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John Brown a white man that tried to overthrow slavery by himself
Topic Started: Nov 4 2017, 01:51 AM (477 Views)

Sometimes as human beings when we have a bad experience, we tend to lump all people in the same category.

When some men have bad experiences with women, they then tend to lump all women in the same category. They then began saying that women are no good. Because of their bad experienes with women, they then have a negative view of most women .

When whites have bad experiences with blacks, some whites then put all blacks in the same category.

When black people have bad experiences with whites, some blacks then put all whites in the same category.

As human beings we have to fight to avoid that, we have to take emotion out of it and not put all people from one group in the same category.

Here is a good example.

There were whites that put black people in slavery, and there were whites that supported slavery.

But then there were whites that opposed slavery, and John Brown was one of those people.

John Brown was a white man that took up arms and he tried to overthrow slavery by himself. He went to different plantations killing white slave owners and freeing black slaves.

Brown was good friends with Harriet Tubman, and Nat Turner was one of his hero's. Turner was a black slave that led a bloody rebellion against slavery.

John Brown said that his hatred of slavery began when he was 12 years old, he became friends with a little black kid that was a slave, and one day he saw a white slave owner beating that black kid with a shovel, and from that day forward he set out to end slavery.

John Brown parents strongly opposed slavery.

John Brown felt that taking up arms was the only way to end slavery, he got several men together and they raided slave plantations freeing slaves. He then got 21 men together (15 whites and 6 blacks) including his sons, and they raided an armory in Harpers Ferry Virginia, in order to get weapons to arm black slaves in order to overthrow slavery.

John Brown was later captured by the U.S. military and he was charged with treason, and he was hung. He gave his life fighting and trying to end the enslavement of blacks.

John Brown was very religious and he felt that he was doing God's will to try and free black slaves.

This is John Brown.

Posted Image

John Brown kissing a black slave baby, while leaving the court house on his way to be hung.

Posted Image

Video Documentary on John Brown.

Activist Dick Gregory said that John Brown was a the greatest American of all times.

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U Thant
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Cool thread.

I used to use this same concept here toward Cray & reddgirl, about Rachel Dolezal, when they couldn't comprehend why we all should appreciate Rachel so much.
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They don't teach about him in public schools.
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