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[Graded]It's so hard to find good help these days [D Rank]; Stella and Okita
Topic Started: Dec 21 2011, 01:35 PM (2,084 Views)
Fafnir Rakesh
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Sarcasm. Because beating the shit out of people is illegal.

mission link

For the first time in a long while, Okita stood amongst the hustle and bustle of Chrysanthemum's streets and it's citizens. Had it already been two months since he'd taken leave from the knighthood following the traumatic experience that he and his partner Stella Fleuret had been through. After all that had happened, many would wonder why Okita returned to active duty at all, but he was made of stern stuff and when it came down to it, he was a Knight because he felt it was his duty to help those who couldn't help themselves and being a knight was the best way for him to fulfill that duty. That being said, even he recognized the need for a break and upon Stella's gentle insistence, he'd filed for 2 months leave and the higher ups had wasted no time in granting it. What had followed this was a very peaceful 2 months during which he'd finally found himself with the time to make up for lost time with his beloved. Picnics, camping, fishing and just generally spending time in each others company had been the much needed remedy for Okita's weary soul.

But now the time had come to return to service and truth be told, part of him had been growing restless and was glad at the prospect of getting back into the swing of things. Stretching and unable to resist a small smile at being once again surrounded by so many people, Okita stopped dawdling and made his way out of the inner sanctum of the city and towards the knight academy itself. he knew the city like the back of his hand and there was something almost therapeutic about traversing his former home again. I say former because as of the whole 'Prescott fiasco' Okita had received a substantial sum of money as compensation from the knighthood and with this money he'd purchased a house outside Chrysanthemums boundaries where he and Stella now lived together. They had dubbed it 'The Hunters Lodge'. This led to the second reason Okita was returning to work. Stella was broke and they couldn't live off of what Okita had accumulated himself for much longer.

Arriving at the head administrative office of the Fioran Knighthood, the clerk (whom Okita recognized as a man named Stanley) looked up at him as he entered, then back down and then snapped back up as he did a double take. "Okita Onizaki... I wasn't sure we'd actually see you back in here so soon" Okita grinned in response as he approached the counter and came to rest against it. "I just can't stay away I guess Stan. Anyway, I've come to give you these..." he dropped a stack of papers on the desk before Stanley which were of course, the papers for his recommencement of active duty. "I was also hoping to get right back into the swing of things, do you have any mission details for me?" Stanley frowned, tapping his chin with the end of a pen. ["I dunno Okita, there are procedures to follow and paperwork to file... But I suppose I do owe you for that.. well... lets not bring that up again." Reaching beneath his desk, Stanley tutted to himself for several seconds. Eventually he found what he was looking for in the form of a file marked "D Rank Assignment" and he slapped it once before handing it to Okita, who took it gratefully.

"It's a pretty snazzy assignment if I do say so myself", Stanley explaiend as he leaned back in his chair. "Guess you could say you get to play the Spy game. Only thing is, you're going to need a partner", he explained as Okita opened the file and leafed through the pages along with Stanley's narration. "Oh?" Okita asked, prompting Stanley to elaborate. "Yeah, it's a partnership gig but the catch is it has to be a girl." This made Okita look up, an idea already forming in his mind. "I know you've been gone a while, but there are some pretty promising new female recruits, I could line up one of them to-" Okita cut him off, snapping the file closed with a smirk. "Not to worry Stan, I have the perfect partner in mind. Do you mind if I borrow this?" he asked, gesturing to the file in his hand. Without waiting for Stanley to agree, he turned and walked out of the building with a wave over his shoulder and file in hand. "Hey, that's a classified... Oh god dammit Okita, it's like he never even left..." Stanley sighed to himself before breaking into a wry smile as he stared after the now empty doorway.

Okita wasted no time in leaving the Academy, his business was concluded there for the time being. Now he was leaving Chrysanthemum altogether in search of the 'perfect partner' he'd mentioned to Stanley. With a new found spring in his step, Okita soon had his back to the city as he headed South West from Chrysanthemum. Twenty minutes later, any traces of the city were lost as the scenery became rapidly more mountainous and as he ascended, it didn't seem long before grass was replaced with snow and the light scattering of trees possessed of branches laden with fresh snow. Finally, when his breath caused condensation in the air from the cold, a building came into view. It was possessed of two stories with a large staircase built onto the right hand side whilst a cleared path that led up to the front door indicated the place was well maintained with a fenced off area bordering the left hand side. Without hesitation, Okita approached the front door, which even had a lit lantern beside it and opened it without so much as knocking. "Stella, I'm home!" he called before shrugging off his shoes and stepping into the warm interior of the house and closing the door behind him. Home sweet home, he thought with happily.

