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Grimoire Heart Vs. Raven Tail; Grimoire Heart Invasion
Topic Started: Oct 6 2011, 06:38 AM (7,941 Views)
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Hoennese and proud!

There have always been hostilities between Dark Mages, between the Guilds and the Dark Guilds in particular, and yet for a long time there has been no active confrontations between the various groups. For a long time the Guilds have been at an impasse, all afraid to move against another for fear of retaliation from a third, and yet it seems that with recent months more and more things are coming to a head. Guild Masters have been heard giving strident proclamations against the other Guilds openly in their Halls, S- and A-Class Mages have been taking missions in hostile cities, attacking civilians while there and then vanishing, blaming it on local criminals. Well, the other Guilds, all of the Dark Guilds, have been getting more and more tired of it and now, simultaneously, all three Guilds are attacking one of the others. Mages from each Guild have been seen moving to enemy cities, preparing to attack once and for all...
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Hoennese and proud!

Standing at the head of a small army of Mages, Eric Bashere smiled as he looked down at the city of Trillium below. This was a long time coming, this fight, Raven Tail had been mouthing off against Grimoire Heart for too long and it was time for them to pay. It was for this reason -among others too numerous to count and to mention- that Eric Bashere was here, with this entire group of Grimoire Heart mages, ready to reign hell fire on the city below. It was a glorious concept, destroying an enemy Guild to reduce the power of others. This actually took Eric back to not long ago, when he and Ryo had done some destroying of Raven Tail on their own, just the two of them. He kinda wished his old friend was here right now to enjoy this but he wasn't 100% sure where Ryo was right now. Ah well, this was a Guild matter and Ryo was not a part of his Guild any more. It had been a long time since Eric was a part of Tartaros, and it was almost enough to make him reminiscent...
Oh wait, what was he doing, there was an attack to begin.

"Everything is ready," he said to the A-Class Mage beside him, "They don't suspect a thing." A moment later he loped off, the mages with him heading into town on their own, heading to pre-appointed places they had chosen. It was an interesting strategy, not a mad rush but a slow infestation and sabotage before converging on the Guild. Eric's own location wasn't far from the Raven Tail Guild Hall actually, it was one of the closest to be fair and as he began to thread his way through the streets of this town he felt Jessica begin to wind around and around his arms, neck and shoulders in anticipation.
"Not yet Jess," he said as he took up a position in front of a building, preparing to begin, "Not yet. We'll begin as soon as the signal goes up."
"Are you ssssure about thissss dear one?" she asked for what Eric hoped would be the last time, "Thissss issss extremely dangerousss."
"That's the point," he said as his left arm caught on fire, the bright red aura flickering dangerously as he pointed his hand, palm first, at a building in front of him, "We're here to destroy them."

High overhead a green firework went off, the signal to begin.
With a loud laugh that made the people around him start in confusion and shock, Eric focused his magic, channeling the elemental power in his arm and unleashing it in a huge torrent, a nine-metre wide cylindrical beam that slammed into the house in front of him and burned straight through it, tearing through the one behind it and the one behind that in quick succession. The plan was to destroy things, everything, and with one beam Eric had levelled roughly half a block. Swinging his arm quickly as everyone around him screamed in panic he unleashed another beam in the block on the other side of the street, sending another torrent of flame through the house before drawing his sword and sprinting off into the crowd that was heading for the nearby Guild.

This was looking to be a devastatingly fun day.
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The sunglasses are to filter your bs, fam
Third time.

This was the third time that Larkin was being sent on a "special" task by the Fairy Tail Guild Master, Nathaniel Silver. The first time, Master Silver had sent him and Toshiro Togashi, a fellow guildmember, to capture Jonathan Parasuco and retrieve the documents he had stolen. The second time, he sent Larkin to work with Stella Fleuret, a mage from Quattro Cerberus, to investigate the remnants of the Ghoul Spirit dark guild and found what exactly they were doing. It was on that second task that Larkin met with Eric Bashere and his snake pet Jessica. This mage was very powerful and did not hesitate to kill, something he had yet to experience.

In any case, the third task seemed a little more like patrol. The Master explained that it was a way to be in the good graves of the Magic Council. Though he said that, the fact that other guild members were sent to Acacia and Coreopsis made Larkin think there was something more going on. However, he didn't question the motives and simply followed the orders given to him. Thus, he had packed some things and headed to Trillium. Rumor was it that the Raven Tail guil hideout/hall was here, so if anything, it might become an opportunity to defeat the members.

