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❅ It is December!! ❅

The Boscan War event is over. Grades can be found in this thread.

We will be extending the deadline on November events until the 8th of December. You are all welcome to participate in the very little remaining time. We have our famous Questionnaire of course, not to mention the wonderful Art Creation where we always get such wonderful submissions. And finally of course we have our Birthday Appreciation thread! So many things, so little time!

We will have a December themed event at some point this month, and a few other changes are forthcoming as well. So please be sure to keep an eye on this area of the board for all that fun stuffs. ^.^

In slightly more seriousness, as this horrible year draws nearer its end, we want to remind you all how grateful we are for our lovely, and lovable community of misfits. It is amazing, finding so many people, who are so strange, in precisely the right ways, to accept you. We hope you guys are feeling the love, and that your holidays are amazing. <3

Stay safe and happy FTG.
And happy (whateverholidayyoucelebratehere)!!
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Welcome New Fairy Tail Recruits (OPEN)
Topic Started: Apr 24 2010, 03:15 PM (2,642 Views)
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The hidden man, If you can find me Ill be here.
Lizy nodded with Tosh since it was her idea in the first place. She watched Anki pull Dycho and just thought that is one scary woman. Lizy followed after then when she got to Tosh she stayed near him. She didn't know what she would expect from the guild but she wanted to make sure that she was at least around someone she knew. Dycho would probably be fine to hang with but he was with Anki and she was to scary to be around.

Lizy was understanding what Toshiru meant in the forest about how the group he was in and maybe even she was in she was not sure about that but only time would tell. They were one wacky group although she hadn't seen their magic yet so she still didn't know if that was true but she believed in what Tosh said, which also made her sort of want revenge on the little boy that tried putting her to sleep the first meeting with Toshiru. If that day came she would get her revenge but she would never know.
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Now that everyone is headed to the conference room door, Toshiro took the liberty of opening the door as they all are there at the same time. At first look the room seemed to be empty, no sounds, no people no nothing as if the room is practically empty. It was weird for them to be called on an empty room but Toshiro guessed they would just need to wait inside to see what’s going to happen. Still it must be weird for the four of them to enter a empty room but they were instructed to do so. Toshiro made a step towards the door as he entered the room. Upon entering a loud noise popped beside him as confetti starts flying around him.


A shout from every elite member of the guild filled the room. The once empty and silent room had become a room filled with music, balloons, food and people ready to enjoy. It seemed that this room is indeed imbued with magic like it is in a different dimension. With it being a different dimension it would be hard for secrets can be leaked outside. It must have been made a high class mage that made the room since it looked bigger inside than outside.

Hello welcome to the family. Don’t think of the members of the guild as just merely members or co workers but think of us as family and brothers and sisters.” One of the members went to the four as they invite them in. “Please this enjoy the party, this is specially made for new members to make them feel at home.

Well this is sure surprising.” Toshiro said as he smiled with his cigarette in his mouth. “I guess this may be an initiation of new members to be part of the guild’s family. You think you can handle this?” Toshiro said as he looked at Lizy.

The four had managed to fit into the party really well as each of them grew together to the guild and become part of their family. The party lasted for a few hours with many other new recruits entering the room as they aren't the only new members in the party.

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As this topic where pretty short i dont feel theres much to say to the invidual person so ill be giving you all the same amount of sp and jewel becouse of its shortness. Overall i though will say it seemed like a decent topic, just a bit to short with 4 chars

1 sp and 350.000 jewels

Edited by Drame, Jun 12 2010, 01:16 PM.
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Well, looks like some new recruits are comin along nicely
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