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Fairy Tail Guild RP Current News

Hey guys, hey guys, hey guys... Hey guys... Hi! It's July and guess what! Nothing? Nada? Zilch? Well you are absolutely right! There's nothing too important coming out this month because it's too hot in the northern hemisphere to do anything productive and everyone in the southern half is in hibernation. It's not being lazy or procrastinating, just setting our priorities straight. But don't worry, we haven't forgotten about our wonderful members just yet... We just need... our breaks... Zzz...

Anyways, May event gradings are finished! May the Force be With FTG Star Wars Event is here and the Boscan War Memorial Event is there. Very well-written; some of them were too good to be true, so sad but dayum. Good job everyone!

As for events this month, the Boscan-Demon Aftermath event will be continued through this month. Sign-ups are closed now, but if you did sign up and don't know what group you're in, check here. Make sure you guys post in there regularly for the story and the rewards, it's more fun for everyone if you contribute.

That's it fo--oh wait, one last thing! Let's say good-bye and thank you to one of our admins, Marcat, as he will be stepping down after this event.

Okay, that's really it for now. Live long and be happy, folks!

Credit to Auralex for the header! Stay safe and happy FTG!

~The FTG Staff~

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News & Discussion

Regular Forum News and Announcements
Find the latest information about the board here.
Memorial Day Jul 5 2015, 12:55 AM, By Marcat
0 viewers Topics: 176 Replies: 3,718
Subforums: Site Events, Character of the Month
Regular Forum Knowledge and Queries
Got anything you aren't too sure about? Post up something here and it'll be addressed!
Moderated By: Librarian, Guild Librarian
Face-claim Thread 2014 Aug 26 2015, 02:11 PM, By Lightning
0 viewers Topics: 363 Replies: 4,766


Regular Forum Welcomes and Absences
Come and say hello, drop in and say goodbye or anything in between concerning YOUR status!
Hi 8 minutes ago, By Cat
0 viewers Topics: 1,562 Replies: 6,425

The Universal Guild (OOC Area)

Regular Forum General Discussion
Talk about whatever you like!
Dragon Slayers Wanted! 39 minutes ago, By Grond
0 viewers Topics: 856 Replies: 9,084
Subforums: Debates, Advertisements, The Mighty Arena
Regular Forum Manga Discussion Superman V Batman Jul 25 2015, 03:30 PM, By Spider-Jay
0 viewers Topics: 94 Replies: 939
Subforums: Fairy Tail, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach
Regular Forum Art Gallery Weapon Desgin by Fairchild Jul 2 2015, 10:39 PM, By Grond
0 viewers Topics: 75 Replies: 1,359
Regular Forum Literature Ani writes in second person Aug 24 2015, 06:35 PM, By AniJay
0 viewers Topics: 95 Replies: 629
Regular Forum Gaming Discussion
For all discussions that revolve around or involve Video Gaming in some way - that stuff goes in here now!
FTG Hunger Games 56 minutes ago, By Snow
0 viewers Topics: 134 Replies: 6,659
Subforums: Forum Games, Tabletop Games

The Archive (IC Related)

Regular Forum Roleplay Information & Rules
All you need to know regarding In Character information and rules.
Moderated By: Guild Librarian
Codex Creation Aug 25 2015, 03:57 AM, By Balmung6
0 viewers Topics: 36 Replies: 149
Subforums: The AP Shop
Regular Forum Character Creation
After checking out the rules, you'll want to create your character. You can't start roleplaying if you haven't got a character!
Moderated By: Librarian, Guild Librarian
Saiya Tethy'Ala Aug 27 2015, 02:14 PM, By LunarCataphract
3 viewers Topics: 1,785 Replies: 13,089
Subforums: Approved Characters, Approved NPC Profiles, WIP Area
Regular Forum Modification
This section is for updating your character, updating your guild and any other modification you can think of.
Moderated By: Librarian, Guild Librarian
Nolan august update Today, 5:04 PM, By LibertyGear
0 viewers Topics: 1,386 Replies: 4,924
Subforums: Active Loan Contracts, Item Creation
Regular Forum Mission Creation
Come here to create your very own unique mission for either yourself or your team.
Moderated By: Librarian, Mission Moderators, Guild Librarian
[Taken]The Treasure of Icweiner Aug 27 2015, 11:19 PM, By Inara Serra
0 viewers Topics: 1,797 Replies: 3,180
Subforums: Approved Missions, Completed Missions
Regular Forum Encyclopedia
The main hub for all of the sites lore: Contribute and browse to gain an understanding of Fiore and the rest of Earthland!
Moderated By: Librarian
Immortals (WIP) Yesterday, 4:07 PM, By Braver
0 viewers Topics: 106 Replies: 217
Subforums: Unofficial Locations, Bestiary, Organisations, Fioran Flora, Technology, Culture, Religions, Races, Magic, History
Regular Forum Universal Mission Board
Come here to check out/post requests, recruitments, story line ideas, etc.
Moderated By: Librarian, Mission Moderators, Guild Librarian
Mission Request Thread Aug 27 2015, 08:46 AM, By Sinjin
0 viewers Topics: 206 Replies: 4,900

