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[Graded]Little Monsters of Mayhem; Tenken
Topic Started: Dec 8 2011, 01:51 PM (1,466 Views)
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Dark Lorde of the Sith

(OOC: I remember you had another name and all I could remember was it was Little Monsters or something :P Low muse kind of?)

Arc Link

Axel wandered into Onibas Town, he had never been here before and had a certain curiosity towards it. Apparently it was the place of merchants, you could find anything here which would prove rewarding for him that is if he could find what he was looking for. He wandered down the streets, as usual he received some strange looks which then provided the questions; "Is it my eyes or hair?" or "Do people not think a boy my age should be wandering alone?" Those two questions crossed Axels mind every time he received a strange look from a passerby and if it wasn't one of those questions then he didn't know what else it could be, well it more or less depending on who the look was from. Axel soon found himself on 'the' street, Lotus Street apparently it was where the dealers where and apparently the place where you could find anything.

Axel walked along the street, Jack appeared walking behind him. Jack turned his head around and around, literally around and around, as he scanned the many people that crowded the street, he pondered at the many street shops that had been set up by the many dealers that either sat down on a rug or shouted to look at their wares. Axel walked along, he had already been approached by several dealers whilst Jack simply used his very adjustable body to look over and around the shops. He would often snicker, although at what at Axel had no idea, he gave a shrug as Jack would say something but what he said was something far too long and useless to either understand or to actually respond to.

He soon reached the middle of the street and sighed, was there anyone who could help him?[/url]
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The man.

[[OOC: My title idea was Delightful Little Monsters but we can call the sequel that :P
...or we can turn this into an arc o.O]]

It was a funny thing that Eric Bashere also found himself, an alone child in Ghost Lotus Street in Onibas Town on this fine day, and he too was receiving odd looks as being a child alone as much as for the large black snake that was wrapped around his neck and was peering around, looking for something interesting to buy.
OK, not so much odd looks as exclamations of terror.
"What about thossse onesss?" Jessica hissed in Eric's ear, looking around and spotting some bright lamps -yes, lamps- that she rather liked, "I think thosssse onessss would look great in the lounge."
"You sound like a wife," the young teenager complained irritably, "And we're not here to buy &%^$ing lamps! I'm just here to see what there might be that will help, you know, magically, and that does not include household supplies for the last time!"
"Fine," she hissed irritably as they entered the middle area of the "street" that had a few cafes on either side, "Whatever, let'ssss just look for your sssstupid magic itemssss then."

As he entered a cafe and bought a small hot chocolate, Eric sighed again at the weird looks he was getting from people, especially adults, due to Jessica's presence. He knew it was odd for him to have a snake, he was more than well aware that snakes were usually deadly and yes, he also knew that Jessica's species was reknowned for it's venom.
He wasn't an idiot.
Still as he walked back out onto the street and finally spotted someone with some magical-looking curios he realised how visceral people were against him having a snake, the store owner loudly telling him to stay away and that he didn't want any trouble. Sighing, since he knew it'd be fruitless to argue, Eric turned and walked away, passing another boy about his age -or maybe a bit younger he didn't care or know- he began to ruminate quietly to himself, shaking his head as he was already ostracised and wishing his snake had just acted like a scarf.

Like usual.
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Dark Lorde of the Sith

[OOC: Hmm an Arc is rather possible, though I can't remember how many Arcs a character can be in XD.]

Axel turned his head to the left and then to the right as he continued to walk down the street, there wasn't any stall or shop that took his fancy. Well, it wasn't a particular shop nor a particular stall he was looking for it was more the shady character that one tends to find in streets much like this, that one shady character that knew more about anything than just a single look from a passerby. Unfortunately Axel could find no such person, so Onibas Town started to become a little drag but this was his first time here so he may as well let enjoy it ... Problem was, Axels' definition of 'enjoy' changed very much from time to time so how would he 'enjoy' Onibas Town? Walk around, look at the sights? Grab something to eat? Actually eating sounded like a good plan at the time, Jack who had appeared out of Axels head bent down and looked at him so he was viewing Axels face upside down and vice versa. "Wondering what to do are we? Why not -" Jack began but soon stopped, he spotted something or someone. Axel saw the stitched mouth widen before Jack vanished, he had obviously saw someone who was of some interest, however Axel did not know whom.

