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[Harvested]Oberon.L.Zepplin; [Harvested]
Topic Started: Sep 20 2011, 01:08 AM (3,767 Views)
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Secret Guild Master of Raven Tail since 2011

Account Name: Ravendark

"This is the part where you run away..."
Oberon Led Zepplin
Posted Image

General Info
Name: Oberon.L.Zepplin
Nickname: Oby, Obermoron
Age: 18
Birthday April/19
Blood Type: O
Martial Status: Single
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1" ft.
Weight: 195 lbs.
Guild: Tartaros (Tattoo Over Left Pectoral)
Class: B
Affiliation: Neutral Evil


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Physical Description
Posted ImageOberon is an athletic young adult, probably more athletic and enduring than most people his age! He is a deviant warrior sure, but being that and an Ex-Equip requires that you be in shape no? If not, too damn bad as that is exactly the philosophy that Oberon has taken into mind when working out or free climbing along the rooftops of Coreopsis, or any other city for that matter. Oberon's face is slightly higher than an average person, thanks to his slightly long neck which he usually keeps under wraps by using his armor to cover it. His eyes are a bright red, like melted salsa on a strawberry. His eyes however lose their pigmentation whenever he uses his magic, however this is only temporary and his eyes revert to their red shape a few seconds after a technique ends. Oberon's hair is black, long and jutting out behind him. He likes his hair long, says it makes him more authentic- he keeps it held up with great amount of hair gel and copious brushing which holds it up slightly behind him while his hair parts in the middle in front of his face. His eyebrows are also black and veer off at the ends while they're slightly more noticeable near the center of his face. Oberon has his ears pierced, although he is not much of a fan of wearing jewelry, he thinks its too shiny and looks stupid.

Oberon's body is especially athletic after long days of climbing up the sides of buildings in his free time. As a result of his self-training to become a warrior, his arms have grown stronger and more muscular to the point where they look like someone who is greatly stronger than a normal human. His shoulders are rather broad, a few scars on them here and there but still nothing quite noticable. Going down, his chest is quite in shape as well- tan, and in shape. His stomach sports a solid and well earned six pack, although Oberon would never brag about it unless it was part of some sort of missions here he had to seduce his target before kiling her violently during their- well, you get the idea. His arms are also quite built, slightly long with a few scars here and there, but still quite built thanks to the training he has been experiencing for the past few months. Oberon's elbows are normal, nothing special about them really. His hands are usually covered by his white wraps, but when he is not wearing them- one may see large and grown hands which are especially nice when grabbing a hard to reach handhold when scaling a castle wall. Oberon's back has a well defined V to it, there are a few scars- but nothing worth noting thanks to his healing ability.

Oberon's lower back is possibly more defined than his chest or upper body. Relying on his legs and their speed is a crucial part of being an warrior, at least for Oberon it is. Oberon's hips- well what can you really say about a person hips? They're fit and athletic, whatever. His legs are long and strong, building up a majority of his height, not to mention that they're nice for kicking someone to keep them well away from Oberon! Oberon's knees are actually slightly bulky, partially from the swelling from having to use them constantly in various ways- but also because they are one of the parts of Oberon's body which is still growing a bit. His shin's are healthy and tough, not much else about them really. Oberon's feet are large, twelve inches is his foot length and show size, although he doesn't wear many shoes besides his wooden sandals or his greaves. One thing which is constantly annoying for Oberon though is his big toe on his right foot, it seems almost that whenever he bumps it in some awkward way that it aches like hell and usually results in him having to rest and take a break- something he scorns greatly. Oberon's heels are also rather sensitive, he always seems to get aches in them for some reason, despite the feeling only being temporary thanks to his healing ability.

