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2018. Can you believe it? What the hell happened? '17 went by like nobody's business. For many, it was a fun year. For some, it was a stressful one. But now, it's finally over and we can usher in the next. Let's make 2018 a year of improvement, both for ourselves and this site, and let's continue to stay awesome and get even more awesome. Let's kill it and live it!

One more thing! There's also a nice little event on New Year's Resolutions you can find in the Site Events section of the board. Also, the 5th Phase of the Boscan War is commencing! You can find sign-ups and information in the Site Events section as well. Happy New Year, everyone. Stay awesome.

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Ayy lmao
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Name: Eric Bashere haha hi
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Height: 4'9"
Weight: 83lbs
Guild: Grimoire Heart
Stats: 551
Strength: 94
Accuracy: 83
Stamina: 83
Speed: 111
Magic: 90 (180)
Jewels: 28,386,150
Magic Name: Ochita no Hokori
Magic Type: Energy Manipulation
Magic Tier: 1
Magic Rank: 10
Techniques: 11
Magic Description: Straight outta compton
Technique Names: 要素拒絶
ayy lmao
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