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The night air was cool on the flesh of the Seveni as she followed the Dragon Slayer out of the doors of the Ashworth Manor. Waiting not so far away was a van, their intended transport to help them get past enemy lines. One of the perks of being a member of the guild was that one got almost exclusive access to places and things, access that few others could boast of, because of the underground connections the guildmaster had acquired. Quite a nifty asset, it had to be.

The van contained coffins. That was apt. Beryl couldn't help feeling uneasy looking at the boxes which were meant to carry the remains of humans. The feeling that, before the war's ending, she could possibly rest in a similar container was the main source of her discomfort. After trading a few pleasantries with Charles, the man who could move anything, she, along with her guildmates, got into the back of the van, amidst the coffins, and sat crosslegged in a rather roomy box.

"Well, let's hope this ride will be fun...."

The journey was mostly uneventful, with Beryl finding herself dozing from time to time, though she could not bring herself to sleep fully, as did Sachio. Whatever roads this impressive Charles fellow was taking into Bosco were seldom plied by travelers; most of them, in fact, seemed to be little more than dust tracks, although the van had no problems navigating, despite the occasional little bump.

Beryl was dozing off again, when she heard Charles say, "Uh, you guys better get into the coffins and close the lids. May be stuffy, but it won't take long. We're going to soon hit a checkpoint at the border, but no worries, All's been planned for." The Seveni had been wondering how Charles would get an entire truck across the Fiorean-Boscan border without raising suspicions, but it seemed preparations had been made for this event, so all that was left to do was follow Charles' directives, and wait for the outcome.

Sachio was fast asleep in a coffin, so Beryl simply drew the lid over it, sat in another coffin and made a face at Caelie before placing the lid over that one as well. Within the box, she could still hear things, though of course, the sound was muffled.Soon the van stopped, and Beryl heard someone say something in Boscan. Using her Diplomat Stones, the Seveni quickly aligned the earrings' ability to understanding the Boscan language. It was strange how what seemed impossible to understandable had suddenly begun to make sense. It seemed the van was expected; Charles, speaking in fluent Boscan, mentioned that the coffins were for Boscan royalty, made from special trees in the Lancarri Jungle, whose unstable sap disallowed putrefaction. The soldier at the checkpoint expressed desire to see them. Charles replied that he could, if he looked through the windows, but opening the van to see was unwise, as the influx of air into the back of the van could affect the naturally volatile nature of the sap in the coffins' wood and render the sap useless. A few indeterminable noises, Charles saying a farewell, and the van was off.

Frankly Beryl wished she knew how the arrangements for this smuggling run had been made. Maybe one day, she would get to know. For now, there was a mission to attend to. After being told it was safe to come out, Beryl pushed the lid off her coffin and grimaced. The inside was somewhat comfortable, which, in her opinion, was redundant, for a dead person. Ah well, humans and the oddities of their reasoning. After about half an hour the van stopped. They had arrived.

Jumping out of her coffin, Beryl pushed aside the lid of the box in which Sachio slumbered and said, "rise and shine, Vampire-Guy." Merely because vampires loved sleeping in coffins, or at least that was what the books mentioned about them.
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[Special Mission] The Bloodstone Tear · West Bosco
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