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Hasaki Ryo
Topic Started: May 11 2010, 08:54 PM (4,939 Views)
Hasaki Ryo
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The Ace of Tartaros

Account Name: Hasaki Ryo

"If it rusts, it can never be trusted.
If its owner fails to control it, it will cut him.
Yes, pride is
Like a blade."

“When I was a kid I used to think killing was wrong, now it just feels like winning.”

“What is right? What is wrong? In this mixed up world, deciding what is right and wrong is not easy. You can't just go by somebody else's rules. If you let yourself be controlled like that, you'll just become a puppet that can't make decisions on it's own. You have to live by your rules.”

Posted Image

Name: Ryo Hasaki
Nickname: The Wildfire
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2" (188cm)
Weight: 178 lbs. (80.9kg)
Guild: Tartaros
Class: A
Sword Saint #:2
Affiliation: Chaotic Good (Dark)

Posted Image

Physical Description:
A tall man standing only slightly taller than most men his age, however with his long torso he stands out a bit, being his torso makes up most of his length not his legs like most people, his arms stretch down to just about his hip line. He has lightly tanned skin from his long period of times outside working in hard labor that also resulted in his sleek muscular build it’s not over kill buff or roid rage but enough to show he works out. His wild thick spiky bright red hair seems to blend perfectly with burgundy eyes that look almost demonic.

Though fairly young of age being only twenty but looks much younger as if he could pass to be 17 or 18. He has no stubble or facial hair despite his hair seeming so wild and unkempt. He often has a goofy smirk that lightens moods, but when rather serious he has a look in his eyes that fill with determination and killing intent. He has a large scar down his right shoulder to the left side of his hip and a small round scar on his left shoulder. He also has dozens of scars on his back long fat ones, small short ones and even burns all littering his back. However above all these horrible scars is his guild imprint on the base of his neck.


Starting at his feet he wears a pair of low cut black combat boots tuck into a pair of olive colored hakama held up by a long black obi tied in the front that hangs loosely. Wearing a black shitagi that fits snugly to his chest held firmly against him by a breastplate. The breastplate fits firmly around his chest to around his back a few inches from Ryo's armpit, the bottom stopping just shy of his waist and the top stopping a few inches away from his collar bone. All of this is covered up with a tan sand like colored haori that looks tattered along the edges.

Strong metal bracers and necklace with a key ornament on it.
Extra: A single large scar running from his right shoulder down his left side of his chest to his hip. His back is riddled with dozens of scars from his days as a slave. He also has a small round scar on his left shoulder from a gunshot wound. Tartaros imprint on the back of his neck at the base of his neck..
Spoiler: click to toggle

Posted Image

Ryo is pretty laid back for the most part, beside his horrific past that he rarely speaks off; he is pretty open and friendly person. He is a person who only wants to relax and have fun. At times Ryo will act a tad perverted, but most the time he will act clueless and goofy. Ryo enjoys the little things and lives life as it comes, as he thinks being serious all the time isn't enjoying life to its fullest. Ryo is deep down a really caring guy who cares deeply about all who he befriends despite he considers people friends quickly.

Though Ryo enjoys most simple things, but most of all that he enjoys, highly alcoholic drinks and anything free. Free is Ryo's favorite word in the world, if something is free Ryo will happily take it no matter what it is. It’s not that he is a cheap skate or anything its more or less he isn't one for high end expensive luxury items and such. The only items Ryo ever seems to pay allot of jewels on is swords and gifts for his guild, he sees that swords as his trade thus are worth the money, and his friends are worth the world. There is one thing however Ryo likes more even more than a deal at the local tavern for a free sword with every 40 ales you drink. That would be his friends and guild. He would give his life for his friends, without hesitating. To Ryo his friends are the most important thing to cherish in life.

Ryo hates however serious people, he finds them rather bothersome and thinks they just drag everyone down. He finds them to often unable to truly have fun or know what’s really important and thus are not worth his time to befriend. What he hates more so however is slavery, anyone who enslaves another person will only find themselves with one angry swordsmen to deal with. To take away another freedom, to take away another person chance to live there life as they see feet and keep them alive, is the cruelest thing you can do in Ryo's eyes.