The Hunters Lodge
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Steel your mind. Run on instinct.
The morning had been strange for Stella as she awoke to a day of once no work ahead of her, ever since the day she had been reunited with Okita at Akane Resort her days of working menial jobs for what would have been called spare change in the way of wages and doing missions that she could from the board of her guild had stopped and although that was not a bad thing she found herself missing it. The time that she and Okita had spent relaxing and recovering after what had been named ‘The Prescott Incident’ had been great and she wouldn’t have changed it even if she could have, but as she rolled over and had noticed the empty space beside her in the bed it became more apparent that the time to return to her ‘other’ life had arrived. Now that didn’t mean that she was just going to give up and leave effectively doing a runner and returning to her guild work while leaving the home and whatnot behind, what it did mean however was blending the two together somehow and she was certainly going to manage to do so matter how tricky.

Honestly Stella had started thinking of returning to her guild work and the like for a couple of weeks before the morning in question, the pair had been living on the money that Okita had been given and even the house that she was residing in had been purchased with said money. Although that wasn’t a bad thing it did leave the mage feeling like she was leeching off of her beloved so to speak. Stella was an independent woman and although she knew that the things Okita had said to convince her to accept the money as ‘theirs’ in the first place were true; deep down she was also desperately wanting to contribute something more to the pair’s situation. It had been her fault that Okita had gone through what he had and other then the trouble of the earlier events what had she done? Cleaning? Yeah she had done that, cooking…well no she hadn’t done that since Okita seemed to enjoy doing it himself so much and insisted she leave it for him to do no matter what.

Seated at the kitchen table in her newly purchased home Stella was reading over a letter that she had received from her friends back at her guild, mainly well wishes and what not the messages were sweet but did they think she was never going back or something? Shaking her head slightly at the final message the mage put the piece of paper down on the deeply coloured wood surface and picked up a much thicker and seemingly more cardboard in nature sheet of white, her amethyst eyes scanned it’s surface before a smile graced her lips and the words “Thanks Mary, I owe you one” were uttered silently from her lips. Just wait until she let Okita know that she had found work they could both do!, mentally giving her guild mate a hug for the help and thanking the fact she had joined Quatro Cerbeus in the first place Stella stood up and walked to the oven where she crouched down and smiled into the glass at the tray inside. She had been bored recently with Okita taking trips into Chrysanthemum to sort out his return to the knight’s and so the mage had decided that she wanted to try her hand at some baking, Okita might have the cooking of the major meals dibbsed so to speak but she could still make him some treats right? Smiling at the fact the cookies on the tray were raising well and actually looked like proper cookies Stella watched the timer count down the final few minutes until she could open the oven door and retrieve what would be chocolate chip bliss (or should have been), the smell of cookies had filled the house and no doubt as Okita stepped through the front door he would have gotten quite the whiff of it.

You see that was the strange thing about Stella’s cooking, it would look good, smell good but well it just didn’t live up to the whole taste part. Even following recipes exactly with someone over her shoulder watching the poor girl just had never been able to get things how they should be, but even odder she didn’t seem to notice. Yeah that’s right, Stella herself never seemed to notice how bad her cooking turned out and so remained oblivious to the reasoning behind Okita’s insistence on the fact he cooked. Hearing the knight return Stella gave a yell back to him from her crouched position in front of the oven, “Your home early! I’m in the kitchen”. Why didn’t Stella rush to the front door to greet him? Well simple really, the timer was about to go off and she wasn’t risking anything to chance with these cookies. Opening the oven door as Okita entered the kitchen Stella stood up with the cookie tray gripped in her oven mitt covered hands, an honest smile spread across her face she looked towards him quickly before turning to place the tray on the oven. “Guess you ruined my surprise”, oh well turned out she wouldn’t get to surprise Okita with the cookies after dinner but she could surprise him with the work instead! Stella placed her oven mitts on the bench next to the cooling cookies and turned the oven off before walking towards Okita and giving him a hug, looking up at him with arms still wrapped around him she decided her curiosity had won. “So what brings you home so early, I figured you wouldn’t be back until dinner time with today being your first day back and all”.
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Fafnir Rakesh
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Sarcasm. Because beating the shit out of people is illegal.

