This

Dazed and confused, Aiden barely had any clue as to where he actually was. His mind was a complete and utter blur, so much that trying to recollect and recall what had happened in the hours before seemed almost like a sort of distant impossibility. Ordinarily, Aiden had a pretty good memory, but his lack of recollection seemed to indicate and point out that something was amiss. By that, I mean that combined with the throbbing ache in his head meant that something or someone must have hit him in the head really hard. And, since it's Aiden we're talking about here, I mean really hard. Though, that's not to say he's not hardheaded, whether physically or metaphorically. Then again, it has served as a decent tool to bash noses in with a well-placed headbutt. Of course, that's not the point here...

Glancing around, Aiden observed both himself and his surrounding environment. The walls were made of stone - tough stuff, that Aiden would only break his hand and arms trying to break through. Before him were iron bars, keeping them in, that were much too strong and thick to do the same. Gone was his armor and weaponry, replaced with somewhat dirty and dusty slacks and a shirt, simple boot-like footwear as well. It was made evidently clear that they were being contained and restrained - but where and for what reason, Aiden did not know for sure. Shaking off the thought, Aiden made note that he had mentally used the word 'they', which appeared to indicate that he was not in this alone. Wasn't someone with him?

A glance back around the room caused him to notice his ordinarily cheery companion. "Cell mates? Dude... where are we?" It was then that Aiden had noticed that the other guy had a metal collar around his neck. Upon touching his own neck, Aiden discovered that he had one too.

Roughly a day prior, Aiden was assigned a task by his higher ups in the Knights of Fiore. This was pretty much customary for him, and would be for as long as he remained in the Knight's corp. The day would have also begun like any other - with Aiden bringing down an iron fist down onto his alarm clock, shattering it and sending fragmented pieces of metal and glass scattered about the room, followed with the routine of cleaning it up before his he or his pet stepped on any of them. Strangely, Aiden's hand was unhurt, though perhaps it was used to the daily abuse. Upon doing this, Aiden realized the invention of an unbreakable alarm clock might be a pretty good idea, that is until he realized that it would only sell to people with a Strength Stat Point over 90. As a result, it would have a very very limited market.

Aiden's assignment seemed almost a bit atypical for someone of his rank and stature. It detailed finding a missing young man, who had been reported being last seen in Dandelion Sector. Now, someone going missing in Dandelion Sector is by no means atypical. Such a thing, unfortunately, happens far too often. With the place being essentially a slum full of thugs, thieves, and mages with an overwhelming desire to prove themselves and/or gain power by any means, the place is occasionally regarded as the dirty asshole of Fiore, a brown spot that no amount of cleansing would fully clean. However, what was actually atypical about this assignment was that he was simply being sent to find someone, someone who may have been kidnapped or killed. Usually, such an assignment wouldn't be given to him. Instead, it would ordinarily fall upon the hands and shoulders of the guards stationed at Dandelion. Though, Aiden had caught wind that the man's father was an important figure in the Fiorean bureacracy, which made sense. Though, Aiden hated that sort of noble favoritism, and not only because he was born as a man with nothing who had to rise up on his own strength.

Clad in his pristine blue armor, his azure cape flowing behind him, Aiden had passed through the initial gates of the infamous Dandelion Sector. Brutish glares were sent towards him - it was clear that the entry of another knight, and an uncorrupted one at that into the sector would go unappreciated. That much would be painstakingly obvious as those glares stayed on him, almost like a laser burning through the back of his head from an esteemed rifleman.

First things first - Aiden decided to make his way towards the closest guard station to where the missing individual had last been seen. However, along the way he found himself accidentally bumping into someone. The plate of armor over his chest struck someone as he had seemingly been pushed from behind. Perhaps someone was trying to pickpocket the knight? Though, they should realize that armor doesn't really make pickpocketing any easier. Frankly, you can't pickpocket someone with no pockets or anything of the sort, at least not anywhere visible.

"Apologies, didn't mean to walk into you."
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The sunglasses are to filter your bs, fam

Larkin opened his eyes. He had no idea where he was or what he was doing here. In fact, all he could remember was that his head was hurting very much. He wasn't used to having headaches (he very rarely had them) and the only time this would happen was because someone had hit him hard on the head. Wait... Wasn't I task to do something? Larkin tried to grasp the situation as hard as he could, but it seemed to be slipping away from him every single time. That was a very unusual situation for the Fairy Tail member, but alas, he simply sighed and decided that he would see what he could do from now on.

