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It's October!
We still have the Boscan War event ongoing. If you want to participate in this part of the event, you must sign up in this thread.

We also have a new interesting crop of side events this month. Cause Halloween is amazing. The first is a creative event, where you can do anything at all even remotely artsy fartsy for free SP and monies. Found here. The second is a writing event, which will be celebrating that good old fashioned tradition known as Oktoberfest. Ahem. So basically you can write a whole post about your characters going to a huge party. This one can be found here

We look forward to seeing how the rest of this war event goes, and we look forward to your festive entries in the easier side events. Happy Nearly Halloween. ^.^

Stay safe and happy FTG.
~The FTG Staff~

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[Graded]The Creature of Oak Town; Ravendark
Topic Started: Aug 20 2011, 11:30 PM (1,967 Views)
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Astria and Iris were pushed back behind a pillar, but Mako was still active. He charged and jumped into the air, shouting a strange battle cry. Gillian was clearly caught by surprise and reacted by activating his shadow hand. The maleficent hand grabbed Mako without an issue. This caused Astria to immediately worry about this whole situation going wrong. Mako would be fed to whatever that demonic pet of Gillian's was and that simply would not do. If Mako was eaten then she didn't know hw she would be able to beat this man. Her strongest summon was wounded and she herself lacked the ability to combat him directly. Why in the world did Mako even charge in there when he should have known something like this was bound to happen?

It wasn't until just before it happened, when Mako had his sword pointed at Gillian's helmet and his smile was a wild one, that she saw his plan. The dark, shadow hand brought whatever it grabbed back to Gillian, so Mako would have a free trip up to him while keeping him occupied by focusing on his magic. It's a shame Gillian didn't see this until it was too late and Mako's blade pierced his helmet. Gillian let out an awful scream and flailed around a bit as an explosion of brilliant light as it came bursting out of his cracked helm. The light traced all around the room, seeping into the walls and floor. The whole temple started to shake violently, never a good sign really. The whole place was going to come crashing down on them, burying them in the forest under stone ruble.

Mako yelled at them to get out and pointed at a nearby door. Iris was on her feet and Astria was up in seconds, the two ran at the door. They were closer to it then Mako, but was sure that he would catch up to them in no time. The door lead into a stone tunnel, nondescript and long. Running along it there didn't seem to be an end anytime soon, but the weathered stone designs all looked so similar it was hard to fell like you were running anywhere. Eventually the tunnel lead out into a cave, similar to the one they first entered, but a bit smaller. The summoner took a quick look around the are and also like the other cave this one had an opening leading them out. She could see the natural light coming in from outside and quickly ran over to it.

It was a narrow like the first, but was definitely wide enough so that they could climb up and get out from under the ground. Moving quickly Astria started to climb up and was then followed by Iris. It was a littler harder then before with the rocks around them shaking, making it a bit difficult to get a grip. Pulling up on stones and finding convenient foot holds helped, this passage had a lot more cracks that could be used for foot holds then the other one. The end was coming up and the soft light was starting to get in her eyes. Reaching up her hands felt something a little softer then the rocks before. Astria pulled herself up and forward out of the cave and onto grass. A breath of relief she stood up, turning back to look at the opening for her teammate.
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Mako swore as he saw chunks of the ceiling start to fall. He wrenched the sword out of Gillians decapitated head before turning to run behind Astria forwards to the door which led to another hallway. They were a bit ahead of him as he continued to sprint after them. He grimaced as he looked back over his shoulder to see the ceiling start to give in as rocks and rubble fell from the ceiling behind him threatening to squish him and bury him alive! That was enough to get him moving as he sprinted after his team-mate. finally however they came to the exit of the palace where there was a cave similar to the one from which they entered the fortress of Gillian only the blue crystals on the ceiling were shaking. He spotted the legs of whoever was climbing up the tunnel disappear as he swore before running forwards to catch up. Blue crystal rained down from the ceiling, cascading until they crashed into the ground around the knight. He was able to doge them barely as he quickly climbed into the narrow but still wide enough to climb hole in the side of the cave. Mako wrapped his fingers around cracks as the felt the earth shaking around him. His sword banged against the stone ceiling as he ascended from the frying pan to hopefully safety. He could see light up ahead, he was so close! He could smell the fresh air as he climbed the collapsing caverns. Although it was close, he could see the ground near the top starting to give way as he quickened his climb up and out of the narrow tunnel. Finally though he felt his hands touch the cool and wet grass with which he used to pull himself up and out of the dark temple. He panted as he lied near the entrance which as by now caved in, "Lets...not do that again" He said as he looked up at the moon, it was late now... but at least..they did it.
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Mako managed to make his way out of the crumbling cavern below. "Yeah the next time we go into a hidden, underground temple like that lets make sure we have some kind of way of making our way out quicker." Astria took a few hard breaths, trying to catch herself. She watched as the small entrace they used to get in closed up with rocks and debris. Well it's a good thing they all managed to get out of their and didn't leave anything behind. It would be far less then worth it to go back and find it. It was over now and the only thing left to do was get out of this forest. Though from all the running around and heading left and right she for one was lost. Astria was somewhat sure that she could find her way back to the river, but beyond that it could go in any which way.

Astria crossed her arms, expecting to hold her furry companion and being confused for a moment when she felt nothing. She looked down and remembered that Gillian had grabbed Gizmo with his shadowy hand thing and absorbed his soul. It was sad that he had to be taken in exchange for Gillian's defeat, but at least the forest was safe and Titana and Oberon could rule it once more. Speaking of which, Astria never got to really explore the throne room they had down there and never saw Oberon. Still they were guardians of a forest and ruler of the Fairies, surely they could get a new palace or be able to craft another way into that one. Either way Astria wasn't looking to hunting them down and asking about it.

Looking up in the sky the sun was peaking up and the changing colors of a new day were stretching across the sky. A whole day had been spent in the woods and somehow they managed to take care of the animal problem within that amount of time. Astria and Mako worked out pretty well as a team in this whole thing and it was just on of those lucky coincidences that lead to this. "Even though it was dangerous, I'm glad that I got to meet you out of this ordeal. Thanks for coming with me into this forest." She turned and smiled at him before walking back towards the river. Now that the summoner realized that sun was up she could use that to guide her back to town and Mako too if he choose to follow her. In any case when she got back to town the first thing she would have to do would be plop back into her bed at the hotel and take a nice long sleep.

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Mako chuckled at his companions responce, yes, next time it would be wiser to simply leave all the adventure and fighting to the next guy in line, after all it wasn't exactly his thing, do to say. He frowned slightly at her words before she left, "Au revoir" he called before lying back in the grass. There were still puzzle pieces that still needed to be answered, he could see the dawn shining as the darkness of the night started to fade away from view. Mako sighed as he sat up, he might as well just get up. Mako groaned as he wearily stood up from his resting position. What he saw scared tge living daylight outv of him as he came face to face with Titanna and a black haired man. The man was holding a framiliar rabbit, it was now that 2 and 2 came together. "Wait... your Oberon!" Mako said in surprise, it was now that Titanna spoke, "Yes, Gillian had absorbed my husbands power and thus was the man you killed, when he died everything he absorbed was released, like this rabbit.. Gizmo" Oberon nodded as he gestured to the small rabit he was holding in his arm, "One if my followers wrote the fable which you found in the library by the looks of it the thing worked!" he said chuckling slightly. It was now though that the sun was shinning as the sunrise had now come. The two smiled at Mako before they were enveloped into a bright loght and disappearing" Mako grinned as he was alone once more.... He closed his eyes... sweet peace...
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