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[Graded][mission - CANCELLED] Panty Police
Topic Started: Oct 9 2011, 09:58 PM (543 Views)
Luna Kage
Member Avatar
Luna and Dran had finally got a mission. Well you could say it was a mission. Really it was just a bunch of girls missing their panties and for some reason they couldn't find the one doing this. Dran was going to be one of two ways: Either really embarrassed or really weird about it. How it was going to work she wasn't sure since this was an all girls' school. But the people wanted their panites back an Luna couldn't blame them on this fact. Not having them and having to buy more sucked all the money out of you.

With a sigh Luna stepped into the school with dran right behind her. this was going to be a struggle for her in some way or another. And maybe it was Dran that was stealing all the panties. He had always joked about dressing up as a girl. Though it was to get her to laugh the image was still embeded in her mind and made her try and hold back a smile. It was hard yes, but she managed to do this.

her brown eyes glanced upon what looked like the girl who wanted to get this mission over with. "Hi. I'm Luna and this is Dran. We're here to help you find your missing...items. So they strike only on Tuesdays is it? We'll find the person for you no problem!" Luna smiled trying to let the girl know she was going to be alright in her time of need.
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Dran couldn't help but giggle at this "mission" it was very funny that someone one would ask for help in public but a job was a job and it was some easy money. "Hello I am Dran and don't worry we will stop the GREAT PANTY BANDIT! I shall call him GPB for short." Dran the very sheepishly turned to Luna with a big smile on his face. "We are really great good a jobs like these in fact we already have some what of a plan after we gain a few leads. Right Luna?" Dran said giving her an evil smile as he leaned up against a wall causally like a slick traveling sales man.

Luna may not have known what his plan was but he was going to have her agree to it before she even knew. This would be payback for making him pay for lunch earlier. "So tell us everything you know and anyone that you think maybe doing it! The more info the better!" Dran said he pushed himself quickly off the wall. "We are one of the best teams I know of! I remember this one time this kid Keith knocking down peoples snowmen without others knowing so me and Luna camped out one night and caught him doing it! So I mean there some credit right there! We were kids then and we managed to catch Keith!" Dran said getting himself all excited. "WOOOOOOOOOO! I'm ready!" Dran said getting pumped to solve this case!
Edited by Dran, Oct 9 2011, 11:35 PM.
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Luna Kage
Member Avatar
Luna glanced back at Dran. He had something in mind. Was it something that had to do with the fact she made him pay for lunch? She didn't know what to do about this. What was he planning? Luna managed to control herself and close her eyes. "Yes we are very good at this. No worries the person will be stopped before you know it! ANything else we need to know other than the person stealing it from this room?" The girl shook her head. "Than we will have no other futher questions. We'll need to have full sue of the room until the stricker comes this way." With a smile she let the girls leave and shut the door. And that's when the smile went away as she glanced at Dran. "Now...how do you expect to get the person?"
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Dran smiled at Luna and even laughed a bit as he was going to explain everyone. "Well Luna you both know we are accomplished hunters and hunting a thief who is only after one thing isn't that different! Know when hunting deer or moose what do we use that we know will lure them in! Food of course! In the harsh winter you need all the calories you can get to survive! Now just trade off the animal with a panty thief! What is he after! Panties of course! The only problem is I do not have any panties only boxers but thankfully we do have bait..." Dran said as he turned away from Luna laughing a bit. He couldn't wait to see Luna reaction! He was hoping that she would be shocked.

"Luna! We are going to use... your..."
Dran stop to giggle his face turning red trying not to burst out laughing in her face. "Panties... hopefully you have some bright red ones to make it easier to get his attention." Dran said bursting out laughing at the end of his sentence. Dran laughed a bit to hard as he began to cry a bit he thought it was so funny. The only problem was where would they start would it be left in the middle of the hall wall? Or would they get a room where they could stay and hide so the thief would break in when they least expected it. Though they had the right plan they didn't know apply it yet.
Edited by Dran, Oct 10 2011, 12:19 AM.
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Luna Kage
Member Avatar
Luna's face turned red as she was hearing this. He wanted her...she had to..."HOW COULD YOU EVEN ASK SOMETHING LIKE THAT?! quickly she turned her voice down and glanced to the side, brushing her bangs out of her face, "But thankfully I brought a second pair if you managed to come up with that crazy idea." Luna pulled out a pair of purple panties before putting it back into her pocket. Now as to what was going to happen there was only one thing. They had to go around the school and see how large it was.

"Alright so first off we need to go around and find the lay out of the place. So if we see where all the rooms are and the classrooms and everything we might beable to track down the girl, or the GUY who is managing to get in here. Are you up for the tour Dran?" Luna crossed her arms and waited for Dran to respond to that. Maybe it was going to be hard between the laughing and the giggling and the her having a second pair on her. But that was after years of living around Dran. She had to keep all er options open to this.
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Hoennese and proud!


This mission has been cancelled until at least one (1) of the characters within it is actually within a Guild as non-Guilded characters can only accompany a Guilded Mage if they are not in a Guild themselves.

You both have my apologies and you shall each receive 100,000 Jewels as a compensation for a fail-started mission and as a reward for what shall be counted as an ordinarily graded thread.

This thread shall now be closed.
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Fafnir Rakesh
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Let's do an arc he said, it'll be fun he said

This topic has been completed and graded by our staff, now been resolved, it is therefore closed and move to our library.

This is an automatic message.
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