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❅ It is December!! ❅

The Boscan War event is over. Grades can be found in this thread.

We will be extending the deadline on November events until the 8th of December. You are all welcome to participate in the very little remaining time. We have our famous Questionnaire of course, not to mention the wonderful Art Creation where we always get such wonderful submissions. And finally of course we have our Birthday Appreciation thread! So many things, so little time!

We will have a December themed event at some point this month, and a few other changes are forthcoming as well. So please be sure to keep an eye on this area of the board for all that fun stuffs. ^.^

In slightly more seriousness, as this horrible year draws nearer its end, we want to remind you all how grateful we are for our lovely, and lovable community of misfits. It is amazing, finding so many people, who are so strange, in precisely the right ways, to accept you. We hope you guys are feeling the love, and that your holidays are amazing. <3

Stay safe and happy FTG.
And happy (whateverholidayyoucelebratehere)!!
~The FTG Staff~

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Dragon Slayer Riddles; For those who're interested...
Topic Started: Mar 3 2010, 01:18 AM (15,244 Views)
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Hoennese and proud!

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Being such a big part of Fairy Tail, and I'm sure you've all been awaiting this moment for a while, Dragons are now available to be found! However, we must give you a slight disclaimer before going for each Dragon, as the Riddles presented here aren't riddles in the conventional sense. What's more, in order to actually find a Dragon, once you think you've worked out a riddle, you must do the following things:

  • 1) You must have a completed character with a minimum of 50 SP earned.
  • 2) Determine the location where you think the Dragon may be. (NOTE: Dragons are never hiding in Guilds)
  • 3) Contact me (Mazohyst) and let me know you're hunting a Dragon, and link them to the thread you have started.
  • 4) Within the thread you must meet certain criteria, each of which are listed in each Riddle
  • 5) If you have fulfilled the criteria correctly the Dragon will contact you in your thread.
  • 6) Learn your Anti-Dragon Magic with the controller of the Dragon and enjoy!

Now, when you PM about the riddles and how you think you have solved them and matched the criteria, I can tell you three things, only:
-If your location is correct
-A % of how much of the riddle you have correctly figured out and
-That I will check over your solo thread to find the dragon to see if you do end up meeting the criteria

Please Note you cannot ask for help, you have to do it alone (exception below).

Now, without further adieu, we bring to you the current eleven available dragons to be found...

Igneel, The Fire Dragon's Riddle

Metalicana, the Iron Dragon's Riddle

Grandine, the Sky Dragon's Riddle

Ceteus, the Water Dragon's Riddle

Fulminis, the Lightning Dragon's Riddle

Venurium, the Poison Dragon's Riddle

Tellurisi, The Earth Dragon's Riddle

Mokalure, The Smoke Dragon's Riddle

Hyouta, The Ice Dragon's Riddle

Lucisana, The Light Dragon's Riddle

Daruui, The Dark Dragon's Riddle

The others will be put up here when the other dragons are available.

Additional Information!

  • Multiple Dragon Slayers:
    Yes, that's right, there are no actual limits on the number of people who can become Dragon Slayers of any one element! Sure, whenever a riddle is completed then the riddle will change, but we could end up with 17 Fire Dragon Slayers and it'd be ok! But you cannot have more than one Dragonslayer per player account, so pick wisely!

  • Combining Attempts:
    A new idea that means that if you want to and you find someone else who is after the same Dragon as you you may both ask for a combined riddle. What this means is that together you can both attempt to solve the riddle but it will be significantly harder for the both of you. What's more, your hunting thread will also have a partner so you can try and find it together!
    If you are after this option you must say so in your opening PM to the Dragon Mod (me, Tenken ) and I will send both of you a custom riddle for you to solve!

  • Artificial Dragon Slayer:
    Basically, it's a no. If you want Dragon Slayer Magic you have to go through the Dragons and through the Riddles that they put out.

  • Archiving: Dragon Slayer techniques can not be archived. The only exception is if the Dragon Slayer gives explicit permission, but even then the Self, Roar, and techniques gained through Advanced DS riddles can not be Archived at all whatsoever.

  • The Hidden Dragon
    No, I'm not talking about the Queen, there is another Dragon of Hidden Powers, Name and Origins and who is now available for you to find.
    His Magic is unreleased, his name is unknown and, above all, he is dangerous.
    Highly dangerous.
    Only those who are serious about obtaining Dragon Slayer powers should even attempt this riddle as the chances of death exist.

    Also, you know how you have to pick an element for your starter magic? Well for this guy you can pick any element, it wont matter. Be warned, of all the riddles this is second in difficulty and danger to the Queen only. You have been warned. Oh please note, unlike the other Dragons you may only guess the location of this Dragon a grand total of ten times.

The Hidden Dragon

Let's make it even more fun!
If you have a DS character you are also eligible to go for the Hidden Dragon, even if you already guessed once before! However you have new hoops you must jump through for my infernal amusement.
  • You must have finished both your DS Hunt and your DS Training successfully.
  • You must PM me your wish to hunt for the Hidden Dragon.
  • You then have five (5) guesses in which you must work out the magic of the Hidden Dragon.
  • You will be given three hints.
  • If you are successful in guessing the magic then you have an unlimited amount of guesses for the Hidden Dragon's location.
  • And the chances of death decrease to only 25%.
  • You MUST go after the Hidden Dragon if you are successful with the magic-guessing stage.

Fun, no?

