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Democrat policies (verses) Republican policies
Topic Started: Aug 9 2018, 01:49 AM (237 Views)

I don't belong to any political party, but I'm going to discuss the differences between the two major political parties in America.


1. The Democrats support two men getting married (something that God strongly speaks against in the Bible). Democrats have made same sex marriage a major part of their platform.

2. Republicans believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, as stated in the Bible. They don't support two men getting married.


1. The Democrats supports the transgender lifestyle, where people try to change the sex that they were born with. Democrats believe that if a man feels like he's a woman, he should be allowed to use the women restroom, they believe that if a boy feels like he's a girl, he should be able to use the girls restroom.

2. Republicans don't support the transgender lifestyle, they believe that if you were born a male then you should only use the men restroom. They believe that you are what God made you at birth.


1. Democrats believe that people should be able to terminate the life of a baby in the mothers womb, through abortion,

2. Republicans take the Biblical position of a baby in the mothers womb, where God said that I formed you in the womb. Republicans are against abortion.


Taxes is the amount of money that you are forced to give the Government out of your paycheck, investment or earnings. For 100's of years in America nobody had to pay income taxes. In 1913 taxes were created to pay for war, and even today a lot of tax dollars go to pay for war.

1. Democrats believe that the Government should be allowed to take large sums of people paychecks through taxes.

2. Republicans are for low taxes, they believe that the Government should only be able to take very little of people paychecks in taxes, they believe that Americans should be able to keep more of their hard earn money for themselves.


If you are trying to start a business and work for yourself, or if you already have a business and you are trying to grow your business, or if you own investments.

1. Democrat policies tend to be less favorable for business, Democrats policies tend to be less favorable to people that own investment, because of regulations and their support for high taxes.

2. Republican policies tend to be more favorable for business, and their policies tend to be more favorable to people that on investments, whether it's 401 K plans, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Real Estate, etc, because of their support for low taxes.


Both political parties have cut social programs.

1. Democrat Bill Clinton made major cuts to food stamps and welfare, the largest in American history. He also proposed cutting Social Security and and Medicare.

2. Democrat Barack Obama cut heating aid to the poor, he cut funding to the Head Start program, he cut Meals On Wheels, he cut 8 billion from food stamps, and he cut 716 billion from Medicare. He also proposed cutting Social Security.

3. Republican Ronald Reagan cut welfare, he cut the budget for low income housing, and he proposed cutting Medicare.


1. The Democrats wrote and passed the 3 Strike Law.

2. The Republican started the war on drugs.


When it comes to foreign policy, basically there is no difference between to two political parties. They have both bombed and destroyed foreign countries.

1. Republican George Bush Sr bombed Iraq.

2. Democrat Bill Clinton bombed Iraq and Somalia.

3. Republican George W Bush bombed Iraq and Yemen.

4. Democrat Barack Obama bombed Libya, Yemen and Syria.

When it comes to foreign policy they are pretty much the same.
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Aug 9 2018, 01:49 AM
I don't belong to any political party,
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Good points DeShawn.
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