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Upon smelling the approach of two people, Sachio opened his eyes. He had been leaning against the wall near the entrance, awaiting the arrival of his partners for the mission. Seconds later, two women came into view, assumedly being Caelie and Beryl. "Yo." Along with a lazy wave, the singular word was his response to the ladies. He was pleased to see that they were attractive. He only hoped their usefulness lived up to what he heard about them. Teamwork wasn't something he was good with, but he got over his internal conflict by placing his trust in his best friend. Artorius had his reasons for sending all three of them, and Sachio figured he was just going to have to go along with it.

The transportation over into Boscan territory had been arranged by their guild master, ahead of time. They were to meet with a smuggler, who would get them to their destination. All that was left for the three, was to meet up with the man. Sachio opened the doors of the manor and stepped out into the night air. They had to leave in the middle of the night to make it over the border in the cover of darkness by the time they arrived. It wasn't going to be a short trip however. "Shall we get started?" Sachio said, as they all took off towards a waiting van, not far from the manor.

Their connection's name was Charles, a man known in the crime ring for being a quite successful smuggler. From weapons, drugs, and people, Charles moved it all. There wasn't a place this man hadn't smuggled to. Now, in the back of a truck loaded with coffins, the three members of Nine Lives hid. Ironically, Charles was already having to move these coffins legally anyway, so things just happened to line up. Lots of death due to the war, and specialty coffins for high ranking officials and their families had to be brought in.

Hiding within a coffin amused Sachio. It was something he found nice to begin with, but it brought back amusing memories of Lydia. Many a night had been spent inside of Lydia's massive coffin. Despite being fun to play with, Sachio was glad the two of them had split. Blair was close to murdering the vampire anyway. With fond memories replaying, Sachio enjoyed the long ride into Bosco. The mages weren't forced to be inside the coffins just yet, but Sachio took this time to get some rest.

Before drifting off, Sachio had made sure to tell Caelie and Beryl to wake him when they reached their destination. All Sachio knew, was that when they got to their drop off point, they had a short trek to make to find the tomb. Artorius had done a good job in planning, ensuring that the mission could be carried out smoothly.
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[Special Mission] The Bloodstone Tear · West Bosco
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