Upon entering the house, it had taken several seconds for Okita to realise something was amiss, but once he did he felt his heart skip a beat. For he could now smell the distinct fragrance of something baking and whilst most men upon returning home to such an occasion would think themselves lucky that their significant other was so considerate- Okita was instead filled with dread and panic. For whilst her intentions were angelic, Stella's cooking skills were- to put it bluntly- simply atrocious. Whether it be something as complex as a souffle or as simple as frying an egg, without fail it would turn out tasting like something between old socks and spoiled milk. What made matters worse though was that aesthetically, they looked nothing less than perfect to the eye of the beholder. Which made it understandably difficult to explain to anyone that it was unsafe to eat without letting them experience the horror for themselves first hand. Naturally the obvious solution was to simply tell her how bad her cooking was (gently of course) but Okita just couldn't bring himself to do it. She always looked so happy when she was going out of her way to do something nice for him and so he compromised instead by finding ever more creative ways of avoiding having to eat her cooking.

As Stella embraced him, behind the glowing smile he gave her, his mind was working in overdrive to formulate the fastest, most efficient but also subtle way of doing exactly that. Sniffing the air, he thought he recognized the scent as that of cookies- one of Stella's favorite creations. He put this thought on the back burner though as Stella asked inquired as to his early return. His smile broadened as he brought his hands out from behind his back, documents in hand and held them aloft for Stella to see them. "Come and I'll show you", he said enthusiastically before giving the female mage a quick peck on the cheek and leading the way into the living room and dropping the folder onto the table and opening it to display the contents within and stepped aside for Stella to have room to approach and examine them thoroughly at her leisure. "Read those while I go and attend to those cookies. I'm starving!" What Stella would then have seen, spread across a number of sheets if paper was the following:

Mission Name:
It's so hard to find good help these days
Mission Class:
Private/D Rank
Mission Details:
In the heart of Onibas town is a very popular club, open to those of a high social standing as well as those in the middle class it is always a popular location to relax or meet friends and is therefore booming in the business department. This of course makes the owner of it very happy although he doesn't necessarily need the money, rumors are he is involved in something less then wholesome and so because of that his pockets are well lined with the green stuff.

I am a well known detective in the area and i am wanting to see what it is this guy might be dealing in, i suspect drugs are being sold out of the club and all evidence i have seems to support it. People have been seen buying things discreetly and other shady signs are galore but once i step foot inside the club it all stops, i am simply too known to get in and out of the place with any kind of substantial evidence and so i am seeking you out. I need you to get into the club and avoid suspicion while gathering the clues you need to find the evidence i need.

Get photo's of the drugs he is dealing and manage to get out of the club without being caught, bring them to me at the designated time and place i will send to you after you accept this mission and get your reward.

Mission Requirements:
* 2 Participants that are of Private Rank (for a knight) or D rank (for a mage), either sex is allowed however both must be Neutral or Light in affiliation

Mission Objectives:
* Perform your duties in the job's given to you well enough not to draw suspicion
* Find out where the owner of the club keeps his 'stash'
* Find out the code for the safe where the 'Stash' is kept
* Infiltrate where the 'stash' is kept and get photographs of it as evidence

Bonus Objectives:
* Be complemented on your job well done in your given duties by more then one person (this is an individual bonus objective, just because one of you complete it doesn't mean the other will get the reward unless they too have completed it).

Requirements for failure:
* Suspicion is drawn to you
* Failure to get photographs of the evidence
* Being caught in general

