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Stay the course.

Mission Name: The Bloodstone Tear
Mission Class: D
Mission Details:

"Mages, listen up carefully. This is your next assignment.

It's simple. There's a myth and a treasure. I'm sure you already know what to do.

Now, here's the myth. Long ago, there was an old Boscan Queen, Ermengard. Legend has it that on the day of her death, a meteorite plummeted into the countryside. That's your treasure. Now, they say that it smashed right into the earth, burying itself deep underground. Sound familar? Because it should.

Months ago, an operation hailed as Red Comet was launched on Boscan soil for the retrieval of a similar, but far larger meteorite. Luckily, this one's inert so it's mostly harmless, but it's important that we retrieve it and safely store it before it can fall into the wrong hands. There's just one problem -- the meteorite, known as The Bloodstone Tear, was buried alongside the Boscan Queen. But, there's an upside to this. You three know as well as I do that where there's ancient royalty, there's bound to be treasure.

Retrieve the Tear is the main priority. After that, you're free to take whatever can fill in your pockets. War isn't cheap, after all." - Artorius Sidonis

Mission Requirements:

- D-Class or higher
- Member of Nine Lives

Mission Objectives:

- Find your way to the cave containing the hidden Boscan Tomb
- Retrieve the Bloodstone
- Make some money in the process

Bonus Objectives: N/A
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