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Hyrule Story: Age of Ganon
Topic Started: June 5, 2017, 4:22 pm (94 Views)
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Lord of the Octoroks, all hail!
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"If thou has a strong desire or dream, wish for it..."

The legends say the great goddess Hylia chose from amongst the races of the world a group of humans, and blessed them with a powerful artifact which contained the the inmense power of the gods within, which was to be used to advance and protect their civilization — this artifact was the mithical Triforce. Using the power bestowed upon them, the Hylians spread across the lands and passed on their knowledge to all the nations, eventually founding a mighty kingdom, which is known to us now as the Ancient Kingdom of Hyrule.

But over the course of time, the Hylians found themselves with a growing number of enemies. Others in these lands coveted the power of the gods, and this lead to the spilling of blood on numerous occasions, eventually escalating into a disastrous conflict that submerged the world in darkness, exhausting the resources of the ancient kingdoms.

It was then that, quite by accident, a group of thieves skilled in the black arts managed to open a gate to the vault where the Triforce had been hidden from the enemies of the ancient kingdom. Consumed by an insatiable greed and lust for power, one of the thieves vanquished his own companions during a brief but terrible struggle, and claimed the power of the gods for himself. With divine power unrivalled, this single criminal raised one of the greatest armies that the lands had ever seen, and struck against the Ancient Kingdom of Hyrule with terrible intent. But the bravest knights and the wisest sages could not stop the behemoth that the Triforce had unleashed, and the kingdom finally perished in flames.

It's been a thousand years, and this ancient criminal now rules the lands as their immortal and all-powerful ruler Ganon is the name he has taken, and he has amassed many titles over the centuries — expanding his reign well beyond the borders of the ancient kingdom and forcing countless nations into servitude, his power can be compared to that of a primeval force of nature, and hope to resist him has waned over the past centuries. That is, until now. Rumours have surged about a weapon capable of negating the divine power that the monstrous Ganon posseses, and althought similar legends and stories have been heard across past centuries, these whispers have set forces in motion which could change the world together again.

Many unusual people have made their way to Kakariko Village, one of the largest settlements in the realm, to verify the existence of this weapon; some might have heard that Ganon's minions are desperately looking for something in the nearby forest, some others might be in the service of the town's ruling Sheikah, and could be seeking to eliminate those rebellious elements brought together by the rumours. But their search would be interrupted by the blaring of the horns, and the return of a patrol squad with dire news for the town: the moblins come from the west, in greater numbers than ever before! These are not Ganon's moblins, they come from the outer edges of the realm. And their leader, a self-proclaimed King of the Moblins, apparently wields some sort of legendary weapon, a shining sword of light.

Ganon's Realm
Ganon runs the realm in a feudalistic manner, that is, only directly controlling a small portion of territory, while vassals control the rest in his name. This has lead to a very fragmented realm, but as his vassals know that they can't ever challenge Ganon, who is viewed as much as a god as he is an emperor, they instead plot and conspire against each other most of the time — Ganon doesn't mind, he has more important things to do than preoccupy himself with mortal affairs, and in any case, he is of the opinion that the weak deserve to be destroyed... so if one of his vassals takes out another vassal, well, that's that then.

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Calatia: Once the core region of the Kingdom of Calatia, which was conquered in the centuries following Ganon's Triumph. As the Gerudo Kingdom did most of the fighting, and given the region's distance from Ganon's Tower, the crowns of Gerudo and Calatia were united, making the King of the Gerudo the King of Calatia thereafter. Most of the region's inhabitants are humans of Calatian descent, but most of the Calatian nobility has been replaced by Gerudo nobility. The Gerudo have also extensively colonized the coast due to its strategic importance, and have used it as staging grounds for pirate activities.

Central Hyrule: The region surrounding Ganon's Tower, and the only province directly controlled by Ganon. Villages are scattered along the rivers in bwteen miles of farmland, the people inhabiting this region used to be humans of Hylian descent, but in the aftermath of Ganon's triumph, those with Hylian blood were persecuted and nearly exterminated. Nowadays the region is mostly inhabited by humans of Gerudo descent, though some scattered Zora communites can be found here too. The same as everywhere else, Moblins patrol the roads and streets as the main enforcers of Ganon's peace.

Death Mountain: Located close to the northern edge of the realm, Death Mountain is a large active volcano. Once the homeland of the proud rock-eating race known as the Gorons, who chose to side with the Hylians during the war and paid the price for their decision. The mountain is now ruled by the dragon Volvagia in the name of Ganon, and most of the mountain has been ceded to the fire-breathing reptilian humanoids known as Lizalfos, with the few remaining Gorons forced into slavery and used to extract treasures and resources from the depths of the mountain.

Eastern Hyrule: Also known as Ikana Valley, this dry region has always been very sparsely settled. Despite this, following the ascent of Ganon, the inhabitants of this region banded together and proclaimed the Kingdom of Ikana, taking the name of an ancient kingdom which had fought countless war against the hylians, and promptly swore their alliegance to Ganon. The inhabitants of this region are mostly humans, and are perhaps the humans with the least Hylian blood of them other than Gerudo and Sheikah, something which pleases Ganon greatly.

