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Welcome To Kari Kihei Head Quarters!

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Head Admin - Eternal Frozen Strike Berserker
2nd Admin - Nopihina
3rd Admin - Yandols
4th Admin - DeathRock
Moderator - ISubaru
Moderator - Random1
Kari Kihei Server: Under Maintenance
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Welcome to the KKC, we are one of the second fansites to support both Rockman and Ragnarok at the same time. If you have not registered an account, please register one. By registering an account, you will have the ability to post in threads and gain access to more areas that cannot be seen by guests. By becoming a member you can interact with many other fans of Rockman and/or Ragnarok. So what are you waiting for? Register or Login now and enjoy the fun that will happen soon~

Recent News - 18th May, 2010

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