Looking around, he examined where he was. It wasn't a place he was used to, and it seemed he couldn't exactly break out of it. The walls were extremely thick, too much for his strength to break out of it. He could use his magical abilities, but something told him that using them was a bad idea. Near him were iron bars. So I'm in some kind of prison? Wait... He then looked around. He wasn't alone, as someone else seemed to be staring around, trying to figure out where he was. Now he remembered. He wasn't alone; he was with a friend he had not seen in quite a while...

Cell mates? Dude... where are we?

I can honestly say I have no idea, Aiden.

Several hours before...

Today was another day, and today Larkin received a task to do. However, instead of doing it for Master Silver, he was doing it for Alayna, the main waitress of the Fairy Tail building and the official assistant to the Master. She never asked for favors, which made Larkin want to help out even more. If she asked for assistance, it was probably very important to her. The mage packed his bags, as the task was to be done in the Dandelion Sector. While he liked helping Alayna, he was less keen on going to that place. It was practically the headquarters for drug dealers, mafia and dark mages. Nonetheless, he could handle himself well.

As he entered it, he started looking for the address Alayna gave her. Finding the place, he gave the paper she asked him to give the woman in there. While he wasn't supposed to see the paper, he noticed that a magical rune was drawn in it. Maybe it's to protect her mother from those Dandelion thugs. Larkin figured that the woman might've been Alayna's mother. In any case, as he was about to walk out of Dandelion and head back to the guild, he bumped into someone. The person apologized and at that moment, Larkin recognized his voice.

Aiden?! It's me, Larkin!
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Not Like This

Aiden was pleasantly surprised that Larkin was out here in Dandelion Sector. Though, upon formulating those very words in his head he did have to stop and wonder what exactly Larkin was doing in the almost literal shithole of the kingdom. Though, regardless of that Aiden was sure he was here for good reasons. Aiden trusted Larkin essentially whole-heartedly, especially after all that craziness that they had to put up with in that other realm. The insanity of cutting off a giant, tuxedo-wearing flying whale, the insane warfare, sabotage, the duels they had in the crypts and catacombs, and last but not least the final confrontation with the Dark Emperor. How could they not forge a bond of brotherhood and broness after all that? So, he definitely had a good motive here. Larkin definitely didn't seem like the type of person to be indulging in illegal arms and drug trade, or whatever the hell else happens around the infamous Dandelion Sector.

"Whoa... Didn't expect to see you here," Aiden said to his bro, patting him on the shoulder lightly. "You here on business or pleasure?" Well, if it was the latter Aiden would be seriously concerned. Seriously, what is there to do here for pleasure besides indulging in the sex and/or drug trade? Gambling? Man, this place sucks, Aiden thought to himself.

Aiden figured Larkin didn't know who or where the missing person he was looking for was, let alone very much information regarding it. However, the blue haired knight figured that it was worth a shot. Might as well try, after all. Aiden drew a hand into his breastplate, retrieving a small photograph of a young man roughly Larkin's and Aiden's own age. It wasn't too surprising that he had gone missing here in Dandelion Sector, considering what kind of place and environment it is here.

"I'm here on...well, business myself. Looking for a guy named Adam Winry. He went missing here in the Dandelion Sector, and apparently he's important enough for me to be personally sent to look for him," Aiden said to Larkin as he displayed the photograph. After showing the photograph, Aiden thought of a few reasons as to why he might have gone missing. Kidnapping would the obvious one, considering the guy was apparently of at least moderately significant importance. Not only that, he was known as being rather rambunxious, getting into scraps every so often. The guy might have been a bit too hard-headed and arrogant, ending up as another body in the Dandelion Sector gutters, which is something that happens all too often. "Poor guy probably got himself killed, hopefully not though."

"If you need help with whatever it is you're doing here just give me the word. I don't think I'll find out anything on my own anyway, and we can kill two birds with one stone."

OOC - You can start leading the way towards the lady and the thugs being douchebags to her.
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The sunglasses are to filter your bs, fam
Aiden seemed happy and surprised to see Larkin in the Dandelion Sector, which was a right mindset, because the only reasons for the mage to come around this place would be because of job request or a special task by the Master or Alayna. The mage chuckled when the knight asked him whether he was here on business or pleasure. He had forgotten how twisted, yet funny his friend- no, bro - was. Larkin told him that he was here for something someone in the guild wanted done, and that he had in fact finished the deed. It was simple, awkward and totally not what the mage would have expected. The mage asked him the same question, wondering what a respectful and, quite frankly, powerful knight was doing here.

