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Setting: Police / Knight station in Akane Resort

*Donald has an ice cream cone on his head, with brown melted ice cream smothering his small head. Marianne is in front of him. She looks furious. She makes hand gestures quite fast, one can even think she's nagging at the parakeet. Knox tries to explain their side to a police officer but it seems he isn't taking him seriously.*

*Keeps on doing gestures* "Just tell them the truth! You did steal that underwear!"

"How many times I will tell you I didn't steal it! It is a fcking freebie from the ice cream parlor!"

*continues* "Do you really believe they're gonna buy that?! The heck, they won't even believe a bird like you stole it! They'd think I steal it! I don't even wear thongs! Or at least not today!"

"Calm down, babe. You might have a cataplexy attack if you keep getting angry."

*signs* "Calm down? I AM CA--- whoops!"

*Marianne wobbles and falls flat on the floor.*


*Knox turns to Marianne and Donald.*

"What's wrong with her?"

"Ah, she just has this floor fetish."

*Marianne raises a middle finger at Donald.*

Police officer 1: "You kids. Stay in that cell while the chief fetches Ms. Poppy White, the owner of that underwear you stole."

"What's so important with that... thing?"

Police officer 1: "Heard it is magical, like, it boosts up the lady's energy to go untz untz... if you know what I mean."

"Ah that Poppy chick owns the thong? Can't wait to see how dazzling this lady is!"

*Marianne raises her arms, makes gestures while her whole body is flat on the floor.*

I swear Donald, when I get out of this curse, I'll kill you.

"How endearing of you, Marianne. I hope you don't fall asleep before that happens."
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