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[Graded]Not an evil plot.
Topic Started: Aug 31 2011, 06:47 PM (1,038 Views)
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Hyphen loosened his upper joints and then streched backwards. The mere fact that there was so much jewel and those green gems out there for the picking where driving his rouge instincts mad. It wasn't the greed that was feeding this feeling, but the way the whole shenanigan could be translated into a puzzle-like problem. To makes matters worse, he was in the middle of a market street, and it was filled of guards at every door and alley. Hyphens eyes darted from objetive to objective as he planned out routes for stealing some crystals from some unsuspecting store attendant, or maybe from that bypassing plump man. Or perhaps that quaint lady in the exxageratedly voluminous dress. Hyphen couldn't make his mind up. In frustatration he bend forwards and pantomised scratching his head violently. He couldn't scratch his head for real, as he constantly wore a helmet that resembles a pandas head.

He was accompanied by a metallic madien. She didn't seem to pay much attention to Hyphens tantrums, and when she did, she gave him disapproving looks. Hyphen then burst towards her and cried:

"Koraniiii! I can't staaaand this place. I love it so muuuch but there is soo much and stuff and there that and... AGH I'm going to go mad!... Madly in love? No! Madly dissapointed! But I still love you, oh wonderful town."
Korani didn't seemed to be amused by Hyphens reaction, and simply responded with "That it would drive you mad, you say?", stabbing her phrase with sarcasm. She then vagrantly looked around. The ornamentations and accesories of various kinds that hung in the store displays where starting to draw her attention too, but in a more artistic and consumerist way. Her mind drew off about how beautiful was such set of rings, or how pretty that other necklace was. Hyphen continued to curse most things around him as he appreciated the security systems. He somehow managed to divide his attention to too many things.

Suddenly, Hyphen and Korani simultaneously pointed to a green crystal necklace. Korani was quick to pull the breaks on her arms, as the sincronization was awkward, as Hyphen continued to blow his arm forwards and shout in a hushed voice "Oh, good lord! Korani, do you see that thing? It... so... soo" Korani excepted Hyphen to say some adecuate adjective describing its beauty, as she herself considered it to be very well-made. But instead, Hyphen continued as so: "...So... stealable! The guards there aren't as attentive as the others, and they seem to have their shifts changed not too soon. So they are laxed and such. Thats one obstacle down. If you check out the angle and the placement of the store structure, its posit-" Hyphen interupted his thoughts and stood still. "Ah, no. The shopkeeper wears glasses. So no game.". Korani looked baffled to Hyphen, as she didn't understand or expect Hyphen to consider that the fact that the shopkeeper wore glasses or not was relevant to stealing the necklace. However, she was probably left out on Hyphens full explanation on his plan on how to steal it, so perhaps it actually was relevant to stealing it. Either way, she couldn't help caring about it, as she too was a fanatic of puzzles, and would probably spend the rest of the day wondering why the glasses are important.

Hyphen then made a "w" with his arms and sighed. "Lets steal it anyway, never mind that. It will be funner!". Korani wasn't paying attention to what the Panda mage was saying, but when she did, she drew her palm to her face. "Ah, don't worry Korani. I'll return it to him as soon as I steal it. Well, "retrieve" it" said Hyphen, as a sort of response to her facepalm, but Korani just sighed to it, as she wasn't facepalming to the fact that Hyphen was going to commit crime, but to his sheer awkwardness.
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The hidden man, If you can find me Ill be here.
Being in the market place was not Kiki's favorite past time but she did it to please the guild and the guards in this town. She was basically like the guardian of the market place. One thing she was known by in this town was the guards. She had worked with all of them, they would take anyone that Kiki brought to them as a prisoner as she would captured some of the thieves from the market place. It was also something the guild master wanted of her, which gave Kiki no reason to object. Even though Kiki did not care about Zeref there was two things that kept her in the guild, the guild would help her when needed to and that she was fascinated on the origin of magic where she could learn maybe even more about her magic.

Today was seeming like a normal day, she had collected one head early but two got to other parts of town. That was one thing Kiki could not do be in multiple places at once. She was also not the most powerful mage so when it came to too powerful of thieves she usually did not stand a chance alone but she tried to avoid fighting anyway.