In any case, Larkin arrived at the designated town after a few hours of train ride. Though Lachry-Taxi would've been faster, the young man loved the peaceful rides of the train. It always made him go into these thinking moments, where he reflected on what he was achieving. That state of mentality was the one he possessed when he finally entered the town of Trillium. As he entered, he already this was not the kind of place that would attacked in anyway. After all, seeing all the windmills and feeling the wind slowing blowing on his face, this place seemed like the epitome of peace. How wrong he was.

A big green firework exploded in the air, and a few seconds after, chaos insued in town. People started to scream, running for their lives. The city of winds, which was known as a relaxation place, quickly turned into a place of chaos. Screams, gunshots, even blasts that leveled down several houses were being shot. This is an invasion! What is happening here? That's when he saw it... or him. Eric Bashere. He was running somewhere, his sword already unsheathed. I better prepare myself for the worse... The mage decided to first make sure people weren't dying and looked around to guide people to the exit of Trillium.
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Love Doctor ;)
Tension had been rising in Akira's guild for quite some time. Little scuffles here and there had been happening for a couple of weeks now. And while Akira really didn't care for the taking down another guild, he had admittedly been in a few of those fights. You see, Akira wasn't particularly a nice person. He was also especially hateful toward females. And when some evil bitches from around guild start to talk like they are big, bad, and protected, Akira felt the need to put them in their place. Was that a good idea? Akira didn't care. His scorn was one that would not be impeded by victory or defeat. However, enough was enough.

The guild was tired of all the nonsense and now it was time to strike. He would be one of the many dark mages that would come to take down Raven Tail. His guild had collected in Trillium to begin an assault on the city and the Raven Tail Guild hall itself. And so, with the initial speech done with, the dark mages were released into the city to do some major damage. Akira would stroll along as the others began to loot, vandalize, rape, and pillage all that they felt like. Akira was just going to cause a bit of destruction himself. All that extra stuff was something he didn't really care for.

Akira was part of the guild, but he wasn't a monster. So what was he to do? It was simple really; Akira was going to ruin some stores. Kicking in the door to some shitty clothing store, Akira walked through, taking a drag of his cigarette before smothering it into some of the clothes. All he needed was a little fire started to get shit rolling.
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Steel your mind. Run on instinct.
It just didn’t sit right with Stella, why had she and quite a few of her guild members been sent to Trillium to ‘watch over the place’? Why were they needed? But that wasn’t as confusing as the face that she had spotted several other guild tattoos on people that were walking the streets too, so far Fairy Tail mages and Quatro Cerberus mages were there and she had seen a few tattoos that she hadn’t recognised but why were so many mages gathered? There had to be something going on that the guild masters weren’t telling them about but what could it possibly have been? Was there going to be some kind of protest or maybe a scuffle between some criminal gangs? But weren’t knights the ones that dealt with that stuff anyway….Well no matter what it was Stella took her role seriously, if she had been chosen by her guild master along with several others of her guild for this job then she would do her very best to fulfil it.

Stella’s amethyst eyes scanned around the streets vigilantly as she walked along at a casual pace but it seemed that her added vigilance wasn’t yielding any extra results, she hadn’t spotted anything that she considered to be suspicious or anything criminal so unfortunately as she rounded the corner into yet another street the ex-quip mage still had no clues to go on. Although the day itself was a nice one as the sun shone high in the sky and gentle breezes wafted by at regular intervals the Quatro Cerberus mage couldn’t shake the feeling that it would be tainted by something. Maybe it was thinking negatively or maybe it was her intuition telling her something but Stella had a mind full of ideas and none of them were even close to being good in any way.

As she walked past a stall that had set itself up on the sidewalk the blonde mage found herself being drawn towards it subconsciously, the smell of the freshly squeezed juice was mouth watering and the closer she got to it the more she knew that she simply had to have a glass. “Hi, what can I get for you?”, the friendly female voice snapped Stella from her dazed stare at the fruit and as she looked to the woman’s face she found herself stunned. When had she gotten so close to the stall and when had she gotten her wallet out? “Oh, Hi. Could I have a glass of the Tropicana please?, wait when had she even read the menu to know that they had a Tropicana drink anyway? Stumbling her way through the whole process Stella must have seemed like a dazed rabbit caught in headlights to the poor worker behind the stall but it was too late to do anything about that now wasn’t it.

