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Hey everyone, it's me, your Lord and Savior, your Once and Future King, and your new Admin-for-Life Unlimit Sendo. I'm here to drop some turnbuckle-diving elbows and awesome news. There's been some relatively small updates to rulings regarding summon familiars and single summons. Additionally, there's also been a pretty big update in regards to the AP shop which reorganizes it and adds a ton of new stuff. You can find that in the AP Shop section under Item Creation. Check it out.

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It had been awhile since Sachio took part in a special assignment for the guild. It had been awhile since Sachio did anything for the guild in general. These days, Sachio didn't get out much. The ex-assassin had been spending most of his time training in the Ashworth Manor's gym. Even before obtaining the power of a Dragon Slayer, he had been obsessed with gaining strength. The Hanabe clan was still operating and spreading their influence further and further. Sachio still planned on stopping them for good. Until he believed he was ready, he would continue to hone his skill, determined to become a nightmare for his family.

Quite a bit of time had passed since his original involvement with the Boscan war. Every time he tried to take part, some circumstance would pull him out of it. He wasn't enthused to help in the war to begin with. He had agreed to join because the rest of Nine Lives were part of it. Not only were they a part of it, they were quite a big part. Sachio witness Artorius's battle at Castle Reinhardt. He could hardly believe what he saw the man do. Seeing the pure destructive power of Dragon Slayer magic only served to add fuel to Sachio's flames of passion. He would attain the same power, and use it to destroy the Hanabe clan.

Sachio believed he had come quite a way in his training and was eager to get out and test his results. Artorius had given him a way to do so. In keeping with Nine Lives' involvement in the war, Sachio was tasked with retrieving a bloodstone tear. It was apparently some special fragment of a meteorite. He remembered some important part of the war revolving around something similar. Sachio figured a trek behind enemy lines to rob a tomb and get rich in the process, was a great enough mission to take. The only downside was, he was forced to go with two guild members. He didn't interact with his fellow guildmates much. It wasn't that he didn't like them, he just didn't have a reason to most of the time. Now he supposed he had a reason.

"Caelie and Beryl eh?" Sachio mused to himself as he waited in the foyer of Ashworth Manor. "Newer recruits. From what I have heard, rather promising ones at that." Part of Sachio told himself to trust Artorius's judgment, and accept that he would have partners. The other part hoped they were just good enough to not slow him down. A really small part of him also hoped they were cute. With Blair not being around him much these days, Sachio was lacking in the female friend department. He might have grown in strength, resolve, and grew a heart, but Sachio was still the same old Sachio.
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[Special Mission] The Bloodstone Tear · West Bosco
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