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The Western Region of Bosco. Where the fighting between the variegated nation of Fiore and the militaristic Boscan Empire had been, and in most regards, was still thickest. One could only imagine the countless liters of blood that had drenched this land, and there'd be possibly a good deal of bloodshed before the whole debacle called a war was over. And the most annoying part of war was that, for the most part, people wasted their lives over ideals that weren't theirs. It was thus necessary to see an end to the war as quickly as possible.

At least, that had been the excuse the Seveni mage had given herself when she had taken this mission. As a matter of fact, she had kept repeating this to herself as though she could, by reason of constant repetition, change the true reason for jumping with eager paws at this mission. While truthfully, Beryl hated wars, and sought to see this particular one ended as quickly as could be afforded, she knew that her major reason for taking this mission was the last paragraph in the letter she had received, mailed from the Nine Lives guild leader, Artorius Sidonis himself:

"Retrieve the Tear is the main priority. After that, you're free to take whatever can fill in your pockets. War isn't cheap, after all."

And technically, thanks to some interesting bits of equipment, Beryl had very large pockets. She sighed and shook her head, half irritated and half amused at her mental struggle. It was best to just accept the fact that she had come here to rob a grave. Oh, and help to prevent a potential weapon from getting into enemy hands. Oh, and rob a grave. That was the most important part.

Her spirits were high, for three major reasons: firstly, she had the chance to show her guild just how useful she was, and though her habitual tendencies to worry kept informing her of likely ways the whole matter could go south, the Seveni mage was still positive. Secondly, there were the prospects of 'filling her pockets', how musical was the sound. And finally, she would be working with guild mates, one of which was a close friend.

Upon entering the expansive foyer of the even more expansive mansion that served as the Nine Lives guild hall, she spotted the other guild member with whom she would work, and began making her way over to meet him, attempting in no way to mask her presence, as she was aware that he was a Dragon Slayer, and had thus most likely been aware of her presence before she was of his. "I believe I have the pleasure of meeting Sachio Hanabe, yes?" the Seveni called out when she was close enough to instigate discussion whose decibel level would be unlikely to be classified as shouting. As she approached the Dragon Slayer, she smiled warmly, a genuine expression, since the Earth mage had always found pleasure in meeting fellow members of the guild, whom she tended to regard as family. Hopefully, he would not be as noxious as his magic.
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[Special Mission] The Bloodstone Tear · West Bosco
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