I'm here on...well, business myself. Looking for a guy named Adam Winry. He went missing here in the Dandelion Sector, and apparently he's important enough for me to be personally sent to look for him.

Maybe I can help you out?

Larkin's proposition would obviously be well received by Aiden, who wanted to help the mage with his thing as well, but realized that Larkin had told him he was finished with it. Aiden's task seemed rather not that unfamiliar. He had to find a kid named "Adam Winry", who went missing around here. He was so important that they sent the man himself in person to check it out and solve the mystery. The youth felt bad for the kid; losing your life here wasn't the best way to leave this world.

They continued to talk, blabbing about their duties and the good ol' days when they had met and were sent to the Light Country, an alternate world. The mage, up until this day, could never forget about it, and remembered every single detail. After all, how many could say they fought a tuxedo-wearing flying whale? Or defeat a dark lord and hear his dying words, which were "Thug for life"? Larkin chuckled at the thought of the second thing. While it was not that much of a joyful thought, he remembered perfectly how it took Aiden and Larkin all their strength not to laugh out loud.

In any case, as they continued talking, they stumbled upon a rather heated conversation/confrontation. An old lady was coming out of a dep. store when a few thugs came to her and started pestering her, ordering her to give them her money, jewelries and anything that was priceless. Larkin looked in awe as the woman stood up for herself, waving her purse like it was a chain-and-ball of steel. That's one tough granny... However, one of the thugs took out a knife, which would endanger her life.

Come on Aiden, we have to help her!
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Not Like This

As the two swordsman walked onward, continuing their rather casual conversation, they had stumbled upon a heated confrontation. A rather fragile old lady who was coming out from a department store had started to be harassed by several thugs. Her money, jeweleries, priceless objects, and whatever else was priceless was being ordered to be handed over to the group of thugs. Of course, Larkin and Aiden just wouldn't let that happen when they were there to stop them. While the lady stood for herself, which was totally a commendable act, using her purse like a deadly flail, one of the men had suddenly taken out a weapon. From a distance, it had resembled a knife, however upon closer inspection it was actually a small hatchet. Or, more precisely - it was an axe.

As one of the thugs swung the small hand-axe downward, Aiden caught him by the wrist from behind and twisted his arm considerably hard. After that, Aiden turned him over and tossed the guy over his shoulder, slamming him down on his back hard. This surprised the old lady considerably, but she seemed rather thankful. However, there were still more of those pathetic thugs to beat down and take out. In total, there were three guys excluding the one that Aiden had already rendered virtually unconscious, each of them soon producing an axe of their own from their tuxedo jackets. It wasn't until that gesture that Aiden had noticed their attire - rather classy tuxedos and dress pants, along with dress shoe, either ties or bowties, and a tophat to boot. These were either just sharply dressed men with weaponry to match, or the were part of a gang. Considering that this was Dandelion Sector it was likely the latter that would turn out to be true.

Two of the axe-wielding thugs descended upon Aiden, with the last two charging towards Larkin. Compared to the average street thug, these guys were admittedly tough. However, they would obviously be no match, not by a long shot for the two skilled warriors. Realizing they were proper threads, one of the guys charging towards Aiden swung his hatchet downward. It was a sloppy movement, but it could easily split open someone's skull if allowed to follow through. However, before it could make contact with Aiden's dome, the knight stepped forward with his right leg and unleashed a straight right punch, smashing into his chin and sending him momentarily skyward before crashing into a wall behind him. The well-timed counterpunch sent him flying a considerable distance, intimidating the last guy who engaged upon the knight.

The last guy went down far more easily, requiring just a quick bodyblow to the guts followed by an uppercut to his exposed jaw. If he had yelled Shoryuken then it would be a perfect match, as the guy had been sent upwards into the air before slamming down onto the ground once gravity decided to once again take control. Meanwhile, Larkin would have had plenty of time to take down the two thugs who were attacking him. There were no doubts that by the time Aiden turned over to look in that direction they would have already been taken out.

