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For the fifth time, the curved dagger sailed gracefully through the air, making an arc to slash through a hanging dummy and eventually making a wide circle to return to her hand. The young huntress smiled to herself. Without activating one of the special abilities of one of her "twins", she had managed to throw it in such a manner that she could catch it, much like a boomerang. Her skill in aiming and throwing projectile weapons was improving by the day, though almost the opposite could be said about her magic.

As the dummy fell, Caelie threw the second dagger in her hand after it. The dagger followed an almost straight path this time, slicing through the dummy neatly once again, before the dummy could even get to the ground. True, the dummy had been originally hanging a full 20 meters above the ground, but it was still a feat, getting to strike it one more time before it hit the stone tiles below. Some creatures were a lot faster than that, though, an inspiration to her to attempt to further hone her skills.

A chime from a clock nearby alerted her to the time, and to the fact that she had a special mission to carry out on behalf of the guild. It looked like it would be fun, because it involved hidden tombs and other such ancient and archaeological intrigues. And unlike most of her guild mates who would be interested in how much the mission could enrich them, Caelie was into this for a more... academic purpose. Well, best to wrap up this training session. She didn't want to keep her comrades waiting.

Within a heartbeat, she was on the cold stone floor, not having dropped from her height above, but having appeared in an instant, crouched and bending to pick the ornate dagger that laid on the floor. She sheathed the dagger, bringing it to rest by its 'sister', then dragged what remained of the dummy out of the way. Once she was done cleaning up, she headed for the entrance hall of the Nine Lives guild.

In a short time, she walked through the doors, where her two guild mates awaited her presence. She was very familiar with one; the other she had never laid eyes on, but she knew a little about him, and was quite interested in his magic. He was Sachio Hanabe, the Poison Dragon of Nine Lives. She had heard that there was another Dragon Slayer besides Sidonis, but she was also yet to meet the mage. Anyway, it was time for pleasantries.

"Hello, everyone. Nice to see you, Beryl. Pleased to meet you... Sachio, right? I'm Caelie," she said, in way of greeting, once she laid eyes on them.
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