Walking away from the stall and turning to head through the busy shopping district Stella was just about to take a sip of the drink in her grasp, it looked soooooo good and it smelt even better. She would enjoy thi~ Frozen the ex-quip mage looked down to the ground below where her drink was now spilt, screams erupted and people were running everywhere including into her. What the hell was going on?! The sounds of explosions ripping through the city took over and it became apparent why she and her fellow light mages were in the city, a little warning from her guild master would have been nice! It was utter chaos as people ran everywhere and debris filled the air, what was she supposed to do first? Try to get the people to safety? Where was safety? Who was attacking the city? Who was she supposed to be protecting them from? ….How had the day gone from getting a tropical drink to a fight for survival in a city under attack? All valid questions but none had answers, instinctively summoning her armour of Nirvana to her body and it’s matching blade to her grasp the mage looked around for some sign as to what she was supposed to do.

There it was, through the crowd of people running past her Stella spotted a man breaking into a store. So he thought he could just take advantage of the chaos to break into stores and pillage now did he? Not while she was around! Stella pushed her way through the civilians who were running for their lives in fear until she made it to the now door-less entry of the store where she stood with her hand on the hilt of her blade as she spoke. “HEY! What the hell do you think you are doing?!”, her eyes were narrowed as she glared daggers into the man’s back as she waited for him to turn around and face her. Little did she know that this particular man was one she would recognise, not that it was at all a meeting she was glad to have had.
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The way of the sword is long and difficult ... and littered with sharp, pointy things.
Cyrus wondered exactly what he was doing here in Trillium. The place was a retirement village! More importantly, he wondered what half of Fairy Tail was doing here. Earlier today he'd been wandering the streets of Magnolia, taking in the sights and enjoying the sunshine. He'd had no particular plans for the day, but was considering visiting the Fairy Tail guildhall because it was the famous guild he'd been hoping to join. As he'd turned a corner and looked down the wide boulevard towards the impressive guildhall, the big warrior had been forced to step back as a large group of Fairy Tail mages hurried past. They all had bewildered but determined looks on their faces, as if they had no idea what they were being sent to do, but would carry out their duty nonetheless.

Cyrus was intrigued and decided to follow them. After a short walk they ended up at the train station where the group split into three and boarded different trains. Cyrus decided to buy a ticket and board the nearest one as well. Apparently something serious was going to happen with so many mages headed out at the same time. This would be his opportunity to watch some professional mages at work and maybe even help out a little. His magic still wasn't very powerful, but hopefully combined with his warrior skills he'd be able to do some good.

As it turned out, the train he was on ended up in Trillium, the windmill city on the plains. All the mages got off and moved hesitantly out of the station, as if not sure exactly what they were supposed to be doing, just that it would happen somewhere here. Cyrus had followed them again and now here he stood, at a similar loss. Deciding to explore a little and maybe find out what the need for so many mages was, Cyrus took the first side street he came to and wandered into the town.

He hadn't gone very far when a sparkling green light from above startled him. Glancing upwards he saw a firework burst in the air, emerald flecks exploding in all directions. He was just thinking how pretty it was and how strange to be setting off fireworks during the day....when all hell broke loose. There was a huge roar and the sound of shrieking metal, breaking glass and crumbling masonry rent the air. It was as if someone had just destroyed a house. "No, more like half a street!" Cyrus muttered to himself. With barely enough time to finish the thought there was another roar and more sounds of destruction. A wave of heat rushed over Cyrus' skin and a flare of red appeared over the roofs of the houses to his right. Two thick pillars of black smoke rose into the air, marking the site of the chaos.

Not sure he could handle something or someone capable of such carnage, Cyrus hesitated. Then he shook himself, angry at his momentary lapse. Whether something was possible or not wasn't known until it was attempted. The best he could do was give it his all and hope for a good outcome, knowing that if he failed, at least it wasn't from lack of trying. Squaring his shoulders and checking his sword, the blue-haired man strode down the nearest alley and went to see what he could do to help.
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The Librarian was sleeping in his apartment when he was woken up to a rather annoyingly large bang and a caucophony of screams could be heard. The first thoughts that crossed his mind was;

“Today was supposed to be my day off…”

The Librarian would look bleary eyed out of the window and notice that a fair chunk was taken out of the city. With a sigh he would start incantating but yawn in the middle of it screwing it up, he would take a breath before starting again.

“Elkar, through the chains that bind you I bring you forth, bind and suffocate those that would harm me!”

As he finished Elkar appeared and gave a curt little bow as assign of respect.