Posted ImageMission Gear: A red set of black clothing with yellow trimmings on the edges and buttons. This jacket goes down to his mid leg similar to a short trenchcoat. On hi slegs, Oberon will wear black pants with a black belt, held together by a gold bucklet covered by his black vest and jacket. Under his upper layer of clothing, Oberon wears a white button up shirt, spotted at the top ruffling near the collar. The jacket has flaps which can connect to tie it together and keep the user warm in cold conditions or cities- just like any other sort of clothing. On his feet the mage wears black shoes with rubber soles.
Posted ImageTraditional/Alternate Mission Clothes: A traditional japanese outfit, the color is black and stretches down to his waist, tied close to his body by and bronze colored sash around his waist to keep his clothes close in heated combat. Accompanied by pants, the clothes go down to his feet where he wears wooden sandals- worn down to prevent even the slightest chance of splinters. Oberon doesn't wear anything on his upper body under his outfit and will only wear undergarments as well as a shirt occasionally if it is cold.
Posted ImageNormal Clothes: The trademark suave outfit of Oberon Led Zeppin: a black jacket with his white button up shirt and tie, combine this with his almost always worn black pants and you have a dark mage who dresses for sucess- and considering the crazy stuff that people tend to wear these days on missions, Oberon feels quite sane and justified for his simple yet refined and suave tastes. The blood mage's suit is usually loose and not that tight on him unlike most clothing, his tie being the loosest of all. On his shoes, Obeorn wears black shoes with rubber soles- just like his normal mission clothes.

Personality and History
Cut-throat Rock and Roll Dark Mage From HellOberon's personality can be very hard to pin down, especially now since he has been exorcised of any and all spirits living in his body. One may call him a man of words, both few and many. For you see, Oberon is known to be someone of a magic eight ball- you don't know what you're answer will be, but it's usually unexpected yet hilarious the way its said. On his missions and whatnot Oberon takes on a very serious and official manner, seeing nothing else but his goal or target. He refuses to waver from what he is assigned, even if it means getting random bystanders in the way of things. He is quite notorious for even using his mission partners as human meat shields while he picks them up to move closer to his attacker without being seriously hurt. He is like a bloodhound, determined to accomplish his task no matter how big or how small it is. For example: one day Oberon was told to take out an expedition that was invading some nomad tribe's holy temple. The bonus reward was to make sure there were no survivors; so Oberon scuffled with his partner Ryo resulting in the entire glacier that the temple was secured into collapse and kill everyone inside, excluding one dark mage by the name of Oberon Led Zepplin. He feels no remorse about killing someone, if something gets in his way even the slightest, he eliminates it to achieve his goal no matter what the cost.
While he is usually quite grim and mysterious on missions, this carries somewhat into regular life living in Coreopsis. He needs to have something to do or he'll get bored as heck, even if it's just running down to the supermarket and buying eggs- he always seems to need some kind of purpose or task instead of relaxing and hanging out around the bar; something which is drastically different than before the exorcism. Oberon is certainly active, stealthy, yet active. His usual mannerisms are often not just constantly doing something, but also doing some smaller more non-productive assignment such as playing guitar in his guild up in the rafters after climbing through the air vents to the guild roof and playing guitar there... Until Tomoru kicks him off that is. After his hard work, Oberon has earned the respect of his guildmates and has become much more of 'nakama' than a common D-rank mage, he has become a major part of the guild even though he is somewhat aloof and alone. Oberon sees no point in picking on new mages, contrary to his solemn attitude, he believes in people getting first and second chances to prove themselves. Thus he might peep up a word or two when a guild mate is giving a new member a hard time- if it benefits him in some way that is. He is notoriously unwilling to comply with his guild mate's wishes, and instead keeps his hard and resolved face on when being asked a question.
Marbles? No i didn't lose any Marbles! One thing that many will say about Oberon Led Zepplin though is that he is possibly one of the most naive and insane people you may meet. That is not to say that Obeorn is officially insane, well yet at least, but more that he seems to makes jokes and smart ass comments at the worst of times. For example, he threw out multiple wise cracks while he was fighting a giant stone golem with his friends. No matter how grin the situation, one can always feel faith in knowing that Oberon never falters- even if his jokes are more insulting than others. His high moral though is prone to cause him some awfully sticky situations such as getting in trouble with other guild members as usually or picking on new members who were still earning their respect in the eyes of Oberon. What can be asserted though is that when Oberon talks during a fight, its usually to say that he's winning or he's making some kind of comment instead of admitting he is getting his ass handed to him by his opponent. Oberon's logic is also clouded somewhat, he may charge off headfirst into battle against innumerable odds with the witty sneer of an overconfident warrior yet manage to toss in a few puns in-between punches to his face. To put it quite frankly, Oberon Led Zepplin can be associated with deadpool.
Quirkity Quirkity Quirkity QuirkOberon has his moments! He absolutely loves playing the acoustic guitar and singing at the park, music makes him feel happy inside- it makes him feel even better when the people he plays to like it and sing along to whatever song he might be playing. He is also quite immature at times when he is bored or has no primary objective he is focused on, often resorting to pranking his fellow guildamtes or random people in multiple and embarrassing ways, putting the recordings up on FioreTube. His favorite color is red, strangely though it has nothing to do with the fact he is a blood mage, he looked the color red long before he was exorcised and came to love the color by eating a cereal from a red box. Oberon has talent to become a musical star sure, but he refuses and rejects any offer made to him by a talent agent. He has seen how corrupt the music industry is and plans to take no part of it, which is strange since he would have everything to gain by becoming a musical star. Even though he can now swim, Oberon freaks out around water and acts extremely goofy and out of character when surrounded by a body of water- like an island per say. He speaks in rushed speech and become a paranoid man who is prone to make conspiracy theories about aliens abducting his chicken strips. Also, he is an avid fan of soap operas....
Wild Thing, You make my Heart SingOkay... Well... Let's just be blunt here- Oberon enjoy's the company of females... a lot... He'll constantly hit on the female mage's of the guild- usually getting his face smashed in before healing it off and flirting again, or having their boyfriends smash his face in so that he could heal it off again. In short, Oberon is a ladies man- if he so choses to be that is. In a sense he is almost bipolar, either he is a suave and charming bachelor looking to get lucky- or he's a pervert dark mage looking to get lucky in a much more direct way. While it is true that Oberon has courted many a female in Coreposis and during his travel's, he considers them simply one night stands and just having some fun. Becuase when it gets down to it, Oberon has serious commitment issues, even being on a team has been a struggle for him! Still in short, Oberon is perverted ladies man who is always looking for some flirting and fun. Due to the nature of being a wanted criminal and B-Class dark mage, Oberon has created the alternate ego of a rockstar that has surprisingly become famous throughout Fiore, Oberon uses this as a cover and presents himself differnently to avoid attention... yet still manages to seduce many a fair maiden without care or limitation.


