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Jews don't believe in Jesus
Topic Started: May 17 2018, 02:46 AM (285 Views)
God Son

If someone told you that they don't believe in Jesus, if someone told you that they believe that Jesus was fraud, would you support those people?

Well that's the position that the Jews have on Jesus.

1. Jews don't believe in Jesus.

2. The Jews don't believe that Jesus was sent by God.

3. In the Bible the Jews called Jesus a Devil.

4. In the Bible the Jews took up stones to cast at Jesus.

5. In the Bible the Jews persecuted Jesus.

6. In the Bible the Jews made up lies on Jesus, in order to turn people against him.

7. When Jesus worked miracles the Jews still didn't believe ( the Jews said that it was magic).

8. The Jews picked on Jesus and tried to make fun of him.

9. Jesus was not able to live in peace with the Jews.

10. The Jews hated Jesus, and they had him killed.

11. Even today the Jews don't believe in the New Testament in the Bible, the Jews say the New Testament are false books in the Bible.

The Jews were Jesus outright enemies, how would any person call themselves a Christian or follower of Jesus and then support the enemies of Jesus?

Read these Bible scriptures.

JOHN CHAPTER 5 VERSE 16-----And the Jews persecuted Jesus and sought to slay him.

JOHN CHAPTER 5 VERSE 18------And the Jews sought to kill Jesus even more because he said that God was his father.

JOHN CHAPTER 10 VERSE 31------And the Jews took up stones to cast at Jesus, and Jesus answered them saying for which one of my good works do you stone me for?

JOHN CHAPTER 8 VERSE 59-----Then the Jews took up stones to cast at him, but Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple

JOHN CHAPTER 8 VERSE 37-----Jesus said to the Jews ye seek to kill me because my word has no place in you.

JOHN CHAPTER 8 VERSE 40-----Jesus said to the Jews ye seek to kill me a man that has told you the truth.

JOHN CHAPTER 7 VERSE 19-----Jesus said unto them did not Moses give you the law, and yet none of you keepeth the law, why do ye go about to kill me?

JOHN CHAPTER 7 VERSE 13-----And no man spoke openly of Jesus for fear of the Jews.

JOHN CHAPTER 12 VERSE 37-----Even though Jesus had done many miracle before them yet they believed not on him.

Bible scriptures where Jews called Jesus a Devil.

JOHN CHAPTER 8 VERSE 52-----Then the Jews said unto Jesus we know that you are of the Devil.

JOHN CHAPTER 10 VERSE 20------And the Jews said unto the people Jesus is of the Devil and is mad, why hear ye him?

JOHN CHAPTER 8 VERSES 48-49-----The Jews answered saying unto Jesus you are a Samaritan and have a Devil, and Jesus answered saying unto them I have not a Devil. But I honor my father and ye dishonor me.

JOHN CHAPTER 8 VERSE 52-----And the Jews said unto Jesus now we know that you are a Devil because Abraham is dead.
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