Kingdom of Fiore - Major Cities

Regular Forum Magnolia
The hometown of the Fairy Tail Guild, Magnolia is famous for their rainbow sakura trees and the Fantasia Parade which is celebrated every 15th of October. The city of Magnolia is famous for their trade district as it is primarily a prosperous trade city.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
The Demon and The Fairies: Integration Today, 6:52 PM, By Spellslinger
0 viewers Topics: 717 Replies: 17,914
Subforums: The East Forest, Southgate Park, Train Station, Fairy Tail Guild
Regular Forum Belladonna
A city, build upon the arid lands of Eastern Fiore, Belladonna is, although a hardcore city, still a magnificent place to live due to its rich mineral resources and one of Fiore's leading focus on magic lacryma research, as well as being home to the secretive Lamia Scale guild.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
The Selection Today, 4:10 AM, By talon
0 viewers Topics: 220 Replies: 4,992
Subforums: Lamia Scale Guild, Cinnabar Range
Regular Forum Poinsettia
A grandiose city surrounded by a beautiful natural landmark known as the lavender forest, Poinsettia is a home to many great magical mysteries and insidious operations from the mythical 'guild of wishes'. Poinsettia it's also know for it's Butterbeer, a delicious non-alcoholic drink made out of peanuts.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
A Sweet Wrapped in Bitter Today, 7:39 PM, By Lordsoul
0 viewers Topics: 256 Replies: 5,379
Subforums: Blue Pegasus Guild, Lavender Forest
Regular Forum Acacia
As Fiore's greatest exported of quartz and originator of the worldwide awarded green quartz jewels, Acacia is one of the most progressive towns in Fiore. It is however one of the most militarized towns due to the high chance of robbery since there are various jewelry shops in the city, although this is only the town itself.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
The Witch's Heart Aug 26 2015, 05:43 AM, By Zaber
0 viewers Topics: 160 Replies: 3,936
Subforums: Grimoire Heart Guild, Cerulean Gorge
Regular Forum Coreopsis
The floating cities of Fiore, Coreopsis is one of the most romantic locations on the kingdom as the city is built around complex waterways with some sections floating on magically infused boats powered by the Celadon Lakes. Sectors are connected between each other by beautiful bridges but most tourist used boats to take romantic trips. The city is famous for its Lover's Day every 14th of February, during that day the entire city rejoice in the love between two people.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
The fishing trip (D-rank mission) Today, 3:46 PM, By LunarCataphract
0 viewers Topics: 215 Replies: 4,941
Subforums: Tartaros Guild, Celadon Lakes
Regular Forum Trillium
The formerly Grand City of the Winds, Trillium was once ruined with the re-emergence of Astrea, the Queen Dragon, but in the months since then it has been re-built as a shining metropolis of thriving industry and debauchery, and is well known for its many new casinos.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
The angel meets the fallen Aug 27 2015, 09:28 PM, By Luna Kage
0 viewers Topics: 175 Replies: 3,960
Subforums: Raven Tail Guild, Fuchsia Fields
Regular Forum Crocus
Whereas Era is the home of the Mages Council, Crocus is the Capital City of Fiore and home of the royal family. A resplendant city divided into four districts, few travellers can look upon Crocus and not be astounded the first time they see it at the magnificence before them.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Horcruxes Today, 2:03 PM, By Enchantress
0 viewers Topics: 81 Replies: 1,854
Subforums: The Royal Palace
Regular Forum Era
The place where the Magic Council gathers, Era is the centerfold of the political power of the magical ruling body of Fiore which keeps in check all magic guilds. For this reason, they do not hold the Fairy Tail Guild in high regard due to their idiocy and property damaging tactics.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
The Library Today, 4:54 AM, By SilverRush
0 viewers Topics: 48 Replies: 1,255
Subforums: Mages Council
Regular Forum Ironforge
An underground city discovered after an avalanche on Mt. Hakobe. It has been locked away for many years but is now finally open again. With negotiations underway to merge this city within Fiore, will it reveal it's dark secrets?
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
[Graded]To Forge a Legacy Aug 25 2015, 10:31 PM, By Inara Serra
0 viewers Topics: 27 Replies: 477
Subforums: The Great Forge
Regular Forum Tessera
Tessera is a curious city whose history spans countless centuries. On the surface, this does not appear immediately obvious however there is always more than meets the eye. Tessera is a city which has buildings built upon the ruins of others, a generational process that has spanned for centuries. As a result, there are numerous layers of ruins and dungeons beneath the city's surface, luring treasure hunters, adventurers, and those seeking a new lease on life towards the Grand City of Rebirth.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
The Phantom Polyhedron Today, 3:11 AM, By Grond
0 viewers Topics: 74 Replies: 1,327
Subforums: Quatro Cerberus Guild