Note: If you started a Riddle before May 24, 2016 and you wish to continue that riddle, then you must continue through Tenken.
Edited by Mazohyst, Aug 5 2016, 02:00 AM.
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Hoennese and proud!

Posted Image


"In the days and weeks since the re-appearance of the Queen Dragon, Fiore has been somewhat subdued.
Trillium's destruction was unexpected to say the least, the entire city having been ravaged and destroyed by the appearance of the mythical creature of legend and her almost-murderous intent.
However after her appearance it seems she has vanished from the public eye, at least directly.
Her departure from the scene had been shrouded in mystery after all, nobody had really known how she had left nor where she had gone to, as her departing words had been enigmatic as well.
Sightings did begin to drift in however, people saying they had seen an enormous silver-scaled creature flying over the more remote parts of the continent.
However they were all proven to be false.
It was exactly 20 days since the incident in Trillium however that Fiore got its confirmation.
On the mission boards in every city and town, a single note appeared.
This note had a trio of poems on it, and at the bottom had a single name scrawled across it.
No matter how hard anyone tried they could not remove these notes.
Astrea had given her message, and any who wished to meet her had to follow her wishes..."


Officially, Astrea the Queen Dragon is available to be found, but there are a few things you have to know before we get on to the nitty-gritty about how to find her and what that entails.

  • For starters, any character can look for the Queen Dragon.
  • Yes. Any character.

  • In order to find her you must guess her location using one of the poems given below.
  • Each poem is about a single location and each location has a different magic behind it.
  • Once you have thought of a location you must PM ([Mazohyst]) your guess for the location.
  • In your PM you must tell me the character who is looking for her.
  • You have a maximum of 20 guesses.

  • An account may only ever have one character meet her ever (with one exception, see below).
  • That means if you meet her with one character that is the only character that can ever meet her.
  • If you fail in your 20 guesses to find her location with one character then you may try again but you must wait at least one month.
  • Further, if you resume guessing and it is with the same character you are at -5 to your total guesses for the new location (the dropped cap being 10 guesses).

  • Lastly, she will only ever meet one character per location at a time. So if someone else finds her at location #1 then no other characters can meet her in that place. She will also only meet a character once.
  • And if she is found in one location, her riddle for that magic will change.

  • If you find her and you do not wish to gain her magic she will instead debate and bargain with you for a boon of your choice.
  • These boons will be along the line of S-Rank items, pets or various other things but Astrea will try to talk you down in price. She will also ask you to do a task for her that will vary depending on the item.
  • These items will be non-upgradeable however and standard effects only, however they are free S-Rank things otherwise so it's still not unworthy.

And now, for her location "riddles"...

Location #1, Space Magic

Location #2, Life Magic

Location #3, Time Magic

OK, so I have an idea and I've PMed you and the location was correct. What now?

  • Firstly you must have one open RP slot.
  • Secondly you make a topic in the location having your character search for her in that location.
  • Then PM me the link to your topic and I shall NPC it with you.

    But what happens in my topic?

  • Well, for starters once you meet Astrea she will ask you to do one task for her.
  • The tasks can and will be anything, depending on the magic/location and your character.
  • You can fail this task, it will be quite hard I promise you.
  • But no, you cannot die.

  • If you complete the task however, you may ask of her one boon.
  • This can be simply a chat with her, or you can ask the answer to the question or, if you feel bold, you can ask her to teach you her magic.

  • The latter option cannot be chosen by characters who currently have Dragon Slayer Magic.
  • However you can choose a boon even if you have another character with DS Magic, but you cannot learn from her.
  • But, if you ever harvest the character with the Queen Dragon's magic then you cannot ever obtain it again, you cannot harvest the magic of the Queen Dragon - it is once and once only.

  • Finally, the exception mentioned earlier, if you fail her task then you may attempt to find her once more.
  • However it must be with a brand new character.
  • And at least one month must have elapsed since your failure.

If you have any further questions, PM me ([Mazohyst]) and I shall answer what I can.

Get cracking!

Currently Taken Locations
Edited by Mazohyst, Aug 14 2016, 03:55 PM.
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Hoennese and proud!

Posted Image

I have heard your pleas.
I have listened to your cries.
I have noticed your wants.
And I am here to answer your prayers.

People have been asking for possible ways to upgrade their DS powers once they're already obtained, and I am giving you one.
More Riddles.
Because I know you guys loved them so much, I am giving you the opportunity to gain a new riddle for a new hunt, to re-meet your Dragon and have them teach you ADVANCED DRAGON SLAYER MAGIC AWESOMENESS but the kicker is you have to pick one of three seperate riddle possibilities.

Basically, if you wish to start your Advanced DS Magic Hunt you have to choose one of these three riddle possibilities:

  • 1) An upgrade to your Dragon Slayer Self technique and one bonus technique.
  • 2) An upgrade to your Dragon Slayer Roar technique and one bonus technique.
  • 3) Two new powerful and uniquely elemented Dragon Slayer techniques.

So, if you wish to upgrade your DS Magic, PM me with your intention and which upgrade you wish to choose and you shall receive a new riddle. Note that you can not begin an Advanced Riddle until you have 150 SP Earned. You can start a second one at a minimum of 250 SP Earned, and a third at a minimum of 350.

Have at thee!

More Dragon Slayer Rules can be found here and here!
Edited by Mazohyst, Jul 5 2016, 02:58 AM.
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