With a sigh Axel shrugged and walked, it wasn't until another boy passed him did Axel take interest in Jacks strange 'behaviour', if you could call it that. The boy was a little smaller than him, but perhaps around the same age as himself. He seemed to be a rather posh-looking boy as well, but there was something ... Off about him and not meaning that black scarf which was actually a snake - wait a minute. Axel walked behind the boy, a little distance away and looked at the scarf the boy wore around his neck, except it wasn't a staff at all. It was a snake, Axel could see the movements of itself adjust around the boy's neck and shoulders, the slide of its scales and it seemed some of the other people in the town had also noticed it. Axel had become intrigued so much that he was now stooped, leaning over as he tried to look closer at the snake before his curiosity got the better of him and he ended up lightly 'headbutting' the boy in his shoulder, his hair brushing on the snake.

Axel would still be stooped low, his hands in his jean pockets before he would take one out and rub his head slightly, "Eheh ... Sorry 'bout that." Axel would then say.
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The man.

[[OOC: Technically as many as you have plot threads available, so 3]]

Eric had finally found a place he had not been yelled at to vacate immediately when a few strange things occured around him. For one he felt a... twinge of some kind in the presence of magic he always carried inside of himself, a predilection that made him a bit curious as to what was nearby. There was something that was reacting with his own inner powers, something that was closer than he expected there to be that would react with him in this place. He ignored it though, he was here to shop for curios and so as he and Jessica perused the wares of a small stand it was the second oddity that took place a moment later when something or someone bumped into his shoulder, staggering him ever-so-slightly in place and making him raise an eyebrow to turn and look at the slightly-taller but possibly-slightly-younger boy who he had noticed earlier. Why had he bumped into him, Eric wondered, was it something to do with him being crazy or just...

Well, at least he apologised and Eric narrowed his eyes slightly, nodding his thanks and analysing the boy in front of him, taking everything about him in and seeing him properly for the first time. He was taller than Eric, a bit over half a foot taller which was fine since Eric hadn't gone through his growth spurt yet, and he was a bit heavier set as well. However he seemed... weaker than Eric, his body didn't look as hard and the way he held himself was a lot less assured in his own strength. That was a normal thing though, Eric hadn't met anyone his age who held themselves the same way as he held himself.
His clothing was rather mundane, pretty commonplace for anyone their age with a casual shirt-jeans combination and he was a bit stooped, probably from bumping into Eric's shoulder which was considerably lower than his head -it had been his head, that was the only part of him hard enough- which was fine but also odd, since why had his head been down there.

"It's no trouble," he said slowly, eyes un-narrowing as he filed away his catalogue of the boy into his mind, "Everyone makes mistakes and runs into people on purpose I'm sure." His face said he was emotionless but his tone was joking, amused, and he turned back to the man in front of him and shook his head, indicating he didn't want anything after all then turned back to this boy, his snake rising up properly and quite openly to stare at him as well.
"I'm Eric," he said with a small half-smile, a curious one that spoke volumes of mystery somehow yet also just said 'hey' at the same time, "And this is Jessica. Do you, uh, live around here or something?"
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Dark Lorde of the Sith

Axel returned to his normal posture as the boy he bumped into turned around and regarded him, on closer inspection the boy was somewhat interesting. The boy had 'normal' eyes, two dark blue-ish orbs, normal in comparison to Axels own two red orbs. "It's no trouble," the boy said as he turned around, he spoke it rather slowly and Axel wasn't sure whether it was intentional, whilst he inspected Axel, or he was just being polite, either way the boy was what Axel considered normal, his appearance mostly the only thing not 'normal' was the snake that was wrapped around the boys shoulders like a scarf. "Everyone makes mistakes and runs into people on purpose I'm sure." The boy then said, the black snake shifted slightly as it raised its head and it too began to look at Axel whom bobbed down slightly and looked at the snake, he saw its tongue flicker and his curiosity was intrigued, the snake had raised its head properly as Axel looked at it his finger coming up to his mouth as he pulled his lip slightly. In a sense it was like Axel was drawn to the snake rather than the boy, his curiosity almost made him mishear the boy's name. Eric.