Kingdom of Fiore - Small Towns

Regular Forum Onibas Town
Marvelously structured city, known for it's many cultural sites and bazaars. The most renowned road in Onibas is the Ghost Lotus Street which has quite a many dealers in it, and one can virtually find anything there, According to local folklore, if it's not on Lotus Street, it doesn't exist. The Famous Salezade theater also sets residence in this town.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Into the Rabbit Hole Jun 18 2015, 09:18 PM, By PotatoRamen
0 viewers Topics: 65 Replies: 1,499
Regular Forum Hargeon Town
Hargeon is a decently sized port-town in the southeast of Fiore and is regularly considered one of the best places in all of Fiore to live. It's also one of the leading pioneers of steam power within the country due to its mostly non-magical populace.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Facade Yesterday, 11:35 AM, By Tinkerbell
0 viewers Topics: 128 Replies: 2,760
Regular Forum Shirotsume Town
It is a calm, small city at the southern edge of the mountains regions baring the passage of Gosai to Carelum. It main point of interest is their long spanning pedestrian 'highways' and beautiful houses as Shirotsume is probably one of the wealthiest cities in Fiore as many powerful and rich people set residence in this city. Northwest from Shirotsume used to be the base of the Ghoul Spirit until it was mysteriously burnt down in blue flames.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Murder incase Jun 10 2015, 09:18 PM, By Ciariel
0 viewers Topics: 57 Replies: 1,067
Regular Forum Oak Town
Lying in the north-east region of Fiore, Oak Town is a town deeply blended with Nature, aiming to copy the capital city of Pergrande, Avalon. The city built on a small mountain and directly in the center town used to be the main building of Phantom Lord Guild over all other houses.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Who Even Likes Castles Aug 25 2015, 02:42 AM, By Tenken
0 viewers Topics: 80 Replies: 1,738
Regular Forum Hosenka Spa
A tourist spot on the west of Fiore, Hosenka is renowned trough out the continent for having the best hot springs and spas in the region. Many weary travelers come to this retreated part of Fiore for healing of tired spirit.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Returning Home. Aug 27 2015, 08:31 PM, By Littlekisa
0 viewers Topics: 93 Replies: 2,152
Regular Forum Oshibana Town
Another of those place you love to visit but would never want to live in, Oshibana is not exactly a bad place but since mostly it connect Magnolia with other more 'undesirable' lands, it's not uncommon to find oneself in the midst of trouble.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
The sprout and The tree Aug 19 2015, 09:00 PM, By Talhar
0 viewers Topics: 69 Replies: 1,527
Regular Forum Clover Town
A small, secluded town with no big landmarks, making it a perfect place to be the meeting place of all guild masters of recognized guilds. However, Clover through it's existence has been a rarely remarked town.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
The Amazons Taking Over Aug 21 2015, 07:13 AM, By Lightning
0 viewers Topics: 38 Replies: 995
Regular Forum Ranunculus Town
A fairly small town where literally every occupant is a mage, those who do not have magic powers are normally outlawed from this place, and those who are in Guilds are frowned upon and watched as this place holds itself as decidedly neutral in all events that happen within Fiore.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
[Graded]Happy Ever After Jul 1 2015, 06:26 PM, By Inara Serra
0 viewers Topics: 21 Replies: 515
Regular Forum Snap-Dragon Creek
A quiet little town, dull one would say that lies alongside a large meandering river that runs from the very tip of the East coast to the very tip of the South coast of Fiore with the town almost acting like a miniature island. The residents here are quite lazy, quite lethargic and it is rare for anyone from here to do very much in a day besides sleep.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Rune for Two More? Aug 17 2015, 02:57 AM, By Luna Kage
0 viewers Topics: 43 Replies: 815
Regular Forum Tully Village
A very old town, said by some to be the oldest town in all of Fiore, and occupied almost exclusively by old people as well, Tully Village is a great rest-stop for the weary traveller as it is located in the precise center of the six great cities of Fiore, making a trip to any of them from this place take exactly the same amount of time.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Who Knows Joy? Yesterday, 12:00 AM, By Morti
0 viewers Topics: 40 Replies: 981

