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Hey everyone, it's me, your Lord and Savior, your Once and Future King, and your new Admin-for-Life Unlimit Sendo. I'm here to drop some turnbuckle-diving elbows and awesome news. There's been some relatively small updates to rulings regarding summon familiars and single summons. Additionally, there's also been a pretty big update in regards to the AP shop which reorganizes it and adds a ton of new stuff. You can find that in the AP Shop section under Item Creation. Check it out.

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Birthday: October 14, 1992
Location Cali and proud.~
Interests Physics, Science, Theory Craft, Videogames, and much more.
Gender: Male
Class: C-Class
Name: Jaxus Morbane
Age: 20
Height: 5'8.5
Weight: 143
Guild: Blue Pegasus
Stats: 405
Strength: 50
Accuracy: 30
Stamina: 75
Speed: 60
Magic: 70 (120)
Jewels: Iunno dude
Magic Name: Youkoume
Magic Type: Ocular Magic: Light Manipulation
Magic Tier: 1
Magic Rank: 8
Techniques: Iunno duuudeee,
Magic Description: Light/Eye Stuffs.
Technique Names: Youkou-Blah
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Jaxus Morbane

Serafina Alfel

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