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I knew who my father was, but he was abusive and my mother left him, with my siblings, to live with my grandmother and grandfather. It was great. We had nothing and did not know it. We created our toys and fun through imagination. Everyone around, mostly, was poor. So, we never knew our circumstances. We had the basic necessaties. I grew up not knowing my biological father and I have no feelings concerning him at all. He simply was not a part of my life. He died in 1970 when I was ten years old. Never meant a thing to me. You cannot miss what you never had. My grandparents and mother were my life. They gave us all the love and discipline we needed. I was lucky. Not every child has a place to run to. Today, my grandparents are gone, but I remember what they did for us. My mother had four children and only three survive. I am her only child that cares for her. She is mentally sharp, but physically feeble - due to working so hard to take care of her children. I make sure she needs for nothing. Whether it be love, talking, caring, listening or providing what she needs......and wants. My deceased brother was ashamed of his upbringing and the circumstances. I feel blessed - and told him so. I also made sure my mother understands how appreciative I am for all she has done. She was all the parent I ever needed. My father? Who?
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