A few other things that’s grinds this swordsman gears are: Cocky people, they just get on Ryo's nerves because he doesn't think anyone no matter how strong they are, can truly be amazing all the time, everyone has downfalls. Stereotyping or Stereotypical dark mages: few things get under Ryo's skin more than people who type cast dark mages as people who are so senseless, heartless or violent that for a laugh they bust into your house for no reason at all kill all of your faimly and goldfish, it just makes no sense! And those few mages that DO act those stereotypes out or take advantage of it and use it for personal gain just deserve to be pummeled into a lump of flesh, at least that’s what Ryo thinks. Guns: Ryo absolutely HATES guns, they are loud, smell of gun powder and just about even the average joe can use them to kill someone, its bothers Ryo with all the above reasons why people just don’t use a swords its by for more personal and quite.

Ryo isn’t the brightest when it comes to magic but he still tries his best, though he has short comings when it comes to studying thus his overall power in magic proficiency will always be low. Another of Ryo's trademark faults would be that he has no sense of direction; the slightest bit of directions seems to be lost on this man as he quickly and easily gets lost in the simplest paths.

In a fight he becomes rather serious, anyone who has any fighting will or a weapon is a combatant and thus will get no mercy. Ryo has no problem with killing or destroying things so long as there is a good reason: Money, a Mission, you are in his way during something important, you made him angry. All of these are reasons for Ryo to slaughter or destroy everything in his path. He isn’t the greatest mage, but without doubt he is a brilliant swordsman, with a great passion for his craft. Ryo however is a tad narrow sighted he can get, when it comes to a full blown battle he is always thinking of his next step against his enemy. Beyond that battle however there isn't a single thought about it. He lives mostly in the now and what can be done, not what could be done or should have been done.

Posted Image


Guilds and People
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Posted Image

Equipment and Weaponry

Posted Image

Stats - 701
Strength: 130
Accuracy: 101
Toughness: 85
Speed: 120
Magic: 90(180)[0]

Stat Points Earned: 0/646
Arc Points Earned: 2/32
Jewels Earned: 21,894,500/203,694,500 (132,452,000)

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Ask away; I have all the answers.

Posted Image
Hasaki Style Swordsmanship: Ryo has trained with swords since he was a very young child. He has never given up his passion for swords. He's mastered using every kind of swords, and knows how to use swords as well as his own hands. After learning many different styles and combat situations he has go beyond just a skilled swordsman but to that of a swordsman creating his own style of swordsmanship.

Basic Principles: Creating chaos upon the battlefield, misleading your enemy purposely luring them into another position or overconfidence, utilizing every part of your weapon and body simultaneously, to never cut down the defenseless only those with weapons or those who stand against you.

Beginner Level Techniques:
Bastion: A Battojutsu assault technique: Ryo rushes at the target as fast as possible however instead of fully drawing his sword his thrusts his hilt into the targets torso area two to four times before on the last thrust fully drawing his blade in a quick spinning vertical slash.

Adept Level Techniques:
Silver Flash: A Battojutsu technique: Ryo draws his blade as he word normally however purposely using a katana or curved shaped blade, swinging at the enemies’ blade turning the back of the blade to parrying the blade and striking the enemy with a back slash.
Wind Hymn: A counter attack/Defensive technique: As the enemy thrusts their blade Ryo spinning his blade mocking a windmill after about 4 rotations Ryo strikes in a diagonal upward strike, turning in the processes and stabbing behind him at the target making this counter attack a fast and nearly unpredictable double attack that can sometimes leave the opponent disarmed.

Ambidextrous: Ryo was one of the few people in the world that can use both hands instead of just one, he is able to write with both hands, wield a sword, throw weapons,

Moderate Hand to Hand Combat Training: As part of his training and combat experience Ryo has developed hand to hand combat skills varying from simple street fighting tricks, boxing, and basic martial arts, taijutsu, and tai kwan do moves.