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Secret Guild Master of Raven Tail since 2011

Weaponry and Stats

Stats - 338
Speed: 40
Magic: 90 (180)

Stat Points Earned: 0/293
Arc Points Earned: 0/6
Jewels Earned: 56,409,500/76,526,500 (64,275,000)



Skills & Disciplines:

Expert ClimberOberon is by trade and experience a natural born climber. If his life depended on it he could climb up a boulder to safety in a few seconds. He gained this trait while he was young, ruuning from bullies before the seal and hiding in the branches until they went away. He is often seen in his spare time climbing up objects for fun and amusenent if he is bored or needs to think. Oberon has grown more adept at climbing now that he has lost his wings, he often spends time climbing up buildings or other man made structures to help him with his assassinations as well as his missions. While he is still no master at climbing up objects he is still quite skilled at getting at hard to reach places such as balconies to palaces to kill people of notable power and foreign dignitaries- you know, that kind of thing. At this point in his career as a hired assassin, Oberon can climb up buildings of basic design such as the normal apartment buildings in Coreopsis. Whenever he tries to climb a more complex building such as a palace it causes him some difficulty, he cannot climb old buildings or buildings that look similar to chapels, the kind of buildings that look like their full of culture and are overlycomplex. Still the dark mage can climb adeptly with deft skill, he keeps practicing often and improves constantly the more he climbs.
VirtuosoOberon is a natural born musician. He can simply pick up an insturment and start playing killer songs on it to make most other musucians cringe in awe and shame. It is said that if he were not dark he could be a rock star, not that he already is. He aqquired this takent as a child often playing musuc and listening to his favorite bands teaching himself to play and eventually becoming totally bitchin at it. At this point Oberon has become near professional level skill by singing to himself when he gets bored or hear a nice song on the music lacrimal. While he could become famous if he truly wanted too, he finds no joy in what he calls 'being a prostitute to the music industry', he finds himself disillusioned with the industry behind making music and henceforth vows to never join a famous band but instead go from town to town playing his acoustic guitar and singing songs without having to worry about some kind of businessman following him around. More on the subject however, he can sing most songs simply by listening to them a while or just fiddling around on the guitar. He will put to shame any average- or heck even an above average guitarist/singer! Oberon keeps playing his music and keeps getting better and better at his music despite turning down contracts from music companies.
Adept AssasinOberon, after daily training, has become proficient in the art of deception and stealth. Able to conceal his voice quite well and quiet his breathing to reduce the chances of being detected. He also is knowledgeable in various fighting styles, although he prefers fighting as he goes along and harassing from impossible to reach places before going in for the kill. His knowledge as an assassin has led him to become framiliar to various poisons and other drugs which he frequently must use to make a days end, although he employs no maladies himself nor posseses the means to make them. Instead he resorts to his magic to stealthily take out or hinder his target. Running away from the authorities has made him quite agile and hard to catch, able to climb extremely well, and not to mention being resourceful when the situation demands for it. If you’re forced into a church, wear a monk abbot to disguise yourself instead of fleeing on the rooftops! His knowledge of killing only seems to be growing more and more due to his daily training.

