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*Marianne blinks. Looks at Donald.*

*Donald shrugs.*

*Marianne shrugs*


*Both see the panda behind them.*

*Marianne blinks.*

"Oi, Pubeball, quit following us."

"How many times do I have to tell you I am not Pubeball. My name is Knox."

*Marianne signs*

*Knox looks at Donald.*

"Can... can you kindly translate what she said?"

"Why would I? You do it yourself."

*Knox turns to Marianne*

"I'm sorry, Ms. Marianne. I do not understand what you're trying to say."

"Psh, stop speaking so politely. It doesn't fit you."

*Marianne pouts.*

"Oh, I did not mean to upset you with what I said, I'm so---"

"Ah. Ed. Oh. Yu. A---"

*Marianne quickly places her hands on her neck while wincing*

"A-are you alright?"

"See what you've done?!"

*Marianne forces herself to straighten up. Hands are still on her neck. Smiles.*

"Geez, what a bother. Marianne, let's just go. Don't mind him."

*Marianne shakes her head. Looks around. Sees a dusty display window five meters away from her. Runs to that direction.*


*Donald follows her.*

*Knox follows them.*

*Marianne scribbles something on the dusty display window.*

Don't you have a home?

*Knox smiles bitterly.*

*Marianne scribbles something again.*

The sun's up and the day's beautiful. Perfect for ice cream. I want to eat ice cream. Want to come?

"Ice cream, huh?"

*Knox remembers something. Gets a little teary eyed.*

"If... if it won't be a bother..."

*Marianne smiles widely. Grabs Knox's paw and pulls him around.*

"Do you even know where is the ice cream parlor?"

*Marianne signs with one hand.*


*Marianne places free hand on her chest, moves it in circles.*

"Fine. What can I do with that 'please' of yours."
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