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Why there's a good chance that Lebron James is going to stay in Cleveland
Topic Started: Jun 11 2018, 12:02 PM (272 Views)
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Dwayne Wade is very close friends with Lebron James, and in a recent interview that he did Wade was asked if he thought that Lebron James was going to leave Cleveland, and Dwayne Wade said that at this point for Lebron it's about more than basketball for him, it's a lifestyle.

That is good news for Cleveland.

1. Lebron James is all about family.

2. Lebron James wife and kids love Ohio.

3. Lebron sons schools play basketball in Ohio, and they love their teammates.

4. Lebron oldest son will be going to high school real soon, and he will be playing for a high school in Ohio. There's a possibly that he could play at the same high school that Lebron played at.

5. There's a good chance that Lebron doesn't want to uproot his wife and kids from their family and friends in Ohio.

6. For Lebron James Ohio is HOME, and there is no place like HOME.

7. This year Lebron proved that he could get an average team to the championship, by himself.

8. Cleveland is only one piece away.

9. Kawhi Leonard is a bonafide superstar and he might be the best player in the NBA behind Lebron James.

10. If the Cleveland Cavilers get Kawhi Leonard, it's game over nobody could stop them. They would win a bunch of championships.

11. Having Lebon and Kawhi Leonard on the same team, that would be like having Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson on the same team.

12. Lebron James and Dwayne Wade are like best friends, and the only reason that Lebron went to Miami is that he wanted to play with his best friend, it had nothing to do with the city of Miami. It was about playing with his best friend, Lebron has been there and done that, so this time around there is no need for Lebron to relocate his family to a new city and away from their family and friends.

Lebron is the best player in the NBA, and he can get just about any of the top free agents this year to go to Cleveland. The top free agents know that their best chance of winning a championship is with Lebron James.

Ohio is a slower more laid back place to raise a family, rather than a fast past city. There are certain values that comes from being raised in a hard working blue color state like Ohio.

In his post game interview Lebron James said that (FAMILY) is going to be the deciding factor in his decision, and that's good news for Cleveland and the state of Ohio.
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Hahahaha, keep dreaming. :D
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