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Posted Image

Magic Name: King of Blood
Magic Type: Advanced Blood Magic
Tier of Magic: 1
Rank: 10
Magic Description:
While normal blood mages seek to create weapons out of blood or manipulate it to their will and whim, Oberon has done something different with his new form of blood magic.King of Blood revolves around the absorption, manipulation, and destruction of blood: both human and non-human. While the basics were implanted in his head he has grown much stronger and proficient with it, to the point where he can now successfully deal devastating damage using his own blood and becoming one with his element. One of the most basic abilities upon becoming a blood mage of this kind is the ability to regenerate by controlling and speeding up ones own blood or manipulating it to regrow his body faster. Combined with his other damaging techniques on top of his regeneration abilities makes this type of blood mage very hard to kill. However this power is not without a cost, upon becoming a mage of this type one must feed the blood which they shed for power by killing and eventually drinking fresh blood of another human being at the end of every month- often making these mages look like murderers thus most are considered dark. While these mages may not always fight creatures with blood (say like fighting some giant freakin robots) they still have techniques to utilize their own in a very productive manner when it comes to fighting. Examples of techniques of this magic would be absorbing blood from a target to heal him or herself, spraying arcs of blood at his/her targets before crushing whatever the blood is on, or perhaps even manipulating blood their own blood to move and defend them (like gara and his freakin sand magic). When Oberon uses his magic his eyes turn completely blood red, although tho is purely for aesthetic purposes. There are some techniques which require Oberon to use his own blood as a weapon, Oberon can at will force the blood through his skin or openings and manipulate it without feeling pain or exhaustion from manipulating his own blood, its freakin magic right?
Techniques: 50/53 (30/31 earned + 20/22 bought)

Posted ImageCrimson Pact - 10
Type: Supportive/Defensive
Range: Self
Effect: This is the most fundamental yet important ability of a mage of this type. By manipulating his own blood, Oberon can effectively heal from lesser injuries without concentrating. There is no special light show or anything when Oberon uses his regeneration abilities, his wounds simply heal themselves like they normally would- except at almost instant speeds when the technique is active. Note that this is only for physical injuries, if Oberon is poisoned or attacked mentally then he cannot heal himself and would instead need some kind of antidote like a normal person. While he is able to regenerate he cannot passively heal large wounds at low ranks, and can barely heal normal sized ones at the highest! His injuries are treated as separate also, meaning that if he was shot and broke a bone as a result, he would have to heal the wound, reproduce the blood, and also reject the bullet from his body. Healing actively however can drain his magic power rapidly, especially if he tries healing too much- as such he can only heal up to a certain amount- a limit if you will before his magic is near completely wasted. As Oberon has grown in strength and power though, this ability has mutated somewhat- allowing Oberon to sense a target's blood, giving him varying certainty on their location and physical condition depending on how close they are to him. cloud - base off of healing tech.
Current Statistics

Posted ImageBlood Reign - 10
Type: Defensive/Utility
Range: Self
Effect: After harnessing the power of blood for so long and using it to bend to his commands, Oberon has finally become able to become one with blood itself and transform into an Entity of Blood. The transformation is instantanious and Oberon quickly loses himself in his own blood. While in this form, Oberon can annul magical damage up to a certian limit- at which point the spell automatically ends and Oberon becomes tangible and human once more. The amount that Oberon can annul is dependant on this tech's rank as well as Oberon's stamina. Other techniques are able to be cast in this time, however there are certain tech's which can only be used in this form. Additionally, Oberon can either choose to appear human while this is active or reveal himself to be the King of Blood he is becoming. Essentially this is a Blood form of Juvia's water body. In terms of nullifying physical damage, only certain quality of weapons can hit Oberon while he is like this.

