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[Graded]The Cat and the Mime; Filled with insane goodness
Topic Started: Dec 26 2011, 11:04 PM (934 Views)
Sachio Hanabe
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The unfortunate thing for Taokaka was, even though her senses were amazing, she still had no idea where the hell she was going. She looked around quickly, scanning the area, hoping to find some sort of clue as to how to get out of this place. Its not like they were anywhere desolate or uninhabited, but it sure did feel like it. Another thing she had to worry about, was the person following them. Taokaka didn't know where they were or when they would attack, but she would be ready for them, hopefully. The other run ins she'd had didn't turn out too bad, just a few nicks and bruises at the most. Judging from those past experiences, she figured she could handle this well enough to keep Llura out of danger. Then again, Llura had told her that she could use magic. That magic might be useful if it was strong. She just hoped that this new person wasn't too much stronger than the others.

Taokaka listened to Llura as they walked, keeping her ears and nose out for the pursuer. "Magnolia eh? I think I've heard that place is pretty, and has yummy food. I want to go there. Will you take Tao with you?" Taokaka smiled, still keeping up that conversation. "Yes! Taokaka will help you get out! As well as get myself out. meow...." Taokaka noticed a decrease of distance, which meant the enemy was going to make their move. Luckily, Llura had something about staying here while she used the bathroom. Taokaka nodded and threw her hand in the air "Yes Ma'am! I'll make sure no one sees you pee!" Taokaka put on a serious face, and scanned the area, pretending that she was looking for intruders.

After a few seconds, the pursuer figured chose to attack at this time, taking advantage of Taokaka being alone. A shadow blurred across the forest, speeding towards her. Taokaka's claw extended and she put them up in a fighting stance. "Meeeeow! Are you hurt to hurt Tao? I'll cut you to pieces!" The man stood in front of her, with his arms crossed. He had lots of hair, and worse a strange outfit. He looked like a ninja, but his outfit was green and red. He also worse a scarf and a giant nail on his back. "I am Bang Shishigami, and i am here to take you in Taokaka! FOR JUSTICE!" He wave his arm forward, as if saluting, and a group of five men dressed in red and green suits showed up beside him. Taokaka stared at the man "Ok Scruffy Man, I'll play with you!" Taokaka started dancing in place, by just bouncing around and flailing her large clawed paws. Bang took a battle position, and got ready to attack.
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Llura could not wait long enough to squat behind the purple bushes to relieve the tightness in her bladder. Taokaka's declaration to protect her modesty was unnecessary but Llura smiled all the same, thinking what a sweet considerate little thing this Taokaka was. She was entertaining the idea of maybe getting her a nice big bowl of milk when they eventually get out of here. As she emptied herself, Llura suddenly heard a man's voice. She could hear the voice announcing his name in a most exaggerated way, like some hammy actor in some amateur dramatics play. "I am Bang Shishigami, and i am here to take you in Taokaka! FOR JUSTICE!" the hammy actor proclaimed with great fanfare. Llura quickly cleaned herself with a stray leave from the bushes and swiftly rolled up her panties and her shorts, rolling her skirt back down at the same time. Turning around in the bushes in a crouched position, she could see between the purple foliage a ridiculously dressed man with ridiculously big hair and an even more ridiculous giant nail slung across his back. He wasn't alone. Five men had joined him by his side, all dressed in the same colour scheme as the ridiculous man whom Llura was guessing to be their leader. They were in a battle position, all ready to charge at Taokaka.

Llura considered waiting in her concealed position amongst the bushes. These men were clearly unaware of her presence as none of them had looked her way nor approached her. She could surprise them were they to attack Taokaka. But Llura was never one to stand, or in this case, crouch idly by the side to see her friend face such bullies alone. And what was all this "FOR JUSTICE!" nonsense the funnily dressed man was talking about? Llura thought as she considered her options. Surely he should be the one who should be hauled in for his ridiculous outfit and bad acting! Llura thought. Angered by this affront, Llura decided she should not have to put up with this any longer and must put an end to these men's antics.

