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Topic Started: Sep 9 2009, 06:19 PM (11,241 Views)
Afield Negro
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Oct 31 2013, 11:38 PM
King Koopa
Jul 18 2013, 06:01 PM
This is a very interesting site to say the least.
Hello, AfieldNegro, and everyone! Introducing myself as, Griff. I enjoy the sites format, the spontaneous discourse and its candid opinions.
Thanks Griff the board members and myself really do appreciate that.

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Hi, Field. I was doing some research and stumbled upon your site a few days ago. After "lurking", I decided to join. At first, I can say my visit was quite jarring upon some of the truculence I've seen. Upon further probing, I saw many like-minded ideas and decided that would be the balance and that I would join. Here I am. I look forward to learning, teaching, and even sparring with some of the resident idiots. I love literature and languages(esp. the romantic ones). The Harlem Renaissance, The African Diaspora, Love and Romance... the list goes on and on. In the days of slavery, they would have put me in the house based on my appearance, but after I poisoned the whole family, everyone would have known that I was a field negro.
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Tahuti Eloheem
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Thank you for the welcome, again. i forgot my user name.
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I'm a huge fan of Brother Malcolm and am happy to be here. Hello!
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Hello Everyone!

I came across this site by happy accident. I'm glad that I did. My husband and I had an awakening a few years back and we have been reading and studying our REAL history and who we truly are. Not the one we were brainwashed with. So I am happy that this site exists! It will be very refreshing to exchange and discuss different ideas. I'm looking forward to it.

Kudos to you wonderful Brother (Afieldnegro) for its creation!

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This is the best black website on the net right now. No nonsense and full of positive and informative threads. I am glad to see so many bright and interesting minds.
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Hi. New to site. Unfamiliar with the interface.
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This is a really nice website and message board.
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Glad to be a part of this site.
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