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There are 2 types of pain
Topic Started: Apr 9 2017, 01:00 AM (675 Views)
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There are 2 types of pain in life.

The pain of discipline.

Or the pain of regret.

People that are great at what they do they chose the pain of discipline. People that are great athletes, entertainers, they chose to put in hours and hours of practice everyday, for years. People that's great in technology and business they chose the pain of discipline, they put in hours and hours of study and trial and error everyday, trying to figure out solutions and trying to figure out what will work.

Michael Jordan said that when he was playing with he Chicago Bulls he got to practice two hours before his teammates everyday. This was not required, this was something that he chose to do in order to get better as a player. His discipline and hard work paid off for him, today he is now seen as one of the greatest basketball players ever.

Jazz great John Coltrane use to practice 16 hours a day and more. He would practice to the point where he often fell asleep with his saxophone in his mouth. His wife said that there would be days that she would finish dinner and fix his plate, and he would be so busy practicing that he would forget to eat. John Coltrane chose the pain of discipline, and know he is known as one of the greatest musicians ever.

Those men lived out their dreams because they chose the pain of discipline. Life rewards people that choose the pain of discipline.

Now lets look at the pain of regret.

There are people that have dreams, but they are not making sacrifices. They are not putting in the time and hours of practice needed in order to become great.

But when they get older and the doctor tell them that they only have days, weeks or months to live. They will look back over their lives and have the pain of REGRET. They will regret that they didn't do what they should have in order to achieve their dreams. They will look back and say if I had only tried, if I had only made a serious effort I could have achieved my dreams.

Regret is something that you live with for the rest of your life.

So in life you will have to decide whether you will choose the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret.

Michael Jordan said that work ethics eliminates fear, he said that he didn't fear because he put in the work.

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