Meanwhile, Okita stood before the cookie tray, caressing his chin thoughtfully as to how best dispose of them safely. He couldn't throw them in the bin, as there was next to no chance of Stella not noticing them. What to do... what to do... he continued to ponder before he felt that unmistakable sensation when the call of the wild made itself known. Swiftly, Okita loaded the cookies on the tray into the pockets of his jacket until none remained and went from the kitchen to the bathroom. "Those were great!" he called to Stella as he went and once safely inside the bathroom he dropped his pockets contents into the basin and a short time later the distinct sound of flushing could be heard and Okita emerged looking triumphant. Then, returning to Stella in the dining room he stood off to one side as she finished reading the mission briefing, leaning against the wall before asking her, "so, do you think you're up for it?"
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Steel your mind. Run on instinct.
Curiosity took over Stella as Okita waved some documents above her head and out of her reach, she could tell there was definitely something written on them but the way he was waving them about made it impossible to see more then a blur in the place of words or images. But of course the fact they were out of reach didn’t stop her from reaching up a few times to try and grab them, eventually though she gave up and simply followed the knight and sat down eagerly awaiting the news that seemed to have him in a rather uplifted mood. The again there was the chance it wasn’t great news and the uplifted mood was a result of merely returning to work, either way the fact she now had multiple scenarios playing in her mind only made the mage more interested in what was on those papers. “So what’s on the paper?”, asking as she made herself comfortable in the seat beneath her Stella gave Okita a curious glance before eyeing the papers themselves with the eyes of someone truly curious. Okita didn’t really have time to finish telling Stella that she could read the papers in the folder he placed on the table and that he was going to get a cookie before the female mage already had her prey in her grip and her eyes scanning the words like a hawk. She gave him a mumbled signal of agreement to his statement as she read the papers with utter focus but paid no attention to where he was actually going, he could have gone to the back door for all she knew but a man of his word it seemed Okita did indeed head towards the cookies she had made in the kitchen.

Stella’s curious glances soon turned into ones of confusions and shock as she flicked the page to read something very familiar, so stunned by the situation was the mage that she placed the papers on the table once more and reached into her pocket to pull out the folded paper she had been sent by her friend at Quatro Cerberus. Unfolding it and placing it next to Okita’s own on the table noticeable differences made themselves blatantly obvious, the one from her guild seemed to have seen better days and was hand written while the one Okita had seemed printed for sure and to have been kept neatly in a folder and not pinned up -judging by the lack of thumbtack hole in it anywhere-. Those differences aside however the fact remained that the words on the paper were identical, somehow she and Okita had both been given the same job? While that wasn’t a problem in the slightest it was rather mind boggling and that alone had Stella chuckling inwardly at the chain of events, maybe it was a sign they were indeed supposed to be getting back into work after all?

Stella’s eyes snapped from the papers on the table towards the doorway where Okita’s voice seemed to echo from and a smile formed upon her face as she understood the words he spoke, “That’s great! I’ll put the rest in the oven in a minute”. Kind of sad really when you think about how oblivious she was to the true fate of her cookies but then again was the alternative much better? Leaving the cookie thoughts alone for a moment Stella once again turned her gaze to the papers on the table but this time with a far different look, she knew she’d been worrying over nothing and the relief of having the entire thing lifted from her shoulders -in such a ridiculously strange way- was about as relaxing as a massage could ever have been. Apparently Okita had ninja’s his way out of the bathroom and into the room and managed to lean against the wall in a nonchalant way while the mage gave the papers that very glance and therefore oblivious the fact he was so close Stella was slightly startled when his voice came from the wall next to her, “Ah, well actually -insert random and disturbing sounds you don‘t want to hear coming from your bathroom plumbing here-”.

What on earth was that? Had Okita tried to drown something or someone in there? Standing from her seated position and glancing around the doorway slightly in a way that made it obvious she was trying to see what was going on around the corner Stella shook her head and put it down to a figment of her imagination, after all Okita didn’t seem to hear it so it was nothing right? “Mary sent me a job from the guild board and -insert the sounds of paws running through water here- ”, Stella paused immediately and a look that read as WTF took over her face completely before Zetsu-maru came bursting into the room leaving wet paw prints behind him. “Where on earth did you get wet feet from Zetsu? Come here so I can dry you off”, not putting much more to the question she had asked of the canine Stella picked him up and began to head off towards the bathroom in order to towel dry his feet. Knowing Zetsu he had found water somewhere weird, she couldn’t put anything past the mischief ball that was Zetsu-maru after all. Disappearing around the corner Stella leant back in for a moment to tell Okita to take a look at the paper on the table before continuing her journey to get a towel.

“Ummm Okita? Did you eat something weird today?”, yes it was a strange question for Okita to be hearing Stella ask of him from the hallway but if he was to go and see what she meant he would see why she might have thought he had eaten….oh I don’t know EXPLOSIVE?! Water came lapping out from under the bathroom door and down the hallway and in it stood a rather confused Stella holding Zetsu-maru.
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Fafnir Rakesh
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Sarcasm. Because beating the shit out of people is illegal.