Taste of Old: Ryo has been drinking since he was freed from his slavery. He has built up a extremely high tolerance for alcohol, he has drank so much alcohol over the years going more than four days without any alcohol in his system he will undergo withdrawals. First his hands will shake, his body will then start to ache, his vision will then start to blur. He will lose strength and feel a great amount of fatigue; lastly he will begin to hallucinate. Worst of all however is the fact the longer Ryo goes without any alcohol memories that he had started to drink to forget will begin to haunt and come back to him, making him quite in pain, on edge, and unable to focus.

Bonds Broken: Being a slave for half his life Ryo trained his body every single day. While in slavery Ryo has met fellow slave, people from all over Earthland. He has learned about all sorts of cultures, myths, monsters, and trades from all over the land. Most of all however Ryo spent a lot of time with prisoners of war, these soldiers are what kept Ryo together and focused in swordsmanship when he was a slave, they also however instructed him in military strategy, how that had lost battles, how they had been captured, and strategies that had used themselves. These all turned into lesson for Ryo to use in battles of his own and how to command his team in a battle, making the man who is usually the last person you want for advice in all other matters the man you want to ask for his take on things.

Posted Image

Magic Name: Creation Bane
Magic Type: Lost Elemental Magic: Fire
Tier of Magic: 1
Rank: 10

Magic Description: A truly complex and destructive magic, that’s only purpose is that to destroy everything the caster wishes reducing it to nothing. The complicated magic quite literally has a spell to ignite and destroy everything. The magic combines that of the physical world, the magic world and worlds beyond knowledge into a power that brings everything back to nothingness. However Ryo being that of a amateur at best mage, can’t make heads or tails of the magic, and thus has simplified most of the spells for him to use not only changing the power of the spell but the shape and its effect.

Techniques: 83/89 (67 + 22 bought)

Blast Zone - (10)
Type: Offensive
Range: 100 meters
Effect: Originally the spell would create a powerful slash of pure destructive force that would ignite everything in its path ablaze and reduce it to ash. However Ryo unable to call forth such power or manipulate such a complicated spell he has dumped it down into an EXTREME form. Ryo focuses his power into a object in his hands or into his hand itself. Then calling for the spell, unlike its originally form, a magic circle is summoned and erupts with a barrage of flaming arcs that shoot out like a long ranged shotgun blast that create a chain reaction of explosions on impact.Each arc is about 1 foot long in a crescent shape[2 post cool down]


Massacre Wisps - (10)
Type: Supportive
Range: Self with orbit of 80 meters
Effect: Originally meant to summon great and powerful monsters of destruction that would destroy anything in the users path, however unable to amass the power and control to do so, Ryo is only able to summon these destructive servants, Burning Wisps. There wisps are able to enchant a single item with movement, by possessing said item. For example they could possess a chair and make the chair move under Ryo's will. However unlike the mental magic form of this many would compare it to, the wisp is still visible and is the weak point in this magic, if the wisp is damage in any manner it instantly vanishes. Each wisp is about the size of a baseball and can only lift up to 25 pounds per wisp. The Wisps move at Ryo’s base speed and half his Power. The wisps are not affected by buffs and can’t be buffed. [4 post cool down] [The number of wisp summoned increase by 1 per every rank of the spell]

Flame Imbue - (7)
Range: Personal
Effect: Imbues flames Ryo's feet enhancing it with a fire, producing a flame effect that makes it seem as if fire is bursting from Ryo's feet propelling him giving off a slight heat but nothing truthfully harmful however it still allows him to fly up to 100 meters max in the air but also gives him freedom of movement able to do flips spins and the like while flying or hovering. (2 post cool down)

Obliteration Mode - (10)
Range: self
Effect: Originally called Embodiment and Wake of Obliteration, Ryo thought it was to long to use in battle, thus changed the name of the spell as he could truly not use the full power of the spell. Originally the spell would create a torrent of flames that would then shoot out in a wave in all direction burning and destroying everything around the user. Yet again though this was a tad too much control for Ryo to use and thus was really only able to master one part of the spell.

