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Hey everyone, it's me, your Lord and Savior, your Once and Future King, and your new Admin-for-Life Unlimit Sendo. I'm here to drop some turnbuckle-diving elbows and awesome news. There's been some relatively small updates to rulings regarding summon familiars and single summons. Additionally, there's also been a pretty big update in regards to the AP shop which reorganizes it and adds a ton of new stuff. You can find that in the AP Shop section under Item Creation. Check it out.

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Zachary and Blitz entered the museum, the staff greeting them and giving them the proper mapping material where each exhibit was. The place was funded by one of the heirs of Fiore-- Zachary forgot which one, but he admired the man for upkeeping the magical and historic artifacts for public view.

As they moved through a hall of paintings, Jirachi was now very curious as he had never been to a museum before. The little star critter happily fluttered around near Zachary and Blitz, observing the different colored paintings. Ooooh... pwetty.... Jirachi chirped.

Answering Blitz' question, Zachary sighed as they continued on. "well for starters, I seem to lose track of my goals of wanting to be a wizard. I mean sure I grown better as one, but this whole Bosco thing just caused me more grief than antyhing else," Zachary said as they walked. "Remember the first attack. I was asked to help with a group-- but i made a mistake when I went to try and save someone in our party, and because of it---" Zachary stopped, not wanting to remember it. His choice to save one of his allies, cost the lives of soldiers who were fighting along side him cause he lowered his guard too soon. Even though Zachary was a kid then, and not totally at fault-- it still made him dread the thought of serving in the Bosco war again.

Whether if Blitz remembered it or not and how Zachary took it the first time, it was a scar on his life he regretted. "I Just need time away from it all, that's all." He said, observing as Jirachi carelessly floated around and they would follow him, leading to a larger room where sculptures where placed.
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