Though, as Aiden looked towards the guy that he had knocked out first, he had produced an item from his pocket. It resembled a flare gun, and it was revealed to be just that as he pointed it into the air and then pulled the trigger. A brilliant display was created as it launched up, spiralling upwards. As it exploded, it formed into the shape of an axe. Lacrima fireworks? Most likely.

Not too long after bursting into the air, the sound of footsteps nearby resonated like a marching army. "Get away from here," Aiden said to the old lady, his voice remarkably serious in comparison to his usual tone of voice. Though, he knew quite well that this was a pretty serious manner potentially.

Sure enough, several dozen men in the same gang as the thugs had approached down the broad street.

"Let's kill them all and make this place a brothel," the supposed leader of the gang said. Shortly after, the wave of axe-wielding guys charged with little escape for the two warriors.

"Looks like we've got ourselves into a hell of a situation here!"
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As the thug took out a knife (which ended up being an axe), Larkin and Aiden intervened. It wasn't until he arrived there that Larkin noticed their... rather stranger clothing for gang members. They weren't like his friend, Sora Ignis Ventus, who was theoretically a member of a high-class "mafia" group, and even that wasn't a good word to describe the Ventus family. See, they were this badass vigilante group (à la Batman), who "took care" of problems the government and guilds just weren't allowed to take care of. They had destroyed many dark guilds over the years, and their reputation made them something to watch out. Currently, there was a power struggle between Sora and his older brother Ricardo to see whom would succeed as the leader of such a badass group.

All this to say that these thugs were not dressed like your typical gang member. Maybe they had a party to attend to, and didn't have to cash to actually enter? Whatever the case, Larkin and Aiden were here to take care of these guys. They were exactly four, so Aiden took half while Larkin would beat up the other two. The Fairy Tail mage watched as they took out their dangerous weapons, which included their axes. However, as he watched them run towards him, he realized that he didn't need his magical powers just yet, so he simply dodged the incoming axe swing, sending a punch to the guy's gut. As he fell in pain, the second one came swinging towards his legs. The mage slightly jumped to dodge it, kicking the guy in the face.

Aiden, on his part, had already taken care of his guys. Larkin wasn't surprised; the knight had shown exceptional strength and skill back in the Light Country. There was no way they would lose. However, as the thought crossed his mind, he, as well as Aiden, noticed that one of those the knight beat up had sent a flare gun. Larkin watched as the old lady left by the instruction of his friend. Things were about to get ugly, and indeed they did. Surrounding them were a dozen of men, all leaded by some douche with fur around his neck. Larkin immediately ex-quipped his Millions Suns, went into a back-to-back formation with Aiden and waited for the thugs to move. He then chuckled.

Beautiful day, isn't it, Aiden?
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Not Like This

For a group of thugs wielding crude weaponry, Aiden had to admit that this so-called Axe Gang had some style. The way that they had sauntered in, wearing tuxedos, all suited up classy-like. If Aiden were to run a hypothetical gang or criminal enterprise then the likelihood of them being dressed to kill, like James freakin' Bond, would be pretty damn high. Though, there are other alternatives, like cool leather suits. Skintight. And the group is all female. Yeah, Aiden would sure love running that criminal enterprise... hypothetically, of course. In any case, it was pretty clear that these guys weren't on their way to a party or here for a little chit-chat. Instead, they probably wanted to freakin' chop Larkin and Aiden to tiny bits, then toss them into a woodchipper for good measure. Or, perhaps they could go the more classic method and leave them as just another pair of bodies in the gutters, or fit them for a pair of concrete boots so they could spend some leisurely time swimming with the fishes.

Thinking about it, Aiden's sense of humor had gotten a little more dark ever since joining the knights. Though, that much was to be expected considering all the crazy crap he had seen. Emperor's screamin' 'THUG FOR LIFE' as their last words, giants, gryphons, and all other sorts of batshit insane stuff. Strangely, a group of axe-wielding, tuxedo-wearing thugs moving towards them like a pack of hungry wolves was kind of normal. Well, comparatively speaking anyway. Most people wouldn't be used to this sort of craziness. But for Aiden, and likely Larkin as well who had just said exactly what was on Aiden's mind...

"Sure is a lovely day," Aiden said in response with a short sigh.