Okita stood aghast at the scene unfolding before him. Heralded by the ungodly sounds within the walls, the toilet was now backed up to the point of overflowing and if something wasn't done soon then it was only going to get worse it seemed. Silently cursing Stella's cookies, which had proved more than even a toilet could stomach, he sighed and entered the bathroom which now had half an inch of water covering the floor and leaned down beside the base of the toilet where two nozzles that closely resembled tabs could be found. Turning the left most one until he couldn't anymore, he cut off the supply of water that led from the water tanks to the toilet, which effectively ceased the march of water from reaching much further than it already had. That being said, Zetsu seemed to ahve made i his mission to spread it out now that it couldn't do it by itself and with a wry chuckle, he called to Stella, "Can you grab Zet and keep him out of trouble while I fix this?"

trusting Stella to do as requested for the sake of their homes hygiene, he crouched lower and examined the U bend behind the toilet. Having a good idea of what had caused the sudden blockage, he began unscrewing the pipe in two places before pulling out the "U" section and sure enough, inside was the brown mushy remnants of what had been Stella's cookies. Thankfully, they were now dissolved enough to be unrecognizable from their original form and standing up, Okita promptly stepped out of the room. "Found the problem, some crap built up in the U-bend" he called out to Stela before carrying it outside and giving it a hefty shake before kicking snow over the evidence. Satisfied that at last the cookies had been put to rest, he turned back to the house just in time to hear the distinct sound of something breaking. With an inward groan, Okita stepped back inside expecting to find some disaster having occurred.

What he found instead was actually something rather wonderful. Imalia stood atop the kitchen bench where minutes earlier had been Stella's bowl of uncooked cookie mix- which now lay shattered on the floor. "Ah, I've trained you well", Okita muttered softly as he stroked Imalia's back. Being smart enough to know the... complications inherent within Stella's cooking, Imalia had taken it upon herself to save her master from further grief by taking matters into her own hands and 'accidentally' knocking the bowl to the floor and thus rendering it untenable. "Ah damn", he said in a louder voice. "Imalia you pesky thing, look what you've done!", Okita said in his best 'outraged' tone. Then, so softly only Imalia could have heard it he added, "I'll get you something nice for dinner tomorrow"

He then set about clearing up the mess of cookie mix and broken glass and depositing it in the bin before returning to the dining room, trusting that Stella would have set about drying the bathroom floor and the portion of the flooded hallway by now. Looking over the papers he'd brought back and the tattier copy that Stella had brought home he grinned. Fate? Perhaps... just perhaps. Once Stella re-emerged from her drying duties, he returned the papers to the folder and grinned at her with barely contained excitement. "Well, there's no time like the present and since it seems this mission is somehow destined for us, what do you say we get going?"
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Stella had placed Zetsu back on the ground as she realised that they would be needing towels and lots of them for that matter, but as she returned to the bathroom with towels stacked high in her grasp it seemed that perhaps she was going to need to hang onto the little mischievous ball of fur after all. Eagerly rolling around in the water that was already doing a pretty good job at spreading out across the floor the canine was acting like a rolling pin and doing his very best to help it along -intentional or not remains to be seen-, jumping around and splashing it everywhere including at Imalia who was staying what she had thought was well and truly out of the waters reach Zetsu quickly found his fun cut off by a pair of hands under his belly picking him up. Stella had done as Okita had asked and as he flailed about in the woman’s arms trying to get free so he could play in the newly found splash pool Zetsu-maru was met with a rather frustrated growl from the mage, not one to growl at him unless he was being truly naughty the canine took the hint from Stella and quickly sat still watching Okita work away with the plumbing itself. Once the water had ceased to overflow from the toilet which the amethyst eyed mage had guessed was because of the tinkering that Okita did she placed Zetsu back down on the floor and gave him a glare and a few stern words, “You go in that water again and I’ll put you in the hamper, got it?”. Alright so they weren’t exactly stern but for the bundle of energy that was Zetsu-maru being put into a washing hamper where he could not see what was happening or move about in any way was as bad as telling Imalia that she was getting a bath, quickly heeding the warning he was given and changing his focus of attention to the cat of the household the excited Zetsu turned and gave chase to Imalia towards the kitchen.