Which exactly what Kiki was doing now, she watched peoples reactions as they went through the market place. Being talented in deception she could tell who was thinking of stealing and who wasn't. Getting them before they stole even if they were stronger usually stopped them, for the time being anyway. This day was like no other as the girl was watching she saw someone she did not know him, he was not part of that town that she knew of and Kiki had investigated most who live here to make sure if one of them stole she could hunt them down.

He was not alone though as there was some one with him. Being in her lighter virtue form she did not have the urge to do something devastating. Though that did not mean that Kiki was going to let someone rob the market place under her nose. Walking up to the man with all the weapons she had on her. Putting her right hand above the invisible pocket that was holding Reina just in case he tried something.

"Sir, you do not want to do that." Overhearing the last few words the man had said, even if he was doing it for a game Kiki did not like people stealing from her town. Kiki was only giving the girl some of her attention she was more just fascinated with the objects not the urge to steal, least not yet anyway. Putting her left hand on Ivory which was behind her back, she was now prepared with both Reina and Ivory, her white gun and her silver dagger. "If you want a challenge then I am sure I can bring you to a part of town that might suit your interest but doing this. I might kill you." There was no hesitation in her voice, she would kill him if she needed to. There was a reason she was in a dark guild, the girl was preparing to go into her sin form just in case she had to do this, she would feel better killing him in sin then in virtue.
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[OOC: Smokey can jump in whenever he likes, I suppose]

Hyphen drew backwards from the young lady that drew towards him, with a menacing stance and a even less friendly look on her face. Korani turned towards the female as well, but not in a such startled and undeliberate way as Hyphens flailing turn-gesture. Hyphen pretended to cough twice and took a sudden, serene posture. His grace and carisma suddenly seemed like that of a priest, giving advice to a young lady. "Oh dear, m'dear" Hyphen made sure that his pun was easily recognizeable in his speech. Breaking up barriers with a pleasant joke would make things a bit easier, Hyphen hoped.

His mind was shreeking in fear and excitement, as a life-and-death situation was very stimulating, as was the sudden turn of events. He considered two possibilities. Either he could evade the lady and continue with his thievery, taking her into account as another obstacle or simplely forget the idea of stealing and try to get to whatever "challenge" this female mentioned. The panda decided he would go with the latter option, as the pale one seemed to be quite serious about killing him if he did try to steal, which wouldn't be a problem for Hyphen if he was invisible and immortal. This idea was reinforced by the fact that the girl probably had a very good reason to believe that she could overpower him, by saying that she could "kill him". Hyphen wasn't a very experienced mage, and had not much more than that of weaponary experience.

He knew that he wouldn't be able to trick his lady by simply acting as another "less innocent" and "more convincing" personality. She caught him with his hands in the mess. All he could do is improvise and get out of there as oily and slippery as possible. He certainly didn't want to be labeled as a criminal here. So he lied. He didn't hope the lady believed him, he just wanted her to not fuss more about him being a possible criminal. Hyphen hoped that his rudeness wouldn't set off the killer wills of the target. "I'm sorry if my gestures and speech were misleading. I was having simply a pleasant joke -however, ill suited- with my lovely companion. Oh dear. How on earth would I be even be able to steal a necklace with such formidable security you have here. However, I do feel safe, indeed I do."

Korani had her mind set off somewhere else, and was mindlessly staring at the women who had her attention on her pact-maker, setting a contant shine onto the ladies torso by her metallic, now very still, face. Korani thought that it was quite rude that a stranger interrupted on a foreign conversation, without a proper excuse or a gentle "Excuse me, sir" or some other inicial phrasing of the sort. The metallic maiden assumed that this girl had a very strong sense of justice or heavy reason to be as she was about the jewelery. The mechanical being considered that it was quite zealous that death was an equivalent to stealing a valuable necklace, however, Hyphen considered it all perfectly reasonable, as he didnt have the idea of "everything is worth the same for everyone" that Korani had, and he assumed that the necklace was probably very valuable to this pale lady.