With his back pressed against Larkin's, the two steadily began to get surrounded. Soon enough, a literal wall of tuxedo-wearing, axe-toting bastards formed a ring around them. This was a perfect opportunity for Aiden to test out his newest acquisition to his Vanguard vambrace. Though, he would need Larkin to avoid it, lest he get cut in two. Of course, Aiden was sure that Larkin would be more than capable of avoiding the possible collateral damage. "You might want to dodge this..." Aiden said, tilting his head a little towards Larkin as he spoke. Before long, he gave the signal. "Jump!"

Upon Larkin's ascent, Aiden would slam his fist down into the ground. There was an audible impact as it struck, but that was not the actual effect or plan. Instead, his vambrace surged with magical power, howling with raw magical energies and surrounded Aiden's body with its bluish hue. Blades immediately dispersed from his body, eight in total and each crescent-shaped and relatively wide. The ethereal dark blue blades flew outwards in a circle around him, cutting through and injuring many of the gangsters as they flew outward. Then, Aiden stood up and raised his hand, causing his vambrace to glow once more. The blades immediately flew back to their origin point - Aiden, and then slashed through anything in their way on the way back with ruthless efficiency.

There were still a considerable amount of the gangsters left, leaving Larkin to mop up the rest of the foes if he hadn't already done so.
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After defeating the first four axe-wielding, rather classy-wearing thugs, Larkin noticed that one of them had fired a flare gun. This would mean that more of those idiots would come along. Larkin sighed; he didn't come here to deal with thugs and the like. However, they had gotten into such a situation, and they would get out of it somehow. Soon, many other tuxedo-wearing axe gangsters would come and slowly surround the two, the group spear-headed by some guy with fur around his neck. The mage was rather interested by this guy's air. He seemed strong, but for now, they had some grunts to take care.

Beautiful day, isn't it, Aiden?

Sure is a lovely day...

Aiden answered with a sigh, which made Larkin laugh. Seeing the Fairy Tail mage being so joyful in such a messed up situation just served to anger the thugs even more. However, as the mage was about to ex-quip one of his weapons, the knight told him that he wanted to use something, and that dodging it would be the right thing to do. Ex-quipping his Millions Suns, he waited for Aiden's signal. At the right moment, Aiden shouted and Larkin jumped. As he did he watched his comrade's rather flashy and pretty awesome technique. It was enough to take out at least half of the bad guys.

Since the rest was up to Larkin, he did so in a quick matter. With his Millions Suns, he launched an array of beads of light towards them. As they hit, they would scream in pain and get knocked out. After all, these beads were strong enough to break bones and dent metal. He would be able to take care of the rest, landing next to Aiden. All that was left was the badass boss of the tuxedo wearing gang. The mage wasn't afraid of the guy, but was suspicious of him. He seemed fierce, but something didn't add up at all. Why didn't he join his comrades into the battle? Larkin speaking to him.

You know, you could have chosen a better wardrobe for your underlings...
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Not Like This

As ever, Larkin's attack utilizing his Millions Suns blade was quite a force to be reckoned with. An array of beads composed seemingly entirely of light struck numerous gangsters, causing them to fall back in pain, if not getting instantly gibbed and knockd out. The football-shaped, marble-sized beads were deceptively strong. Aiden could practically hear the sounds of their bones crunching and possibly (but more like probably) organs rupturing. Yeah, those guys were definitely taken out of the picture, just as fast as Aiden had disposed of the guys he had attacked, if not faster.

When the dust settled, the area around them was an absolute mess of bloodied, battered thugs. Just as they should be, considering that they were definitely up to no good. However, only one man remained standing aside from the epic partnership of Larkin and Aiden. It was none other than the badass-looking boss of the tuxedo-wearing, axe-toting gang. He stood there, glaring at the two with a smug look on his face. "Interesting..." He murmured, his arms crossed as he stayed otherwise silent.

"You know, I think the tuxedo-look works for them. Kind of looks classy, in a secret-spy sort of way. Though, it can't be very easy to clean, I'm willing to bet," Aiden chimed in with a slight chuckle.

After the knight had spoke, there was a tense silence as the boss of the notorious Axe Gang merely watched and observed the two, as if contemplating something. However, he suddenly broke the silence and tension as he raised a hand into the air and snapped his fingers quite loudly and audibly. With that gesture and sound, the wind seemed to pick up, almost as if on coincidence. Then, almost instantly after, two darts would speed through the air. Before they could react, both warriors would feel themselves getting hit on the back of the neck with pinpoint precision. Following that, an overwhelming feeling of sleepiness would take over them, knocking both guys out cold. In short, they pretty much had been tranquilizied with incredibly precise darts.