Spitting silently into her palm, she magically charged her saliva to increase in size until the Spitball was the size of an egg. Ready for her grand exit with the Spitball in her hand, she emerged from the bushes and shouted at the bullies. "Hey you!! Nobody takes Taokaka in anywhere without going through me first!" she announced with great chutzpah. And without waiting for their replies, Llura let loose her magic Spitball at the group. As it travelled through the air, it stopped inches away from the group and hovered in mid air for a mere second before proceeding to move in a circle around the group, distracting their attention away from Taokaka. "Round and round the Spitball goes, where it ends..." Llura teased before choosing her target. Splash! it went onto one of the distracted man's eye. "...now you know!" Llura charged forward as she finished her taunt, not knowing what these men were capable of.
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Sachio Hanabe
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Llura had done the one thing Taokaka didn't want her to do: come out from peeing. Taokaka wanted to end this before Llura was done, so she didn't have to get involved. She had rushed into the battle head first, and already was attacking people. Taokaka sighed, knowing that she had to save her. The group was quite close, at around 20 feet away which was easily traveled by her. She figured that her first priority was to get Llura out of there. "I'm coming Weird Lady! Taokaka will save you!" Taokaka then dashed forward quickly, blocking Llura from the group. "I will handle these guys! You get back and defend yourself" Taokaka then bounced in place, ready to fight these pursuers.

Bang stood back as the group of people came at her. They all brought out weapons and started swinging them around, trying to be flashy. Taokaka yawned and swiped at the nearest person quicker than he could even block or dodge it. The man's sword was dropped and he held his stomach where Taokaka had swiped. Only the clothes were ripped, since she did not want to kill the man. She looked around quickly, and jump into a nearby tree. The branch was too high and too far for anything of the people to reach, and from there she pointed her claws at a man holding a staff, and jumped diagonally toward him, and dashing mid air, seeding at him like a bullet. She twisted at the last second, and retracted her claws, hitting him with a double palm strike. The strike met with such force, that the staff broke, and the man was knocked down. She was on top of the man, and dashed from that position, to in front of a man with an axe. She kicked him quickly, laughing at how easy this was. The man who had the sword before, had picked it up, and ran at her. She sighed and side stepped his strike, and backhanded him with her paw. Only two men were left, and they didn't seem very sure about fighting her anymore.
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Llura often charged into frays without knowing the risks involved. This had gotten her into many a fix many times and she had been lucky to escape without being killed. "Fight first. Talk later." was her motto. She'd yet to learn otherwise and she had been very lucky thus far. Even now as she ran towards these men, what they were capable of was the last thing on her mind. The fact that these were ninjas did not even registered in her mind, for the ninjas she had seen in picture books were dressed differently to those before her now. Her priority was Taokaka's safety and that was all that mattered. Luckily for Llura, Taokaka dashed past before her and got to the attacking men first.

It all happened quickly. Llura watched with gleeful surprise as the cat warrior made short works of the men. First the man with the sword was deprived of his weapon, his clothes ripped to shreds. His friend with the staff was the first to fall, courtesy of a well placed leap at bullet like speed from a tree branch by Taokaka. Llura was both amazed and excited to see such power and speed from the cat person. She let out a cheer from the sideline like some cheerleader. "Go! Taokaka, go, go, go!!!" She shouted gleefully, hopping in place and clapping her hand as if the whole thing was some tournament for her private entertainment. The man with the axe was next, getting a taste Taokaka's powerful kick. At this point, Llura considered joining in the fight but seeing how proficient her travelling companion was at combat, Llura decided to stand aside and enjoy the spectacle. All she needed now was some snacks and she would be happy.