Eric, why was that name familiar? Perhaps Axel would remember later, his eyes blinked a few times as he remembered the boy was still there. He turned his head to look at Eric, "Oh, ... I apologize again I almost ignored you. I am Axel." Axel said a slight laugh, "Geez, you're memory ... Tut tut. He also asked if you lived here." Jack said as his head popped out of Axels' chest, his neck was slightly visible as his head bent up to look at Axel whom looked down, "Thank you Jack." Axel said as he looked back up at Eric, "No, I don't live around here. I am just passing through, I heard this town was where you can find anything, but perhaps you cannot find everything." Axel continued his voice changing to a rather 'given-up' like tone towards the end, by this point he was well aware that Eric would regard the little talking to himself a little strange but Axel didn't really care. Axel gave a smile as he looked down at the snake, "Hello Jessica" Axel then said to the snake as he gave a small wave and a smile.

"Do you just choose what you hear or do you just ignore everything?" Jack said as he materialized behind Eric and began to use his very flexible body to begin to look at Eric and inspect him, even passing through his body at some points as if he were scanning his organs. Axel gave a roll of his eyes as he looked back at Eric, "So what about you Eric? Do you live around here?" Axel then asked, his left eyebrow raised slightly.
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The man.

"Do I look like I live around here?" Eric chuckled back, "And did I word it that way? It was my mistake if I did I thought I made it clear that I'm not from here either." Now he wasn't sure if this other kid just wasn't quick on the uptake or was simply cautious for his own sake but Eric didn't really care. Either was amusing, and either didn't matter, for the other boy was taking a very unwholesome interest in Jess and the snake was, for the moment curious. There was a taste to the air about him, something Jessica wasn't sure about and she flickered her tongue at him a few times before shaking her head slightly then turning back to Eric, her eyes unreadable to any but Eric who smirked after he saw her gaze.
"Just passing through huh," he said, that unreadable smile on his face now too, "Well do you have anywhere interesting that you've noticed so far? I've only been in town about a day now and I just slept most of yesterday due to having travelled through the night so I'm looking for something to do."

He was telling the partial truth, he had in fact gotten into the city the day earlier but he hadn't slept that night, he'd spent it exploring Onibas Town, specifically the fringes around the main street that everyone came to this town to see. Eric had not come for that, he had come for a reason and had spent that night hunting that reason.
A traitor to his Guild.
He had tracked the woman here, a woman who had sold Guild secrets from Grimoire Heart to a man from Tartaros and a man from Raven Tail, men Eric had killed on his way to track down this woman. She had to know she was being hunted, and by whom and he had evidence that she knew the men she'd sold too were dead, but none of that mattered. She was out of places to run, other hunters had been sent in to make sure the kill was secured and Eric had been sent in to be the ferret to flush out the hare. And flush out he would, as soon as he found her she would drown in a torrent of magical water the likes of which she, as a fire mage, would have no way to survive.

Ah, but a focus was needed on the present, a focus on this boy his own age who had taken an interest in Eric's companion. It wasn't unheard of, a lot of kids and people around his own age found Jessica fascinating, Eric himself among them, but something about this one seemed more... curious. Watching the boy's reactions to the snake, who was now looking him in the eyes again, Eric smiled bemusedly at what he was seeing.
Jessica was even more intrigued, every time she looked away she found herself drawn back to him, or at least not him exactly but something near him, something around him - something else had a smell she couldn't place and since she couldn't place it mentally and she was having trouble placing it lexiconically or geographically she would have to focus on him until she did. She hated an unsolved riddle after all.
"Heck," Eric said after a moment, amusement clear on his face, "If you know anywhere good to eat that'd help too - I'm starving. Want to join us? It's nice to see a friendly face, even if you are a stranger and if you're a little strapped I can pay, I have more than enough."
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Dark Lorde of the Sith

