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Fairy Tail Guild RP Current News

Holy crap we're already halfway through 2017

Anyway! It's time again to remind people of the events we have going. Firstly, the writing prompt event will be extended until June 12, 12AM, EST. So here's the link to that for those finishing up, or those who think they can finish a thread in the short period of time. Along with this, we have a few new events.

Akane Summer Getaway is one of those fun events where you get bonus EVERYTHING just for finishing threads in the subforum! YAY! This is like the Christmas event, where you seriously get free extra SP and monies just for using this subforum, and finishing the topics. Go to the link for more details.

And of course, we have another new one for the summer. Fun in the Sun, should be a good time all around. Both of these are set to run into August, so you have plenty of time to have a good time with them.

Alright. That about covers it. Stay cool out there my dudes and dudettes.

~The FTG Staff~
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