The foolish man with the sword tried his luck a second time, going back for more bruising only to get a full face of paw. As he stumbled backwards towards Llura, the girl from the slums could not help herself and stuck out a well placed left foot, timing it such that the man would trip over and fall flat on his back. She ran over and gave him a forceful kick in the groin. "That should teach you, fool, to mess with Taokaka!" Llura said with great satisfaction as the man groaned in pain, before proceeding to search the man's body for some hidden weapon or better still, food and money. Llura looked up in Taokaka's direction as her hands went through the fallen man's pocket, not wanting to miss a single second of her ferocious fighting. This had turned out more fun than she had thought.
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Sachio Hanabe
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With two enemies left before the man called Bang, Taokaka didn't relax her guard. She knew she had one dash left in her, and wanted to use it strategically. She wanted to use it to finish both of these guys in one shot. They circled around her, keeping their weapons pointed at her, ready to strike or counter. One man held a spear and the other held a small sword and shield. The spear would make it hard for her to advance, and the shield might do well in blocking her attacks. She though about things carefully, and came up with a plan that just might work. Taokaka danced in place, hoping around excitedly, before running towards them at full speed. Taokaka was quite fast, and closed the gap quickly. The men smiled, glad that their prey came to them instead of them going after her. The man with the spear thrust his weapon at her torso, but she merely moved her body sideways, moving out of the way. That was the spears weakness, a small area of attack, and left wide open when people are close. The man with the sword slash sideways, cleaving the air in front of her, since she had slid underneath. This whole scenario happened in the blink of an eye, which is all Taokaka needed. After she slide, she turned her body while sliding, kicking up dirt and grass as her feet slide around, and faced the men in a low crouching pounce stance, with paws held at her sides. Then then used her last dash, bursting forward, between the men, slashing them both on either side. The screams of pain let Taokaka know that her attack had worked. Her claws had some blood on them, which was something she preferred to avoid, but it was necessary. They had dropped their weapons and clutched their wounds, bleeding from their respective gashes. Taokaka quieted their moaning with swift face fulls of paw to them both. Now only Bang and Taokaka were left.

"Its time for us to play now Scruffy Man. I hope you are better than your minions!" Taokaka swayed in place, and tilted her head side to side, as if listening to music. She was happy to be doing this, nor was she opposed. This was all merely a hindrance, and she wished to get rid of it. "You know, you could get me some food instead, Tao loves food!" Her mind was of course, on food during the battles, and this served as Bang's last chance at friendship instead of fighting her. "You defeated my men, and for the name of the Koga Clan, i will defeat you! Prepare yourself monster!" and with that Bang charged Taokaka, ready to end her life. Taokaka sighed, and took up a fighting stance, wishing it didn't have to be like this. "I tried Scruffy Man, i wanted to go get some food." Taokaka let him run towards her, and waited until he got close enough to cross her claws, and slice in the opposition direction of each other. Her cross slash should end this quickly if he got caught in it. Surprisingly, this man was good, for he had jumped high, and over her attack, and flipped, kicking Taokaka in the back of the head. She stumbled forward, and held her head. "MeeeeOWWWW that hurt. No one hurts Tao and gets away with it!!" Now the man was in for it.
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Llura watched from the sideline as the orgy of sliding and spinning bodies played out before her. She would mimic Taokaka's movements, mirroring them and making mental note of her moves, hoping to learn something from it. As the last two men fell, she went about to go through their pockets, looking for more hidden weapons, food and money.

The fight between Taokaka and Shin drew Llura's attention once more onto the scene as she munch on a pack of peanuts found in one of the fallen man's pocket. As they exchanged words, Llura was thinking Oh, just fight already and get this over with. "Get him good, Taokaka! And soon! " she muttered the last part to herself. Something caught Llura's eye from the corner and suddenly she vanished from the scene, nowhere to be found.

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Gar was always trying to teach Dave to clap


1SP + 150k Jewels to both.

This topic has been completed and graded by our staff, now been resolved, it is therefore closed and move to our library.

This is an automatic message.

EDIT (By Cloud): While Allura dropped out, so, I won't revise her grade, Gary does deserve more than minimum 1 page rewards and, a little generous, but, 2SP, 300,000 Jewels for him.
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