Ryo is able to ignite his own magical energy like a fuel for his fire that makes his whole body burst into a non-harmful flame to himself. This flame armor that covers his whole body deals explosive fire damage to others on contact and the fire acts like renforcement to Ryo's body in the form of his whole body is enveloped in spinning fire forming a sort of burning Armor equal to S-rank. Each explosion goes out in a splash out half a meter from his body this may only occur four times per post.(3 post cooldown)

10- S-rank burning Armor with rank 9 explosion on contact (causing a extreme pain to the affected area and able damage the toughest materials like diamonds and magically crafted items.)contact [5 post duration]

Wyvern's Roar- (10)
Type: Offensive/presence
Range: X diameter
Effect: Wyvern's Roar was not in the Creation Bane tome that Ryo had recovered from Dragon Fang. It was only slightly mentioned in the ending pages as notes of the last user, its is the embodiment of combining ones own nature and spirit with creation bane and casting it outward. This usually have a rather chilling effect on all of those around the caster, allies included, however unable to fully understand how to pull this off the user never wrote more. This is where Ryo took his swordsmanship training and brought it to the table to create a spell of his own to the Creation Bane list of spells.

Quickly gathering magical energy around one’s body and charging it with your own resolve and determination then without losing focus pushing it outward with magical force. The devastating effect for Ryo results in a heat wave that hits all around him with a strong force. The hot air and the like that is generated does not what so ever in ANY case literally burn or scar those hit by it, only feels in terms of pain that it is burning at higher levels.
Cool down: 5 posts



Waridake [Bamboo Splitter]
- (8)
Type: Offensive
Range: 80 meters
Effect:This attack uses the Ryo's magic itself to slash the target from a distance. To initiate it, Ryo first holds one of his swords then swings, launching from his sword a crescent moon-like projectile of compressed fire to the opponent with great speed, it not only bashes the target but slashes them leaving a burning pain for 1 post(does not actually burn Pc's)

Hi ryu Tsuisuta [Wyvern Twister]- (8)
Type: Offensive
Range: 5+ Meter Radius
Effect: Hi ryu Tsuisuta [Wyvern Twister]- (8)
Type: Offensive
Range: 5+ Meter Radius
Effect: Ryo spins with his swords to create a Wyvern shaped tornado that both slashes and blows away the target with waves of flames melded into a tornado.The tornado flinging and spinning anyone caught in its area into the air 25 meters up or to the ceiling of the area, and then either to fall to the ground or by flung 5 meters from there starting position the tornado can only move anyone up to 150 pounds anyone heavier the distance moved is halved. 2 post cool down

Fire Body-(10)
Type – Utility
Range – Self
Effect – TTurns Ryo’s body into flames. This enables him to annul up to [Rank]/3 (rounding up) physical and magical attacks (So up to the total, not a separate counter for each type of damage).
The constraint for physical attacks is a combination of weapon class and foe’s strength. At Rank 1-2, D Class weapons are effective; Rank 3-4, C Class weapons etc up to Rank 9-10 where foes must have S class weapons. Additionally, the foe must have Power greater than Fire Body’s Rank x 10 in conjunction with the appropriate weapon for an attack to successfully hit Ryo. At rank 10 Ryo then becomes immune to all physical attacks
Any magic attacks must be of a equal or higher rank to harm Ryo.
This effect has a (Rank+1)/3 duration starting with the first attack annulled.
At Rank 1, it can only transform two limbs, Rank 2 transforms all limbs, Rank 3 transforms everything except the head and Rank 4 onwards is full body transformation.
The cool down of this spell is 4 at Rank 1-4, 3 at Rank 5-8 and 2 at Rank 9-10.

Flame Streak- Rank 10
Type: Dash
Range:60 meters
Effect: Ryo transforms into fire and jets across the terrain or through the air. The fire does not burn anything but while in "Flame Streak" Ryo can move at fiery speeds. Ryo moves at a speed of (Own Speed x 1.2 (or 120, whichever is greater) ) May change directions twice while dashing. Furthermore, because Ryo is technically transformed into fire, he can pass through semi-solid objects, such as gates, grates or vents so long as he can see his destination through them. Cannot dash through solid matter. Cooldown is 3 posts

Guild Spells
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