Blood Body Limits

Posted ImageTides of Blood - 10
Type: Offense
Range: 70 meters
Effect: After killing a mercenary by accident with his own blood, Oberon has learned how to weaponize his blood into a destructive force. The technique starts either by spraying his own blood on his opponent (the cuts can open and close anywhere on his body by will), his enemy accidentally getting blood on him in an attack- or any other way that someone might get Oberon's blood on him/herself. Once his blood is on a target(s) within seventy meters of him, he uses one hand to manipulate the blood and crush it as well as the pieces of body, flesh, or any other material that it might have gotten on- all at once! At higher ranks, the crushing can go entirely through a person; killing them instantly. There are restrictions though: if someone manages to get their blood stained clothes off- then only the clothes would be crushed, if the blood is somehow washed off- then it has no effect. Importantly though, if Oberon gets any blood on himself then that blood is not crushed- instead it only hurts the enemy who was foolish enough to come close enough for Oberon to spray blood on them with, or just get his blood on them overall. There is a limit to the number of people that can be affected by this spell, even if they are all within the 60 meter area of effect zone. This can be a continuous attack as well though, launching arc after arc of blood at an opponent to effectively kill them, he has to be proficient in this after all- its his most offensive ability so far! However, if Oberon hits less than 3 intended targets over a 2 post period, than his cool down may be reduced by one post.
Technique in action (elfish man uses it)

Posted ImageBlood Bonds - 10
Type: Support/Offense
Range: Self (Tendrils extend up to 70 meters)
Effect: Sometimes its not enough to slit your hands like an emo ninja, you need a little extra 'umph' in your attacks to get the job done. In fact, there is an old saying "many hands make a minimal load" and that is exactly true in the case of Oberon and this technique. Creating openings in his back and shoulders, Oberon manipulates his own blood so that it shoots out into various sized blood tendrils (creating these openings and manipulating his blood like this causes him no pain or discomfort). At this rank, there are 10 tendrils extending out of Oberon's back, along his spine and shoulders; they may extend up to 70 meters before not being able to go any farther away from Oberon unless he moves. The tendrils themselves have claws at the end and as such are treated as S class weaponry, able to cut through various objects an S class item would. The claws act as arms almost, responding to Oberon's commands simply by him thinking what he wants to happen. The strength and speed of the arms are equal to Oberon's own strength and speed (30, 40). There is a cool down of 2 posts, however the cool down is reduced to 1 post if Oberon creates less than 5 tendrils. The arms last for 3 posts before retracting into Oberon's body.

Posted ImageGreed of Blood - 10
Type: Offensive
Range: 0 - 40 meters
Effect: By summoning his blood from within, Oberon is able to create an aura of blood around him. This aura of blood magic is seen as a red glowing and pulsating field emanating from Oberon as well as from the ground 5 meters around him. What make's this ability offensive is that Oberon is able to manipulate this blood field to create up to ten wisps of blood that fly around Oberon, able to jump into and out of the aura on the ground (wisps are size of basketball) in either a helix or circular fashion. When looking closely- one may see that the wisps actually have razor sharp teeth which are as strong and powerful as S class weaponry. Offensively, the wisps may be commanded to attack a target, causing them to dash to and lash out at the target (up to a max range or 40 meters), cutting cleanly through A-rank equipment like butter and dealing enough damage to level a mansion- you see... the wisps effectively 'EAT' their target...alive, inanimate, or dead- it doesn't matter anything eaten by them is destroyed. Oberon may attack with the wisps twice per post. This spell is active for 3 posts and has a cooldown of 2 posts.

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Looks okay to me, 1/2 stamp of APPROVAL.
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