Kingdom of Fiore - Notable Places

Regular Forum Mt. Hakobe
Mount Hakobe is the largest mountain on the eastern part of Fiore and home to Monastic Order of Galta. Hakobe is the very definition of an unending and vicious winter as even in the high summer here heavy snowstorms and almost no life can be found on Mt. Hakobe although humans have for ages considered the mountain as the ultimate challenge of man against nature..
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Let It G- Holy Crap! Is that a Yeti? Jul 6 2015, 05:32 PM, By Luna Kage
0 viewers Topics: 55 Replies: 1,489
Subforums: Blitz's Bastion
Regular Forum Galuna Island
The Island of Galuna can be reached primarily through the port of Hargeon in a brief boat travel. It is abundent in natural flora and fauna that is let spread due to the lack of any people living there. A lone mountain, Moonfall Mountain, is on the island covered in dense tropical woodlands and has a long forgotten temple of the Lunari at it's base.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Lunar Treats Aug 27 2015, 04:19 AM, By Inara Serra
0 viewers Topics: 47 Replies: 1,159
Regular Forum Kunigi Station
One of the most frequented stations on the country at it goes from the small trade post known as Kunigi to Magnolia and Onibas. It lies closer to Onibas and some more further east of Magnolia.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
[Graded]Strangers on a Train Apr 10 2015, 06:18 AM, By Fafnir Rakesh
0 viewers Topics: 31 Replies: 766
Regular Forum Tower of Heaven
A site of a great tragedy that has nothing heavenly, this once epic tower, now lying in ruins, was constructed by the followers of a legendary dark mage in order to revive him but luckily their plans were foiled by the brave mages of Fairy Tail.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
The Calling of the Void Aug 24 2015, 10:50 PM, By Hadou
0 viewers Topics: 40 Replies: 941
Regular Forum Akane Resort
Another well sough tourist spot for those seeking relaxation and peace, Akane Resort is one of the finest establishments in Fiore for women seeking for some 'me' time.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Summer's Not Over Yet!! Yesterday, 2:07 AM, By Setanta
0 viewers Topics: 70 Replies: 1,547
Regular Forum Sanzibar Desert
An expansive desert that covers roughly 1/3 of the entire Southern half of Fiore, the Sanzibar Desert is not nearly as inhospitable as a desert of it's size should be and is dotted with more than one town or oasis along it's enormous length making navigation fairly easy. Though you should never let down your guard.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Desert Sand and Oasis Green Aug 23 2015, 12:29 AM, By Balmung6
0 viewers Topics: 49 Replies: 1,185
Regular Forum Acalypha Town
A small city located near Magnolia, this pristine little fishing village is well known for being prosperous despite the greedy nature of some of the residents and no matter the hardships it endures it always ends up stronger than before.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Homecetption Jul 8 2015, 10:45 PM, By Zen
0 viewers Topics: 26 Replies: 615

Kingdom of Fiore - Regions

Regular Forum North Fiore
The northern portion of Fiore, filled with many unique and magical towns.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Ice, Ice Baby... Today, 2:40 PM, By PotatoRamen
0 viewers Topics: 132 Replies: 3,392
Subforums: Makahiya Village, Glacial Flats
Regular Forum East Fiore
The eastern portion of Fiore, filled with many unique and magical towns.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
[Graded]Horrible body guards Aug 24 2015, 09:39 PM, By Inara Serra
0 viewers Topics: 122 Replies: 3,464
Subforums: Hydrangea Village, Highnoon
Regular Forum South Fiore
The southern portion of Fiore, filled with many unique and magical towns.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Operation Zenobia Aug 27 2015, 06:35 PM, By Mazohyst
0 viewers Topics: 190 Replies: 5,291
Subforums: Dandelion Sector, Sampaguitown, Anemone, Rosalie Island
Regular Forum West Fiore
The western portion of Fiore, filled with many unique and magical towns.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Mechanical Menaces Aug 27 2015, 11:48 AM, By Tenken
0 viewers Topics: 140 Replies: 3,562
Subforums: Lotus City, Aster Town, Mt. Gilimancaro
Regular Forum Central Fiore
The central portion of Fiore, filled with many unique and magical towns.
Moderated By: Mission Moderators
Looking For Alice? 56 minutes ago, By SilverRush
1 viewer Topics: 206 Replies: 5,025
Subforums: Chrysanthemum, Lancarri Jungle


Regular Forum Profiles
For those profiles of characters who are no longer with us or were denied for any reason.
Moderated By: Librarian, Guild Librarian
[Denied]Nessa Archelot Aug 27 2015, 10:56 PM, By Inara Serra
2 viewers Topics: 1,260 Replies: 8,892
Subforums: Deleted Profiles, Old Profiles
Regular Forum Modifications Portfolio
All completed modification will be stored her for future references and to avoid mishaps of any kind.
Moderated By: Librarian, Guild Librarian
[Accepted]Toshiro Togashi minor mod Today, 6:04 AM, By Zaber
0 viewers Topics: 5,077 Replies: 17,391
Subforums: Completed Contracts
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