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Welcome to July everyone and we have some pretty nifty things in store this month!

Firstly, no doubt you've already noticed our lovely little set of July Updates? Well those are here to stay with some more coming during the month as it goes on by. We also have a brand-spankin'-newly-redone Project Jumpstart for y'all to enjoy run by our Global Moderator Zaber as well as the excellent Advanced Member Balmung, so head on over and check that out!

The Royal Event continues on!
Running from now until January in 2015 there is a massive political campaign for the new King or Queen of Fiore! The event can be found here with all the necessary information for how you go!

The first side-along event for The Game of Chairs has started here!
We also have a new Writing Event up to celebrate World Appreciation Day that can be found here! That's all for now. Cheers everyone.

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Missions and Assignments, Classes, Reputation, and Knights
Topic Started: Nov 19 2009, 11:39 AM (5,793 Views)
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Missions are an important part of the world of Fairy Tail Guild, at least for your average mage, because in-character they represent the way your standard guild mage earns his living; while out of character they represent a chance to increase your reputation, and come with some decent rewards. If it wasn't clear, this means you must be in a guild to take a mission. Missions are essentially jobs or requests made by people who are in need of help, that are posted up in the various guild halls. Requests can range from fairly trivial things like waiting tables, or to matters of grave importance such as stopping a terrible monster that has reawaken. Information on how to actually request a mission OOC is found here, but please make sure you understand how missions work before requesting one. While I'm sure everyone is eager to see more about those rewards we mentioned, first thing is to note that missions are broken down into different classes, D through to S, that in a broad sense categorise how hard the mission is.

Mission Classes
Mission Classes

Mission Requirements
Sorry, still no rewards, now on to the restrictions and requirements for missions. To ensure missions have the minimum required difficulty, all missions of B Class and higher require a mission mod to moderate them. Additionally missions have a minimum page requirement (full pages). Note that the moderator counts as a person for the numbers below, and if a moderator isn't present from the start of the thread, pages before the mod joined simply won't be counted towards completion of the mission.

Mission Length

As might be obvious, you need at least one mage going on the mission to be the same class as the mission, and for the mission to count towards mission rewards or classing up, you must take the mission in your mission thread slot. Mages of lower classes can accompany higher class mages on missions, with some limits. They must be within at least 2 Classes of the mission, so that while a D Class mission could go on a B Class mission if accompanied, he couldn't go on an A Class mission regardless. They must also at least have the SP earned needed to reach within one class of the mission, so a mage needs as least 60 SP earned (the minimum needed for C Class) to go on a B Class mission with another mage. The lower class mage also still must participate and help complete the mission, or the mission moderator can fail the mission. Note that the mission still counts as whatever class it is, meaning if a D Class mage completes a B Class mission, that helps him class up to A Class down the track, but doesn't help him get to C Class. While if you're joining a mission as a storyline thread, you can technically join any class mission (you're not getting rewards or credit for it after all, do as you wish), we strongly recommend you still fall within at least the minimum SP of a mage one class lower (remember that's 15 SP earned for guided D Class mages), lest something bad happen to your character.

The reason everyone is reading this, rewards! Yes, missions grant more rewards than standard threads, as outlined below. Note that these rewards are for full pages only, but otherwise don't take into account the number of people in the thread, or when the moderator joined. Consider it a bonus if you managed to hold together a large team for a mission. Probably obvious, but you only get these if the mission was actually successful. Bonus objectives in themselves give no extra rewards, but provide a legitimate and interesting way to increase your page count.

Mission Rewards

Like missions, Mages are sorted into classes, D to S. Your class determines your standing in your guild and the greater magical community, as well as defines the type of missions you can do. D Class mages can undertake D Class missions, C Class can undertake C Class missions, etc. To climb up the classes, you will have to earn a certain amount of Stat Points and a complete a certain amount of missions of the previous class. The requirements are as follows:

Class Requirements
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Missions that were taken should be posted in this section.

Mission Request Topic

Failure to do so will result in Mission Failure, where you won't gain the bonus and the reputation for the mission. Also if you fail to meet the required mission requirements(number of threads) then the mission will fail.

Please be advice that only 1 mission thread is allowed per character at a given time.
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Who you calling chocobo head...

While we have no strict Out Of Character (OOC) reputation value, completing missions increases how renowned you are, for better or worse. Note that the idea of reputation is an absolute value, that is, doing evil acts doesn't take away from your good to somehow make you less famous, all acts increase your reputation. Below is a rough guideline for how NPC's might treat you when they see you based on your guild class, though this assumes the character takes no effort to hide his identity, or hasn't done anything else that would make him more famous than other mages, etc.

D-Class Mages: Nobody
You’re a nobody, likely a mage still training his basic magic skills or just starting out. Your name means nothing to the average person and even in the magic community no one cares about your opinions. Clients won’t ask after you, and might question your ability, afraid you will fail.

C-Class Mages: Rising Star
“Oh…OH! Right, I remember you, you’re that guy…”
You’ve gained a little respect or fear, but, you’re ultimately not important. The average person would only know you if they were directly affected by a mission of yours, whereas while you’re probably known to most of your guild to some degree, mages from other guilds have likely never heard of you. Clients won’t ask after you specifically for missions, but they also won’t be too worried about you failing either.

B-Class Mages: Accomplished Individual
“Ahem…no, I want HER for this.”
Your status is on the rise from your successful missions, the average person knowing you if they live in the same city as you, or if they or a close friend was affected by a mission of yours. Members of your guild certainly would never look down on you, and mages from other guilds know your name. It’s somewhat likely clients will ask after you specifically when it comes to missions, confident in your abilities.

A-Class Mages: Much Deserved Reputation
“Can I have your autograph?”
You’re something of a minor celebrity because of your famous or infamous acts, everyone living in the same city as you knowing who you are, and your name is mentioned in all major cities. Within your guild you are highly respected, and no one in the magic community would dare look down on you, many knowing your name, and several your magic as a result. Members of light guilds have to watch out for dark guilds keeping an eye on them, and visa-versa. Clients are more than willing to ask after you for a mission, and have great confidence in your abilities.

S-Class Mages: Celebrity
“IT’S YOU!!!”
Your fame has spread throughout all of Fiore, even among the common folk, where your name might be used to name children, or in stories to scare them straight, your great (evil or not, still great) deeds well known, though some of them might have been embellished over time. A champion of your guild, within the magic community everyone knows your name…and most of them your magic as a consequence. Members of light guilds are feared and possibly even targeted by dark guilds, and visa-versa. The strongest Light Guild mages could even be considered for the title of Wizard Saint. Clients have supreme confidence in your abilities when you take their missions.
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Knights gain access to Assignments instead of Missions; these follow the same system as Missions and have the same length and requirements as a Mission of the same Class. A Knight may accompany a Mage on a Mission and a Mage may accompany a Knight on an Assignment and both will gain credit and the reward, however a Knight only group cannot take Missions nor can a Mage only group take Assignments.

Assignment Classes

~|Knight Classes|~
A Knights Class follows the same system as a Mages Class but instead of getting boring letter categories they get assigned a military title which describes their position in the hierarchy of the Knights. They follow the same Class up requirements as a Mage and also receive a small perk based on their Class.

Knight Classes and Rewards
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