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Hey everyone, it's me, your Lord and Savior, your Once and Future King, and your new Admin-for-Life Unlimit Sendo. I'm here to drop some turnbuckle-diving elbows and awesome news. There's been some relatively small updates to rulings regarding summon familiars and single summons. Additionally, there's also been a pretty big update in regards to the AP shop which reorganizes it and adds a ton of new stuff. You can find that in the AP Shop section under Item Creation. Check it out.

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Why is it... too dark in here?

What's happening?"

Fingers moved, but none could see. Not even the one who owned them.

Is anyone here?

"Why does it feel like there's a pit in my chest?

Why... is it...

It's... too... sad..."

The vastness of the pitch black seemed to know no bounds, lord or salvation. Thick it was like the growing despondency alien to her which loomed at her bosom, creeping to every inch of her flesh before wrapping around her neck. Came to her realization was the emptiness of her surroundings when the treacherous foreign one began to steal her breath.

Perhaps even air could not exist in this realm.

"Le--- Le--- Leeeey --- eeeeeem ---- o- oooow!"

"I can't take this! I don't want this!"

Then, it came as a surprise.

Orbs of red light... no, knife-like slits of crimson... suddenly appeared from a distance. Who made them emerge out of the blue was beyond her, but as she struggled to bring in air to her lungs, the pair of oddity crawled slowly towards her direction. They became clearer. They were ---


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