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[Graded]Love and not so Lucky
Topic Started: Jan 1 2012, 09:20 PM (577 Views)
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Absolutely unBEARable
Ever since leaving Onibas Town's infamous Ghost Lotus street and a run in with a few enemies, Sanae had taken it upon himself to go ahead and give his weary and decayed body a bit of much needed rest. He had been moving around pretty frequently during the last few days and whether it had been intentional or not he had managed to find himself in quite a few bad situations. Whether it be random thugs trying to pick a fight with him, ten foot tall monkeys hoping to make a meal out of him, or hired killers out for his head on orders from a dark mage this just hadn't really been a good month or so from him. All that piled on to the fact that he hadn't really gotten a chance to get in some much needed training or improvement in his skills nor any notable leads to his stolen sword and this made for a rather grumpy swordsman.

He had considered visiting a place he had heard of known as the Hosenka Spa, but ultimately decided against it. There was no way he could go somewhere and take off these robes covering the rest of his scarred and decayed flesh without causing an uproar of some sort. Long story short, it would end up being more trouble than it was worth. For now he'd just continue his search for his lost weapon, this time heading for another famous merchant location, Acalypha Town. This place was known to be the home of the famous Love and Lucky Guild and could possibly give him some better leads than those unreliable merchants in Onibas. He figured the fact they were in a guild meant they were at least somewhat more respectable than random street vendors.

He'd save actually visiting the place for later though. First he would simply take that much needed break that was earlier mentioned. Fortunately, the town had a cafe of sorts where he could sit down and relax, and have a few drinks. He nonchalantly entered the building and took a small seat at the far end of the room where he would be out of sight from a majority of the people. Of course, just entering ni the first place was more than enough to catch more than a few eyes, but he was used to this by this point. In fact, it would be considered strange if people didn't stare and gawk at his appearance really. A waitress approached and without even so much as looking at her Sanae placed a simple order. "I'd just like some green tea for now, thank you." Despite his appearance he was still a customer and it didn't matter how he looked, they'd love his money all the same.
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I'm in love. <3
Daphne rarely left Trillium without orders from her Master or a request from a Mission stating to do so. However, without The Librarian around to keep her in line as of late the woman had found herself in more trouble than not lately. Often out on her own or traveling with Kyouya, an Ice Mage she spends more time arguing with than not, she found herself in the midst of Acalypha Town. She wasn't here by choice, nor was she hear with Kyouya or the Librarian. As stated previously, without The Librarian around to keep her in line she often found or caused trouble for herself and others. This time was no different. She hadn't seen her bookworm boyfriend in quite a while. Assuming if he wasn't at the Guild Hall he was most likely at the nearest library studying. That was all that boy ever seemed to do was look up some book or another. So then, why wasn't the Fire Mage back in Trillium with her Ice Mage companion instead?

Anyone that knew her knew she wasn't a social butterfly. Don't get me wrong, she wasn't a wall flower either. She simply socialized on her own terms. And right now was her alone time. In fact, she took this alone time to swap what looked to be a valueable sword from some fool she had caught a glimpse of a while back. All she saw was his back and his robes, never did catch a view of his face nor catch his name. Not that it mattered to her. What mattered was the fact he placed his sword down just long enough for her to swipe it and run. Unfortunately for her, word soon spread that this creepy looking guy was searching for his stolen sword. She retreated to Onibas Town, only to learn after a few days of staying there that her victim was in town.

And thus, she now resides here, unaware of the fact the man she had stolen the blade from is also in Town. She was growing weary of all the traveling by this point and her throat was quite parched. Fortunately, the Town had a Cafe of sorts. Deciding to go inside and see what they had to drink, Daphne made way toward the building. She was dressed unusual for herself. She was wearing the typical belly shirt and daisy duke shorts along with knee high boots: however, the most unusual piece of her attire was the robe she wore around herself. She had a reason for this however. For hidden beneath the robe, strapped securely to her back, was Sanae's stolen sword.

Most unfortunate for the Fire Bird, she hadn't realized the seat she had taken wasn't all that far from the man she had robbed. As the Waitress aproached her table shortly after his own, she looked up at the woman with a cool expression upon her face. "I'll have anything with Alchohol."

"I'm sorry, Miss, but we don't serve Alchohol here...."