While Okita wandered off outside to clear out the piece of pipe he had removed Stella continued on with soaking up the water with the numerous towels she had grabbed, boy was there going to be quite a few loads of washing to be done later. Luckily however the drain in the bathroom had taken the brunt of the water overflow and besides the actual tiled bathroom floor there was only really just the area right outside the door to be dried, thank heavens for whoever thought of putting drains in the bathroom flooring was all Stella could think as she worked away. A breath of relief was given as Okita yelled out saying it was just something stuck in the drain and that there wasn’t any major plumbing problem but at the same time the mage wished he’d chosen to phrase his words slightly better, then again….crap probably was exactly trapped in toilet plumbing. Shaking her head and trying to clear those thoughts from her mind Stella called out to Okita to let him know she heard him, “That’s good, at least it’s nothing major”. Stella stood up as she ran out of towels to use for absorbing the water and as she looked around at the flooring beneath her she moved her lips around in thought, maybe she was just better off mopping the rest up.

Well those thoughts were rudely interrupted as a crash came from the kitchen and jumping slightly causing her to almost slip on the wet tiles beneath her Stella did what anyone would do and called out to Okita to see if he was alright, “Okita?! What was that?”. The knight’s reply of word’s directed at Imalia was good enough to set Stella’s mind at ease and so she continued on with the work at hand while talking across the house to Okita who was cleaning up cookie mix from the floor. “I think once I mop the rest of the water up it should be all good, might take a little while to dry though”, and so with those words spoken Stella did exactly that.

~Minor time warp of like 15minutes~

Wiping a few strands of hair from her face as she entered the room where Okita had been reading over the papers from earlier -or so she figured that was what he was doing- Stella gave a sigh of relief at having finally finished cleaning up the mess that had pounced on them at a rather inconvenient time, “Glad that’s done, so did you read the paper? What do you think?”. A moment was all that taken before Okita seemed to burst into speech with excitement evident behind his words, it was the kind of excitement that made you just have to smile in turn and it seemed Stella was not immune to it’s effects. Smiling back at him with excitement of her own she gave a firm nod and pointed off to the direction of their room, “Couldn’t have said it better myself, I’ll go get changed since I think these clothes are a little….wet”. Indeed they were wet, thanks to Zetsu-maru and his flailing around while wet himself Stella found herself on the receiving end of what could be called a bath.
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Fafnir Rakesh
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Sarcasm. Because beating the shit out of people is illegal.

Okita smiled mischievously at Stella's back as she went to go change. Naturally there was the temptation to go after her and, shall we say, give her a helping hand in changing her attire. After all, wet clothes could tend to be rather clingy... But there was a time and a place for everything and he knew that such frivolities would have to be put on hold with the impending mission they were undertaking. Putting the files back into the folder from whence they had come, Okita sat at the table and proceeded to drum his fingers against the mahogany table as he awaited Stella's return. As he did so, his free hand was left to stroke Imalia who had hopped up onto his lap and proceeded to curl up on his lap. As he did, something occurred to him. Something he knew was going to make him very unpopular. Almost hesitantly- that's right, Okita actually felt nervous as to what was about to happen- he spoke to Imalia and Zetsu, who was sitting at the entrance to the hall, neither wanting to let Stella out of his sight nor Imalia and Okita and thus caught halfway between like a piece of rope in a tug-of-war match. "I'm afraid you guys are going to have to stay here for this one."

Immediately Imalia's soft purring stopped and Okita felt her body stiffen and he knew he was one wrong move away from being scratched with those wicked claws. "We're going on an important mission Imalia and we need you and Zetsu to guard the house while we're gone." Imalia seemed to consider this for several seconds before apparently deeming it acceptable justification and relaxing once again. Okita couldn't help but smile wryly at the exchange. To some, it may have seemed that he was pandering to his pet cat a bit too much, but they didn't know that Imalia was anything but a cat, or an animal at all for that matter. Both she and Zetsu were possessed of intelligence that belied their outward appearance (although the latter chose to exercise this trait a tad less frequently than his counterpart. No, they took the metaphor of a furry human being to a whole new and far more literal level. In fact, Imalia was- in Okita's opinion- smarter on a number of levels than many people he knew.