"However, m'dear. This challenge you speak of interests me, as the market doesn't seem to be much of an excitement. Could you be so kind to explain what it is about?". Hyphen tried as hard as he could to drive his wording as far from violence and possible killing as he didn't want to loose his life today. He bent his voice to a more conversational and detached manner, as if he was speaking to a police officer, as he though that this girl believed that she had some kind of authority here. This was probably true, but Hyphen had no way to confirm it, so he believed he was better off going with the flow.
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Miguel woke-up, he was getting ready for his first job since he left his parents Mansion, it was now time to get his first official job. He was to be a guard to a simple area, where it was explained on the wanted poster, but as for what it was, it was definitely not mentioned anywhere in the poster. His job was to guard the area, a simple task with a one day payment, it was a temporary job that he might keep depending on the first day.

Further walking past the streets he could feel the warm sun hitting his back, and the scenery was enlightening, seeing children and women with jewelry moving around the areas. Most of the people were either happy or busy, but they were definitely in a good peaceful environment, or rather they were the reason it seemed like that. The men were all of higher class from the point where he was standing and most women looked like they could get away with Murder, from both their looks.. and the jewels around their necks and body.

After many hours of walking Miguel noticed his first lead to finding where he was suppossed to be guarding. A few yards away led a Sign close to the position he was supposed to meet them, "Helping Wanted" Yup this was them. Even their spelling and grammar were the same as in the poster, it was almost a miracle that Miguel could even answer the job add accordingly.

Looking Further ahead of the shop (a few feet) He noticed 2 people fighting one another, or rather verbally at this point.. but the tension in the room stated they were going to fight if this was not stopped. One of the individuals.. seemed to be threatening the other. Miguel was assigned to take care of the.. "Shope" behind him.. *I'm gunna have to teach these people how to spell.. *sigh** Miguels thoughts stayed in his mind, but the sigh slipped out of his mouth.

After further reading the conversation Miguel noticed the men and women were now getting ready to change the subject, probably even leaving after the other women stopped them for something. Although Miguel could not hear what was going on completely he did know that the mans attitude changed from a few seconds ago. He left his Mace closely by his side, in case things were to get bad he was allowed to step in.. although the girl by the appearance would definitely kill him if he got anywhere near her.

".. If this goes on any further I might not return home today.." The shopkeeper nodded behind him. Miguel was surprised he heard him.. and he AGREED Miguel would die if he interfered? this old man knew more about the women then Miguel did. The shopkeeper put his glasses back on and watched what would happen next. "*sigh* I am gunna die today.."
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The hidden man, If you can find me Ill be here.
Upholstering her gun and taking it out letting it drop to her side, her pinkie on Ivory's trigger. The man's attitude was not making her happy. One thing Kiki was good at was knowing when someone was lying and he was someone she did not consider good at it. If it would not cause a stir that she did not want she probably would have shot him then and there. It was not like that would kill him but it would make Kiki feel better. Her other hand over the part of her dress that had the pocket with Reina in it, thanks to her dress no one could see the weapon.

Her eyes giving off a suspicious look, "lying is not going to do you any good. I honestly don't care if you steal. I just care if you steal in this town. The guards of this town get enough flack for losing items since there is to many robbers for them to handle. I want to make sure they look as good as they can so when I see someone trying or stealing I stop them." Her voice was cold but calm. One thing she liked about having Ivory and Ebony was that even though she could not kill with them no one knew that.

The other person who was with the man was giving Kiki a cold look, she was probably annoyed that she was eaves dropping but for what they were talking about she had the right. They were not in a private place either, so it was not like she was violating their personal space. Paying a little more attention to her now, Kiki was not sure if she was human. Her skin was a shade that was not natural for human beings, so unless she had some strange magic Kiki was sure the girl was not human. Though that was not an issue as she turned her attention back to the man at hand.

Kiki was about to start changing into sin form as the lying and the act was making her mad, if it was not for his answer to her other question she would have. "I am not completely sure if you can handle it. It is a place I had installed, it is hard to get into unless you know the right people. It is a training facility. It is underground if you don't mind that, I could take you there." It was a place she had built in this town for the guild and her to train. It was not part of the guild though anyone with the right contacts could get in. Laws were completely enforced in there as she had at times rich clients who would come and she did not want anything happening to them while they were there.

"Your friend can come along too I do not mind." Now her attention was to another male in the market place. He seem to be acting as a guard, he was a man she did not know. Pushing past the two she went over to him, as she said her words.