"Do I look like I live around here?" Eric said with a chuckle, "And did I word it that way? It was my mistake if I did I thought I made it clear that I'm not from here either." Axel watched as Eric looked at Jessica who seemed to give him a look in return, "Just passing through huh," Eric continued with a smile, "Well do you have anywhere interesting that you've noticed so far? I've only been in town about a day now and I just slept most of yesterday due to having travelled through the night so I'm looking for something to do." The boy asked, "Afraid not, in fact I'm looking for somewhere interesting or perhaps a place to get information..." Axel said as he trailed off towards the end, his eyes now looking at Eric. Who seemed to be rather curious with him, although maybe he was just very protective of the snake Jessica as Axel had been preoccupied by it and had been paying it more attention than Jessica, "Say, does Jessica speak? Like we do? Just I met this snake guy some time ago and his snake could actually speak a little, although it was broken English." Axel asked Eric although it was also to Jessica as he looked down and smiled at the snake before he returned his attention back to Eric.

"Heck," Eric began to say and Axel raised an eyebrow at the boys sudden amusing face, "If you know anywhere good to eat that'd help too - I'm starving. Want to join us? It's nice to see a friendly face, even if you are a stranger and if you're a little strapped I can pay, I have more than enough." Eric then said and food did seem very appealing, Jack however soon appeared. "You gonna trust this kid? Come on just turn Feral, kill some people you know you want to, hell you wont even remember!" The skeleton said, Axel shook his head, although it would look weird since to Eric it would seem as if he was saying no to him, but then Axel spoke, "I haven't seen anyway to eat really, but I think there's some sort of cafe or restaurant just down the street that I've heard from people here and its supposed to be the best in town. Only one way to find out really." Axel said a small laugh as he pointed past Eric to a shop on the left corner of the street, the shop was actually the food join he had just mentioned.

Axel would then walk past Eric before turning around, "So, let's eat." Axel then said with a childish grin on his face.
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The man.

This boy, this Axel, was definitely an odd person for Eric to have met and the other boy was slightly wary about his over-fascination with Jessica. Sure, the first time he'd met her he'd probed and prodded until he knew basically everything about her before he'd even walked away with her wrapped around his shoulders, but this child seemed... preoccupied about something, as though there was something else weighing on him, or something else pushing him to be so damn inquisitive.
However Jessica preempted any answer Eric might have given by just talking herself.
"You," she hissed slowly, undulating back and forth as she looked at Axel, her bright green eyes flashing in the sun as she swayed, "Are ssssaying that you met another... like me? How curioussss, to meet sssssomeone who hassss met sssssomeone who could ssssspeak like I can... and here I wassss thinking I wassss alone, I ssssuppose Englissssh issssn't that hard to Masssster after all, eh Eric?"
Eric just shrugged and smiled, he was more interested in observation for the moment, especially when they headed off to the nearby cafe.

Axel seemed... ecstatic, gleeful even as they entered, saying something about eating in some catchy way -that Eric totally missed because he couldn't even begin to muster the slightest iota of caring- and instead the darker of the two boys focused instead on the menu on the far wall, narrowing his eyes slightly as he decided what he'd order.
"Let's grab a table," he said though in a more friendly tone, "I don't really want to eat and run and I definitely don't want to have to stand."
However there were no open tables, everywhere was occupied as clearly this was one of the more popular cafes in Onibas Town. That was no trouble though, Eric simply motioned Axel to wait for the moment then walked up to a man at a nearby table who was eating with his wife. In a very low tone so nobody else could hear except the curious man, Eric explained that if they didn't vacate their table here and now he would nuke them and everyone else in the cafe in an instant. To make his point he activated an edge of his aura, so his eyes began to glow red and, one alarmed look later, Eric had a table for him and his new companion.