"Than give me something hot, damn it!" Her shouting and the fact she slammed her fist down hard on the table caused many to stare at the woman. Stuttering nervously, the Waitress listed off their available hot beverages to which Daphne finally decided upon a steaming glass of hot chocolate. The Waitress hurried off to get her order, and everyone that was staring quickly returned to minding their own business when they saw the look they were recieving from the dark female. Closing her eyes once things had returned to a normal pace, Daphne waited paitently for her order.

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Absolutely unBEARable
Sanae like most of the other customers in the cafe easily took notice of the woman draped in robes, but didn't bother to pay her much mind. She probably had her reasons for wearing it and whatever they were they didn't seem to directly concern him so why should it matter? He reclined slightly in his chair and sighed under his breath just a bit. How many miles had he traveled, possibly going in circles at some point just to wind up in this town? His common sense would have told him to just give up on the old blade, but it had seen him through thick and thin and life and death now would be no different. He figured it just came with being a samurai, feeling much more attached to that blade of his than any person he had ever met and anyone he planned to meet in this new life time of his.

His attention was suddenly drawn to the cloaked woman once again however as she slammed her fist heavily upon the table and began to yell at the waitress who scurried off to fulfill the frightening woman's desires. Must have been a really bad day for her to check into work, first having to serve a scary looking zombie followed by a rather violent customer. He couldn't necessarily understand just why people always liked to draw attention to themselves in public places, especially one that Sanae had entered in hopes of finding a calm atmosphere to relax in. Regardless, he didn't intend to stick around for too much longer so it would be fine.

Within a few minutes the waitress had returned and swiftly moved over to Sanae's table to drop off his green tea. "Thank you for the drink. That will be all." He said calmly and politely as he watched her move her way back to Daphne's table now with her own order. The fact that he lacked lips in his new zombie like appearance had always made drinking things a bit of annoyance. Still, Sanae was able to lift the cup to his teeth and allows it to pour into his mouth. He just wondered how that timid waitress girl would fair against the devil at the table not too far from his own.
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I'm in love. <3
The poor already nerve wrecked Waitress served the creepy undead guy first before cautiously approaching the wicked witch lady. "H-here's your d-drink, Ma'am..." She stuttered nervously as she placed a cup of hot coco in front of the cloaked woman. Lifting the cup to her painted lips Daphne gingerly took a sip, only to spit it out in theWaitress' face a moment later. "You call this hot, you stupid wench!? This slop is barely warm!" Again she was shouting at the poor terrified Waitress who had begun to apologize profusely to the psychotic customer. "When I say I want it hot ... I mean I want it ... HOT." Steam began to rise from the liquid as she boiled it in her own hand. Crying and unable to handle her job any longer the poor girl took off her apron and ran out the door, presumably heading back home.

The woman responsible for her leave didn't seem to care in the least of the tears she caused that poor girl to shed. Instead she sat alone sipping her scalding hot coco. Looking around the place idly she caught a glimpse of a man in a robe not too far away from her position. He was creepy looking. Was he the man she stole the Sword from? Was he the one looking for a stolen sword? Was the Sword she lifted even the same sword as the one Mr. Creepy misplaced? She wasn't about to hang around and find out. She had big plans for that sword. It looked quite old, and with age came value. Quickly finishing her coco Daphne rose to her feet and began to leave.

As she turned her robe opened for just a moment revealing a glmpse of the dusty old sword. Tossing her Jewels on the table to pay for her drink, the Fire Mage retreated from the Cafe and headed toward the nearest apraisal shop. Did Acalypha Town even have an Apraisal shop? Once outside she glanced around the small town and sighed. "Looks like I'll have to haul this annoying thing around a bit longer. Who knew selling an ancient sword could be so hard...."

With that said she lowered the hood of the robe to reveal her black hair which was highlighted with red streaks and fringe. Clearly the red was not natural, she obviously had an afinity for badass styles. Her ears were pierced with flame earings. Perhaps her true afinity was with the fire element. If one truly wished to know, they'd find out quick enough should they anger her.

Leaving the quaint little Cafe behind Daphne proceeded through town at a stready pace. Hopefully that creepy guy didn't decide to follow her. Although, he didn't really have a reason to, did he? Not unless he was some sort of stalker or something. She hadn't done anything to provoke him, really. Although she had burnt a building to the ground by mistake while escaping with her stolen goods a while back. Rumors had been spreading that a creepy undead guy had caused the fire. Daphne had no idea how that story started, but it helped in keeping the Knights and the Counsel off her pretty little back.
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Both: 150,000 Jewels

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