"Hello sir are you a new guard to this town?" Her gun still laying on her side as she was not ready to let the other man have his way.

Before the guard like person could answer she turned to the other two. "Hold on just one moment I have a few questions I want to ask this gentlemen." Turning her head back front so she could hear his reply. Her gun did not have that long of a range but it was enough to shoot fleeing people in the market place if she needed to, reason she did not seem to be worried at all. Why she was coming up to this person was Kiki was someone who wanted to know all the guards in this town and this was seem to be new, maybe she could get to know him as well.
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Miguel was overhearing the conversation between her and the man, it seemed as though she was talking to him about a hidden arena hidden somewhere underground, it was in a secret location of which only her and a selective few new about, the selective few being people that had large quantities of money. Miguels Parents were completely against watching things like that, or even allowing them to happen, Miguel included, but since he needed training something like that would very much help. His parents were well known for their riches, which is why Miguel never reveals his last name to anyone, his journey was of his name and his name alone.

"Yes I am new to these parts, please call me Miguel, I am the temporary guard to this place and am standing post until my shift is over.. It is a pleasure to meet you" Miguel used a small nod to subsitute bowing to her, something used in his family as a greeting to others. The shopkeeper sitting behind Miguel stood up and let out a confusing look in his eyes. 'Are you here for that posterrr we sent 3 months ago? We aren't looking for any anymorrre! back then we didnt know many of English, that posterrr cant even have the date on it hahaha, anyways im sorry for me wasting Yourrr time.' the man sat back down and acted as though he didn't just dismiss someone or made a mistake with posters.

The shop obviously didn't know a good amount of English, and have at least improved to some amount but still need help. Never the less Miguel acted as though nothing happened and walked towards the women. "Could i maybe join you and Panda inside the area that you were speaking about? I may not be much of a fighter but it may have something to interest me." Miguel let a normal smile run his face. It was to ensure her that he was not there for any harm, his priority was to train.. he needed it.

Looking past her he noticed the man with a panda helmet.. how he didn't notice the odd couple before was beyond Miguels head and almost made him feel like less of a human. He felt like such an obvious thing should've attracted a lot more attention then it did. Miguel looked back at the women in front of them, having the big gun flashing around was starting to make him nervous.

His mace was seen on his waist, dangling on the left.. while his knife was hidden on his right sleeve. If she had agreed to let him accompany her and the panda man he would try to go with them, moving behind the women of course to allow her to show them the way.
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[Off: Sorry for short post, couldn't think of anything]

Korani gave shifty looks to Hyphen as the conversation in front fo them developed. She wasn't too interested in a training facility. She was more interested in shopping, however, Hyphens willpower was stronger.

"Korani, c'mon, lets go to the place! It seems fun. Plus, we can only get there through "special contacts". What where the odds that we were going to encounter such and oportunity. Lets embrace our luck!"

The Panda mages reasons seemed solid enough to Korani. The market would be there forever. This chance would most probably not. Korani just gave a weak nod and Hyphen sprouted in a jolt of joy, even if he didn't have much of an exact idea of what exactly he was getting himself into.

Korani sighed.

Hyphen then stood on one foot and spin in place with the rest of him stretched out, in a sort of absurd imitation of a ballerina dancer.

"Sooooo! Leeeets go!"
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The hidden man, If you can find me Ill be here.
So he was just going to be a temporary guard, that made sense why Kiki did not know the man. More then naught it was interesting this had all come to a mistake as it was an old add that isn't needed anymore. Even though she did not know if he was going to attempt to become a guard again, she did want to make nice if that did tend to happen. So when he asked if he could join them Kiki replied with a simple "Yes, you may." A lovely smile appeared on Kiki's face, one that did not look anything then a pleasant smile you would see on any girl. As long as nothing was going wrong or Kiki was not trying to test someone she normally acted kind and gentle, which usually threw people off since that was not normally the case.

The boys seem to be both energetic to go, although the girl on the other hand did not. Thinking about where she was taking them there was not much that she could see that the girl might find enjoyable. There was a few rooms down below Kiki could take her but even them were still games. Then it clicked what Kiki could show her and she kept that in the back of her mind as it was nothing for the time being.