"So, tell me about yourself," Eric said as a waiter brought them menus, "Are you a mage? What do you do for fun? Why're you here in Onibas?"
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Dark Lorde of the Sith

It was not Eric but rather Jessica who responded to Axels question about her, "You," she said at first, "Are ssssaying that you met another... like me? How curioussss, to meet sssssomeone who hassss met sssssomeone who could ssssspeak like I can... and here I wassss thinking I wassss alone, I ssssuppose Englissssh issssn't that hard to Masssster after all, eh Eric?" Axel looked down and blink, his mouth opened as if he were to gawp at the snake, "Ugh ... No, not quite. This other snake couldn't speak as well as you could, it was broken sentences and only a few simple words really." Axel responded, as Eric gave a shrug as they entered the cafe. "Let's grab a table," Eric said suddenly and Axel simply turned and gave a nod, "I don't really want to eat and run and I definitely don't want to have to stand." The boy continued however there were no available tables, as Axel finished scanning he saw that Eric motioned for him to wait here before he went off and spoke to a man and what appeared to be his wife and Eric told them something, something that made them leave.

They walked past and Axel looked at their faces, Eric had spooked them. Although not entirely sure of what he had exactly said, it was definitely something to invoke fear into them. Interesting. Axel joined Eric as he sat down opposite and a waiter brought them a menu each, "So, tell me about yourself," Eric began the questions, "Are you a mage? What do you do for fun? Why're you here in Onibas?" The boy continued and Axel looked at him as he had done before, "Straight to the point I see. Well, yes I am a Mage. What do I do for fun? I don't know really. My 'fun' changes as much as the weather really," Axel began as he looked at the ceiling, there was a fan that was going around slowly, not too slow but slowly, before his head was brought back down and his eyes drifted onto Eric once again. "I'm only in Onibas in order to find something, well ... Someone really. But it seems I have not found what I was looking for." Axel replied as he played with a spoon on his side, simply prodding it away and then back to him, "What about you Eric? Firstly, I think you being a Mage is almost a certain since not many normal kids our age have companions such as your Jessica here. Secondly, I find there's something about you thats rather interesting, maybe its just because of Jessica I don't know." Axel then said as he gave a nodding motion towards Jessica.

What would Eric say to that? They were just as curious as each other perhaps one was more curious than the other, it was hard to say what would happen and what would not happen.
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The man.

Eric nodded thoughfully at Axel's answers, or at least he pretended to be thinking about them thoughtfully. His mind had actually tangented, thinking about his own target as soon as Axel had said he was here looking to find someone, though he wasn't forthcoming about who he was after. That was fine, if Eric was pressed -and no doubt he soon would be- he wouldn't have revealed who he was after. Hell, he probably wouldn't have even revealed he was after anyone, it made it far too easy to track things about yourself that might be better left unsaid.
At least from Eric's point of view they would be.
Still, he was thinking now about his mark, the woman who he was tracking and who would die by his hands. He still had to find her, and frankly this whole meeting and moment was a waste of his otherwise useful time, time he could be using to break the criminals and lowlifes of this town, men and women who would be able to give him the information he needed... or find it out for him.

"Well, I suppose turnabout is fair play," he chuckled when Axel made his own observations, "Though I don't personally think that just because you use magical items, travel with a clearly magical being or are otherwise unique makes you necessarily a mage - I might just be someone who utilises the mundanity of my talents extremely well."
He shook his head though, dismissing this idea.
"But I'm not - you're right in that I am something of a mage. I like to think so at least, it hardly does to think of oneself as less than one actually is but it's also not helpful to boast..."
He cut off at a light squeeze from Jessica, a squeeze that was mainly a constriction around his throat, not enough to restrict his breathing but just enough to say he should probably stop talking so much right now, it was not helpful for their situation.

"So, what do you want to eat?" he asked instead, a waitress appearing a few moments before he spoke and asking if they were ready, "I'd just like a chicken caesar salad for me and would I be able to get a half chicken for my snake?" the order was odd but, to her credit the waitress just blinked then nodded, taking it all in stride, though Eric doubted she saw many snakes every day while waitressing. When Axel had ordered Eric finished his thought from before, and added another question.
"As for there being something interesting about me? It's probable, I'm not exactly a boring kind of person you know... I enjoy being in the thick of things, particularly when those things turn out to be a bit chaotic... what about you?"
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