"You two will definitely make my syndicate lots of money..." the boss of the gang said, before turning away. His cape billowing in the wind, he began walking off as the two sleeping warriors were hauled off and carted away.

Back in the present, the two had found themselves in a dirty prison cell. Not too long after their initial conversation, they were confronted by a man wearing a suit of Roman-looking armor, complete with sandals, overlapping plating, skirt, and the crested helmet to boot. Spear in one hand and a shield in the other, he spoke in a gruff and commanding voice. "I'm sure you're wondering what happened and where you are. I'll make it simple for you two idiots: You are a prisoner in what is called The Fleshing. You will fight when we tell you to fight, what we ask you to fight. You will fight until you or your opponents die. If you disobey us, those collars on your necks will explode on command, blowing your head up into the sky. You will not earn your freedom."

"Your first fight is approaching. Like I said, try to escape and you'll almost instantly be decapitated."

The two would then be unlocked from their cells and hauled away towards an armory. Along the way, Aiden had whispered to Larkin. "We should go through with this for now, until we can find a way to get out of this ridiculous situation. In the mean time, I guess we don't have a choice but to win our fights." With that in mind, Aiden glanced over the armory to find some usable equipment. The knight grabbed a simple sword and shield, also grabbing an iron breastplate and putting it on, as well as some gauntlets. (All items in the armory are D-Class). Then, once the two were ready they would be taken towards the entrance of the inside of the arena.

On the arena floor some very angry Lizardmen waited.
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Larkin and Aiden were able to defeat the thugs surrounding them quite easily. The knight had used a pretty flashy move that required him fisting the ground and sending blades towards everything around him. Meanwhile, Larkin used his Millions Suns to shoot out its "Million Light Show" spell against the thugs around him. As the men lay there defeated, the Fairy Tail member landed next to his ally. Both of them stood there, like badass mofos. However, one of them, the boss, was still here, standing there. Uttering the word "Interesting", he didn't seem to care that his underlings/comrades has been utterly defeated.

You know, you could have chosen a better wardrobe for your underlings...

You know, I think the tuxedo-look works for them. Kind of looks classy, in a secret-spy sort of way. Though, it can't be very easy to clean, I'm willing to bet.

The two looked as the man stood there. Larkin's grip on his key-shaped sword tightened and sweat rolled down his cheek. There was a something very off with all this situation. This guys... he's probably very powerful. The boss of the thugs quickly snapped his fingers and the next thing Larkin felt was a sensation on his neck, followed by the need to sleep. As he fell down, Aiden fell down, probably hit by the same thing he did. The last thing he heard was the boss saying that they would make his syndicates rich. The mage tried to keep his grasp on reality and keep himself from falling into deep slumber, but it was impossible. He finally gave in and fell asleep.

The memories of what had happened a few hours ago was slowly coming back. He was looking around, trying to spot the boss of the thugs and wondering where he was. Aiden was next to him and he was trying to figure out what they were doing here. After their small conversation, a man arrived. He was clad in Roman-like attire, which included the plated skirt, sandals and a pretty sweet helmet. He had a spear in one hand and a shield in the other. Oh no... The mage's mind brighted up; he realized exactly what they were doing here, and he didn't like this. The man explained how they were part of some game named "The Fleshing", which would pit them against other people, or things. They were to kill or be killed.

Larkin didn't like this at all. Killing people wasn't his thing, but apparently, should he try to escape or do something fishy, he would die with his head exploded. The Fairy Tail mage sighed at the bad situation they were in. Aiden seemed to accept their current duties, as he simply told Larkin that there was nothing they could do for now, and that they should get through with it. The mage sighed and followed his partner into the armory. The knight took a sword, a shield, an iron breastplate and gauntlets. The mage simply took an iron breastplate and gauntlets. His magic was still in play so he would still fight.

In the arena, two Lizardmen were in front of them. The mage sighed. It seemed that weird events always followed the two brothers-in-arms, and this was no exception. Ex-quipping his Eisenmeteor, the Fairy Tail mage decided to wait and see what these guys could do.
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edge created by tiptopolive of IDS
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Edge skin adapted to Fairy Tail Guild Theme by Affinity