"Hello Miguel" She said as she walked back to the other two, she did not want to greet them both separately. "My name is Kikime Zaishou, you can all call me Kiki." Even though she was part of a noble family her name was not connected to any of them, she was named off of her magic. It made Kiki happier since then she would not have to be known under her family name but known for her own name. In a lot of cases she would use her family name to gain access to people or knowledge but normally that was in private, so her name and family were normally not connected unless it was something someone actually researched.

As she started to walk to the destination, her gun still in her hand she said back to them "Well our destination is on the other side of town. Beware though there is some criminals in the area, so this is not always the place to go for the faint of heart. Although people should stay away from you with me but if you get separated then there might be some trouble." Everything was said in a jolly tone, Kiki was having a good time. She was wondering how long these two could handle what was in store for them. The training facility was not an easy place to train although it was not exactly expensive either. This was an exclusive club, if the two tried coming back the likeliness they would be allowed back in would be very slim.

Once the group got out of the market place, the streets turned to be a little more shabbier, the people looked a little more dangerous. One thing Kiki wanted to do was help these people but until she could figure out a way to do so she was just going to work on what she can. "From it's location even though it gets some high class people there is not a lot of them. Only those who come for a challenge come here. Don't worry though there is nothing truly illegal going on there. I just like to keep things private." Anyone could see her face could see a smirk. Her voice turned a little colder too, there was no lie going on but it had some more hidden meaning then either of them would find out. Example would be the fact that it was one of the training areas for one of the worlds most infamous guilds.
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The women identified herself as Kikime Zaishou, her nickname would be Kiki.. as she explained very clearly. Before introducing herself she let out a warm smile, making Miguel almost lose his reality that the women might be dangerous.. yet her smile was warm as if she were like any ordinary girl you would meet in the streets. That Imagination came to a close once she moved ahead and the men were following. Miguel was curious as to the man beside him, he had a helmet of a panda.. for reasons he would never realize, on top of that he made the most unnecessarily weird stance like a ballet would. The dance he did made Miguel question if he was really a normal person under that helmet.

Moving further in the town it became obvious that the area they were going too was secret, as less people showed up on the streets the more they followed her. With minutes passing by they found themselves following her through a dark alley with people looking as if they would kill him if they had the chance. If they new about Alphonse being Noble, there was no doubt they would kill him or send him to his parent for Money.. Miguel stood calm, walking past the group with a calm face and body.

"Panda.. do you have any idea where we are going? the area seems to be getting darker and darker the deeper we move.." Miguel kept a straight face while talking to him, he was concerned as to where they were going.. and how they would get out if a situation got messy, the way the women explained it made it clear how dangerous the area was. Staying near her was Miguels one and only goal in the moment.
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"Yesh indeeed, Miguel. Aint it EXCITING?"

Hyphen leaned his head to a side to answer the young man as he oozed enthusiasm. Korani shook her head to herself. It was ironic for the metallic lady. She was more fit for battle then Hyphen, however, Hyphen seemed more eager to fight than herself.

The streets became gloomier and Hyphen started to recognize the stratus changes. He could identify various low-town professions and thier clients. Hyphen could easily hop into thier groups and speak thier language, but he was more interested in this "dojo" of some sort they were being lead to.

Korani didnt seemed to be very confortable in Hyphens native waters. She was too used to being spoiled in semi-luxury or whatever could come close to it. She was OK with regular quality of life as well, though, as her current pact-maker, Hyphen, wasnt too wealthy. But this was a bit on the limit for her.

Hyphen noticed his summons disconfort and pat her slightly crouched back energetically. Korani was scared.

"Dont worry, oh my mademoiselle. These people are nice people. Nicer than me"

Said Hyphen in a cheery tone. But then he dramatically changed vocal registry to a more dark and warning tone.

"But dont talk, look or get too close to them."

Korani gave a small jolt upwards and shivered as her facial expression broke into terror. She nerviously looked backwards and noticed that it was too late to go back. She stook close to Hyphen and whispered to him.

"Keep my summon key ready for anything. Keep it frigginly ready".

Hyphen gave a slight chuckle. The kind of chuckle you give to people to tell them that everything is going to go OK.
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