“Sounds like there is something going on outside, see what you can do to help my side if there is any and also stop people looting the house if that is going to happen.” The Librarian said before getting a pair of ear buds and rolling over back to sleep.
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Assassination Extraordinaire

Trillium. The city of wind, one of the few places Gale had desperately wanted to visit. And now that he was here, he didn't feel the feeling of joy he should have felt. He hadn't come to this city under relaxed and casual circumstances, but rather was ordered by the guild master of Quatro Cerberus, along with quite a big number of his fellow guild members, to come to this city and patrol it. Patrol for what reason Gale didn't know for sure, but then there were rumors flying everywhere. Rumors that the three major dark mage guilds had finally planned to start an all out war. But then rumors were just rumors, and rumors weren't always reliable. But then one of his contacts had said that a lot of dark mages had been seen on the move to various places in Fiore. Of course it could just be a big gathering of dark mages to plot their evil deeds. And so once he stepped of the train that brought him to Trillium, he immediately went around the main streets of the city a few times, scanning for trouble. But there was nothing to see but the impressive gathering of mages in the city. He saw numerous other Quatro Cerberus tattoos, along with a big number of Fairy Tail mages. Obviously the guild masters were pretty serious about this rumored war.

Sitting on the chair outside of a bench and sipping his soda, Gale scanned the streets. Everything just seemed so peaceful, so normal. Albeit with the large gathering of mages in the city. You couldn't go 3 blocks without bumping into a tattooed mage from a well known guild, and there seemed to be some random mages that were not in a guild yet too. Looking up at the windmills the city of winds was so renowned for, he had just started enjoying the place when he spotted someone that looked familiar to Gale. There was a blond haired teenage girl, armed and with amethyst-colored eyes. Sitting up suddenly and looking back at the girl, Gale knew that he recognized her. Oh look, it's Stella. What is she doing here? She did mention something about wanting to join Quatro Cerberus the first time I met her. Maybe I just missed her since I joined the guild? Ahh well, might as well go and say hello to h-in the sky above him, a large, flashy emerald-colored fireword flared into existence, and subsequently all hell broke loose.

Masonry crumbled, fires got set alight, the screaming and crying of the fleeing population of Trillium was everywhere. A large magical blast had just leveled around half a block in one go, narrowly missing Gale. In fact, it was so close that he got pushed to the ground by the sheer force of the attack. Shit! The dark mages are really planning on starting a war! Motherfuckers! Pushing himself up from the ground, he heard another loud blast as another attack was launched against the city, and as he looked around, he spotted a girl running into a nearby clothing shop, kicking in the door and striding into the shop. Running into the shop to confront the bastard looter, he came face-to-face with what was not a girl, but seemingly a teenage male. And he was surprised to see that Stella had also come into the shop to confront the man, entering the shop from the other side so that she couldn't see the man's face at first glance.

"... Stella? It's Stella isn't it? I'd love to say hello and all, but that would have to wait." And with that Gale placed his hand on the hilt of Zan'ei, preparing to from an attack similar to an Iaido technique in case the m"an was proved to be hostile. Luckily for him, the man was just in the reach of his blade. "Hey you, girly-boy. What do you think you're doing here? Gale said, his red and black colored eyes glaring at the man.
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Ericka, a brand new Lamia Scale mage was already entrusted with what seemed to be an important duty. Something was going down. Ericka didn't really know what, but it was something. This something needed the help of the four light guilds and was an appointed task by the magic council. Now, this was a bit troublesome considering. Ericka didn't know Trillium very well, but she did know she was here to help people. She was here to keep the piece and protect citizens. So what was she protecting them from? Whatever it was, it was something that needed everyone’s help and that was trouble.

Luckily, Ericka did not come to Trillium all on her own. Her partner, Nadia, was with her as well. They would be working together in an effort to keep the peace. Hopefully this was only a false alarm and there would not be too much trouble. That was until there was a line of large explosions in the distance. What the hell just happened? Looking to her partner, who would no doubt see the explosions as well, Ericka gasped. "Nadia, looks like something's going down after all!"
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Nadia's first real bit of hard work would soon come as she was tasked with a very special task. The Magic Council had come to the light guilds to ask for their help in the protection of some citizens in various cities. The guildmasters in each guild chose a select few to help them and do the job. And to Nadia's surprise, she was one of those select mages asked to help out on the mission. She felt both honored and worried. Even though she was a new member in Lamia Scale, she was chosen.

It made Nadia feel as though she was highly skilled compared to other new members. But she was also worried about bringing down the Lamia Scale name. Nadia knew she had to keep her game up if she wanted to get things done and keep people safe. So here she was in Trillium with the girl and friend she joined Lamia Scale with, Ericka.

The girl was as energetic and happy as usual, even with this strange task. Nadia hoped that things would go smoothly as they walked the streets of the city, but she figured that would be too good to be true. Confirmation of this occurred with a series of explosions sent off. It was pretty far off from the two, but a task she needed to handle. Looking to Ericka, Nadia gave the girl a nod. "Let's check it out!" Nadia said, running off in its direction.
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