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Hey everyone, it's me, your Lord and Savior, your Once and Future King, and your new Admin-for-Life Unlimit Sendo. I'm here to drop some turnbuckle-diving elbows and awesome news. There's been some relatively small updates to rulings regarding summon familiars and single summons. Additionally, there's also been a pretty big update in regards to the AP shop which reorganizes it and adds a ton of new stuff. You can find that in the AP Shop section under Item Creation. Check it out.

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Crocus was a lively city, even in this time of war elsewhere in Fiore. For the moment Zachary was back in his homeland and was taking the time to relax with some R&R. He had been in Chrocus for some time, studying up magic at the main library and taking the time he needed to recover. His mental and physical health had taken a tole from so many battles.

For now, he was taking this time to enjoy the sights of Crocus and get a chance to see something he long since didn't take notice too-- the Crocus Museum of Art. It was a massive marble building which took up a whole city block, and contained several beautiful examples of cultural art. From ancient artwork and rare artifacts, to modern marvels.

As the sunlight beamed upon the happy street full of people, Zachary walked along quietly in his blue jacket. On his back in the hood of it, his loyal companion Jirachi sat in there like a little stroller, watching the world go by as his friend carried him around.

Little did Zachary know, his close friend BLitz was somewhere nearby-- heading in the same direction. When they would meet near the entrance of the Museum, it would be a funny reunion since Zachary wanted peace and quiet for a bit. Blitz was anything but subtle-- or an art fan , from what he knew about him.
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