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FTG: Now Hiring Staff!; [Open as of 6/29/17]
Topic Started: Oct 3 2011, 12:58 AM (18,820 Views)
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Hoennese and proud!

Well, if you want to come and help out our fabulous family here at FTG, this is the thread that you post in to fill out your applications. The only open positions at the moment are Librarian (x2) and Mission Moderator (x2) and it doesn't matter if you were staff before, you start from the bottom like everyone else. Basically, fill in the following in a post in this thread:

Account Name: What's your account name?
Position Desired?: What position are you after?
Previous Experience?: Do you have any moderator experience on any other RP sites (or even here)?
Example: An example of a character critique (if after a Librarian position) or an example of a mission NPC post (if after a Mission moderator position).

[b]Account Name:[/b]
[b]Position Desired?:[/b]
[b]Previous Experience?:[/b]

So, have at them!

03/10/2011 - Open
10/10/2011 - Closed.

07/05/2012 - Open
14/05/2012 - Closed

19/06/2013 - Open

In order for you to be accepted as a staff you must complete our evaluation. This consists of the following: a gauntlet duel on duelingnetwork.com in which you defeat Tenken and Mazohyst through 10 duels in a row (each). Failure deems you automatically unworthy and we also take an organ of our choice that you normally have multiples of.

Further you also must submit a workable version of God Slayer magic to the board that will stand up to scrutiny under a thorough examination from Cloud, Tenken and Vilis. Such a magic is normally instantly denied.

Also, you must defeat EcclairFarron, Tenken, and Mazohyst on a 3v1 LoL game using only Warwick.
Also something involving fire that we haven't thought of yet.
Edited by Marcat, May 15 2015, 03:01 AM.
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Pretty Un-Grump
]Account Name: Marceline
Position Desired?: Mission Moderator
Previous Experience?: I have three years of moderation/administration experience on several sites, most currently Bleach, Destiny's Door.
For Mission Moderator
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I'd like to try an official position, albeit new if you'll allow it.

Account Name: ScarletFairy
Position Desired?: Event Coordinator
Previous Experience?: Two years with the board and helped most of that time as a normal and elder member.

Oct Event - Halloween 2010
Nov Event 2010, FTG's Birthday
Suggested Redoing event for Jan 2011
Current Event suggest for Halloween 2011
Along with various suggests and advice for other parts of the board's events.
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I love bad b*tches thats my f*ckin problem. Yea i like to f*ck I got a f*ckin problem
Account Name: Renji
Position Desired?: Mission Mod
Previous Experience?: I have had at least 6 years of experience rping maybe longer then that since I got started in the late 90's early 00's I have been admin on some sites I created, and helping my friends with some. Have been apart of FTG for over a year now, and have maintained a good level of activity, and skill.

Edited by Renji, Dec 25 2011, 12:43 PM.
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Logan Paul Dragon Slayer

i know i'm relatively new a bit but i decided why the hell not? At least i'll do better then Hyphen and i'll learn from the Vet's and older members? So here i go:

Account Name: The Sunset (also known as Ravendark formally)
Position Desired?:Mod in training (Mission Moderator preferred, or Librarian)
Previous Experience?: Archivist on Kingdom Hearts Forsaken, FTG member for about five/four/six months now with a rather good look at the ropes, (KHF Archivist for about two months now, its their version of a Librarian)
- i'm on a hell of a lot, and look at the rules
- i like this board a lot and wanted to help it


As i have no real examples i'll just be doing NPC posts, if i had a situation i would be better
NPC example (mission Failure)

NPC (Combat)

NPC (Etc.)

[[I am also NPC/modding Bal's mission here, so i'll be pulling out the stops on that too]]

Legit Critique (link above spoiler)

Francis Hame (example)

Francis Ham

~Thank you for your time
Edited by Ravendark, Oct 5 2011, 02:16 AM.
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Dark Lorde of the Sith

Account Name: Snow
Position Desired?: Librarian
Previous Experience?: Character Moderator on SEAc (Soul Eater Academy). Root Admin on KHF (Kingdom Hearts Forsaken). Admin on a WIP FMA Rp as well as Root Admin on a super schecret projecht.