Okita looked up at the sound of a closing door and smiled as he saw Stella re-emerge in a dry set of clothes. "Well then, looks like we're ready. Imalia and Zetsu ahve agreed to gaurd the house while we're gone." At this, Imalia hopped up onto the table and gave the two humans a look as if to say 'you'd better not forget the favor I'm doing you here' before wandering off to another part of the house, never the type for goodbyes. Zetsu on the other hand sat eagerly at Stella's feet, waiting for his goodbye pats and tummy rub and whatever else he could get out of the beautiful female mage. "I'll be outside", Okita laughed lightly as he tucked the folder into his jacket and stepped outside into the snow. Taking a deep breath of the crisp early afternoon air.

As Stella joined him, he couldn't help but think of the last time they'd been traveling with purpose through a wintry landscape and it brought an smile to his face that was somewhere between wistful and reminiscent, "just like old times huh?" He remarked before rubbing his hands together as a prompt to get the journey underway. "Let's be off before I freeze", he said and with that they began to walk side by side towards their first mission together after a long haitus.

*** ***

It was mid afternoon when the pair finished their descent from their wintry recluse and entered Chrysanthemum once again. Their ultimate destination was the train station, which Onibas, which they would reach via train from Chrysanthemums station, but before that Okita would need to return the mission files that he'd 'borrowed'. Since they had the copy Stella's guild had given her, it wasn't a problem anyway so after a brief visit to the knighthood, they set off towards the train station and boarded the train together and within no time at all, they were speeding express towards their destination.
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Emerging from the room with her dry clothes now being worn Stella could see on Zetsu’s face that he was none too pleased by something and she had a hunch she knew exactly what that something was, “Awww Zetsu, don’t be sad. We’ll be back soon and we need you to guard the house”. Of course Stella’s tone softened as she approached the sulking canine and crouching down in one foul swoop she picked the little fellow up into her arms and spun him around slightly while giving him scratches and making ‘baby faces’ at him, “We need our big strong man to look after the house”. After giving Zetsu quite the abundance of affection Stella placed him down on the ground once more and gave him a smile and wave as she closed the front door behind her, “Now you two behave yourselves alright, take care of the house for us Zetsu”. With those words spoken and the door locked tightly behind her Stella gave a small sigh that always came with leaving those two alone, not only did she worry for the house’s safety but for their’s at the same time. Okita and herself were lucky in the fact that Zetsu and Imalia were most definitely smarter then your average pet and it meant that they could take good care of themselves, it also meant that they understood why they were being left alone and for what reason. That made it easier for Stella to leave them, but it didn’t get rid of all her worries that was for sure.

Stella turned around to see Okita smiling off into the distance however once he spoke she soon understood the reason as to why, “Haha yeah although I do prefer the present to the past”. Who wouldn’t? The last time they were walking through a wintry landscape was the pass which they had to cross in order to get to a place of safety, the last time was during the whole Prescott incident and preferring not to ruin the mood with thoughts of that time the mage was quick to jump on Okita’s second statement. “Right, we should probably drop in and give that folder you ‘borrowed’ back on our way. Since we don’t need it and all now I have my errrr…copy of it.”, Tucking the tattered and worse for wear piece of paper into the pocket of her jacket as she finished putting it on Stella walked along side Okita as they set off for their destination, conversation ensued as the pair walked but it was nothing that you need me to narrate for you.

Sitting next to Okita on the train Stella looked out the window and watched the scenery pass by, trees were nothing but blurs as they whizzed past them at the incredible speeds that made travel by train so convenient and occasionally she would hear the sounds of the animals they passed over the sounds of the train itself. It was a peaceful ride and with quite a long trip ahead of her the mage closed her eyes and leant her head to the side, resting her head upon Okita’s shoulder the blonde didn’t last long before drifting off into slumber with thoughts of their job ahead of her mingling around within her mind. Would they have a hard time finding a way into the club? Would they be able to find out what they needed? Sure there were a lot of things to think about but at the same time Stella was there sitting next to Okita on a train without a worry on the way for a day that was sure to be entertaining in more ways then one, she couldn’t have been happier truth be told.
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With the pleasant weight of Stella's head against his shoulder, Okita was brimming with contentment. For all the hardship that they'd gone through, they were now on the other side of it all and moving on with their lives- together. Without realizing he was doing it, Okita's head slowly began to droop to the side until he was resting it lightly on Stella's own and despite a few stray strands tickling at his chin, he soon found himself dozing off in turn. To anybody watching, it was quite the idyllic romantic scene of two lovers completely at ease with each other. The only trouble was... If they were both asleep then how who was keeping track of when they should be getting off the train!? Okita was in the midst of a dream in which he was walking... somewhere although he didn't know where. But it was a pleasant place, with a warm sun kissed light beating down on his face and the greenest of green grass underneath his feet. He knew he needed to be going somewhere, but where was it? It was somewhere important and Stella was waiting for him there... At that moment, a mushroom erupted from the ground in front of him and began talking (hey, it's a dream, don't question it- just go with it). "Onibas Station! Disembark Onibas Station!"

Okita blinked. Onibas station? Was that where he needed to go? Odd, the name seemed very familiar to him, so maybe the magic talking mushroom was right. Onibas... Onibas... wait a second... he was supposed to be going to Onibas for a mission wasn't he? Then why was he in a field with magic mushrooms... Oh crap. It was at that precise moment that he experienced that awkward moment when you realized you were dreaming whilst still inside the dream itself and with that he had a pang he began to drift towards the surface of wakefulness and the true meaning behind the magic mushroom came to light...

All passengers wishing to disembark at Onibas Town please do so now. Okita snapped awake at the announcement and in a flash took in his surroundings. The train had stopped and people were disembarking through the doors ahead of him. Stella was stilla sleep on his shoulder and the sign on the platform outside was clearly labelled 'Onibas'. Although loathe to wake her, he knew it was the only thing to do and with a gentle but hurried shake, he roused the beautiful young woman beside him. "Stella, Stella we're here, come on we need to get off the train before it leaves the station", he spoke softly in her ear. He was on his feet and keeping the still sleepy Stella upright with a steadying hand on her shoulder.
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Stella was interrupted in her rather peaceful dream by Okita as he tried his best to wake her up due to their stop having arrived but his words didn’t register promptly and moments passed before Stella figured out what it was he was actually saying. Bursting into the realm that was consciousness Stella snapped awake and grabbed Okita’s arm, “Come on we have to get off the train before it leaves!”. Yes she may have just been repeating the last words that Okita had spoken to her but the mage had just woken up and those words were pretty much like a hypnotic order to her. Not wasting a second between her words and when she took off tugging the knight along with her Stella pushed her way through the people that had just entered the train and dragged Okita out of the train behind her just in time to hear the doors close shut tightly behind them and the train start off on it’s journey once more.
“Phew, that was too close”, exhaling deeply with relief Stella released her grip on Okita’s arm and turned to face him with a smile on her face that showed she was close to chuckling. “Let’s not do that again”, the chuckle that she had been holding in finally released itself and reaching her arms into the air above her head the mage stretched out her still rather stiff muscles before turning her gaze to the area around them.

Stella had travelled around Fiore since joining her guild however she wasn’t all that familiar with Onibas, with no idea where the club they were supposed to be getting a job at was located she had little choice but to hope that Okita did or to rely on finding it the old fashioned way. The sun was setting for the day and although it was rather pretty it did mean that the pair has less time then they probably would have hoped for before the club would be in full swing for the night. Looking around Stella could see several small stalls that looked to be closing up for the day and one in particular grabbed the mage’s gaze in particular, “Hungry?”. Asking Okita if he wanted something eat as she walked towards the ice-cream stand Stella was going to be getting something whether he wanted one or not but it was always nice to ask right?

After ordering the ice-cream she wanted Stella stood back and waited for Okita to buy what he wanted to if he did indeed wish to purchase one, so their next move was to find the club in question and somehow manage to get some kind of staff job there was it? “Excuse me, we’re in town visiting our friends and we’re supposed to meet them at some really big club in the heart of this place. You wouldn’t be able to give us direction would you? Or at least point us to somewhere we can get some?”, yeah there was that thing that Okita would never have done for the fact that he was a male. Asking directions, it was such a handy thing to do and yet men seemed allergic to doing it for some reason. After being given the directions to the club by the female stall vendor Stella waved Okita over to a bench that she had noticed so that they could eat their ice-creams and start to plan for what was going to be coming up. “Got any plans?”, she was hoping that her question might get a somewhat better answer then the one she would have given if Okita had asked it of her that was for sure.
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