FTG Member for roughly 8 months, good grasp of the rules and managed to help out some new people with magic and profiles by providing suggestions and tips.

Suggested a guide for Magic Creation, sent to Ten and Ryo in PM. I still have the original.

Well, best to use a character still in creation :P, which can be found here, Flik, as my example.

Critique of Character

And why not another one eh? Deneb Algiedi

Critique of Character
Edited by Snow, Oct 3 2011, 04:45 AM.
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Swordsman & Swordsmith as One!

Account Name: Jossle
Position Desired?: Global Mod or Archivist [In charge of the creation and maintenance of the codex, yes i am going for a different staff position if it is allowed to scarlet]

Previous Experience?:i been on the rp scene since the 2001, that makes a solid decade of rping expirience with 3 years serving as staff in various board, i also happen to be considerably skilled and methodic with my work; if efficiency is what you want, then i am your man. I am going to list here some highlights i can recall along with personal achievments.

History of service:
-I serve roughly 8 to 7 months as staff, most of them as head administrator on FTG when God A.K.A Igneel left the board and Tennkenn was more focused on running our sister board, Opex. I have intimate knowledge of system mechanic

-I also ran one of the most prominent bleach sites in the late 07" -Soul Society The Dominion- For a solid year before the site was victim of sabotage by a staffer and had to be rebuild as Bleach Zero which i ran for 4 to 3 months before giving the project to one of my apprentices, Lezard.

-Afterwards, i created Grand Line the Dominion with very minimun success as at the time i wasn't as motivate toward my rping due to medical reasons

-Developer of the Hybrid 'Realix System' for Roleplaying Boards [Never actually used on FTG, though]

-I established FTG STaff Source Book during my tenure as head and also set down the board's Terms of Services which can be found in general rules, both have been maintain and upheld.

-Mostly responsible for streamlining and creating modular profiling style of character creation

-Current projects involves the creation of codex of in-topic materials related to FTG with the final goal of creating a FTG Fannon Wikipedia and in-site jukebox personally uploaded and integrated into FTG as an optional service for those who like to enjoy the FT OST's while reading post



Beneficial updates to FTG
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yes helo it is i hifen
Just a Suggestion:

IMO, I think it would be cool to have a voting thing. Y'know, Staff chooses a few candidates and then, the playerbase votes for who they think should be the new staff member. Votes would be anonymous, of course. I believe that it would have'm feel more "involved" with the important desicions of the forum, as its the players who are ultimately affected by this, and perhaps know the candidates a bit better, which could be useful. I dunno *shrugs*

Anyhoo, here goes my curriculum, yo...

Account Name: Hyphen
Position Desired: Librarian
Previous Experience:

RP'ing since 2001, however, in spanish. Then rp'd in english since 2007.
I know the rules of FTG by heart, and I've helped several over the Cbox.

Co-Admin. Character apps, techniques and rules.

Lead Admin. Character apps, techniques and rules

First ruined thier battle system with C++ and calcuations and became OP, then Battle system developer and Event-maker guy.

Developed a consistant Metagame, and figured out the probability of winning given any characters in a duel, due to studying well the rules.

Don't worry, I'm not evil or anything anymore.
Basically, I consider myself very capable of knowning what is volatile to become potencially OP, and what would not be, given a ruleset. So I'd know how to spot a balanced character or how to balance one very well. I've been also accepting and revising apps/modifications as well, as my days as an Admin, and I've been a player myself for a long time, so I know what a complete character application needs to be functional and just, generally useful; and what a modification needs to be fair.

Spoiler: click to toggle
Edited by Hyphen, Oct 3 2011, 12:07 PM.
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@ Hyphen

no no no no no!! O_O Never ever let it become even a slight close to a miligram of a trilithingymajingy to anything close to becomming a popularity contest
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Not in a million years, Hyphen. We, as staff, have to be objective, but the members not. We need a good moderator team, thus the admins (and to a small degree, the other moderators) will decide who does and who doesn't become a moderator. We don't want popularity contests.
Edited by Zen, Oct 3 2011, 03:26 PM.
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