Fairy Forest: A forest located in Southern Hyrule. Like the Sacred Grove, it seems protected by strange magic, but in this case, due to its distance from Ganon's Castle and the warring kingdoms next to it, this forest has remained largely unmolested for centuries. Whispers abound that surviving Hylians populate the depths of these woods, using the forest's magic to their advantage, but nobody really cares enough to go look. Oh, there are fairies here too.

Ganon's Tower: Standing tall in the middle of the realm, where the castle of the Hylians once stood, this great black tower rises high into the the clouds. Three grand bridges link the base of the tower in the middle of the river to the field; a spanning citadel extends along the base of the tower, where many high-ranking enforcers of Ganon's regime reside. Ganon himself almost never leaves the tower, having only left it a handful of times across the past ten centuries, sending instead his trusted right-hand man, the sorcerer Aghanim, to conduct mortal affairs in his stead.

Gerudo Valley: Located west of Southern Hyrule, beyond the mountains, some dare whisper this is the place of Ganon's birth. That is not true, of course, as Ganon is a god and couldn't have possibly born as a mortal man. Despite this, the Gerudo made the bulk of his forces when he struck against Hyrule almost a thousand years ago, and they were rewarded in kind for their support, their desert wasteland turned into a fertile valley with the divine might of the Triforce, and an ancient curse the Hylians had placed upon them removed (males and females both are born at regular rates, but they are still matriarchal). Since then, the Gerudo have become the strongest amongst Ganon's vassals, expanding their influence across the realm under Ganon's patronage, in many cases outright replacing local Hylian populations.

Hebra Mountans: Tall pearl-white mountains located west of Kakariko Village, which have been colonized by Moblins across the centuries. Recently, the Moblins have brought in Gorons from death mountain to excavate some ancient ruins found atop the Hebra Snow Peak, hoping to find some great treasure for themselves. Yeti are sometimes sighted in these mountains, but they are very rare, and even the Moblins fear them.

Kakariko Village: Actually a walled citadel nowadays, this is the largest human settlement outside the Gerudo Kingdom, the population being slightly larger than that of Ganon's Tower citadel. Originally founded by the Sheikah, an ancient order of warriors sworn to protect the ruling family of the Ancient Kingdom of Hyrule, whose remnants switched sides to serving Ganon after the war, and were granted governorship of the citadel as a reward. Pretty much anything and everything can be found within the walls of this settlement, and thanks to the efforts of the Sheikah, the streets are relatively secure; despite this, the the city often finds itself the target of raids by rogue Moblin clans from Hebra Mountains and Moblin Forest to the west, though those have generally been unsuccsesful since the city's walls were built. It is rumoured that children who show themselves to posess certain skills and aptitudes are taken by the Sheikah at a young age to be trained as part of their order. Most inhabitants of the city are humans, and those with Hylian blood are generally tolerated, but considered second-class citizens.

Lake Hylia: The only landmark that retain the name of the former rulers of the land. Located southeast of Ganon's Tower, this large body of water sustains dozens of human settlements around it. Lake Hylia is politically a distinct entity from Central Hyrule, and instead of being directly ruled from Ganon's Tower, it has its own Duke of Hylia to oversee Ganon's peace in the region. The lake used to be considered a sacred place for Hylians once, who would cross it in pilgrimage and make the climb to Mount Hylia to pray to their goddess, but as mostly everywhere else, the Hylians have been all but erradicated and the inhabitants of the region are now mostly humans of Gerudo descent.

Northern Hyrule: Located directly to the north of Central Hyrule and Ganon's Tower, one has to pass through here to reach Death Mountain by foot. The villages and castles here are relatively peaceful and wealthy, largely because this region is the one that connects the realm to others in the continent, and these settlements benefit of the trade. Most other kingdoms in the continent aren't very fond of Ganon, though, and the fear that they might attack (as they have done several times before) has prompted Ganon to built a few castles and fortresses in the frontier and assign some of his most trusted minions to oversee them.

Pyramids of Power: The King of the Gerudo rules from here. The spanning settlement at the base of the pyramids is fed by a river that flows from Gerudo Summit in the northwest. The pyramids were built by Ganon himself in the aftermath of his triumph, and some whisper that the fact that the Kingdom of the Gerudo is ruled from here has some sort of deeper meaning or significance; regardless if that is true or not, the Kingdom of the Gerudo are the strongest of Ganon's vassals, even subsuming the entire Kingdom of Calatia in a long war during the centuries after Ganon's Triumph. The King of the Gerudo has vassals of his own too, such as the desert tribes of Zuna people in the Grand Desert, the Darknuts in the Darkut Forest to the south, and some human lordships between Calatia Valley and Fairy Forest.

Ruined Domain: A magificent citadel of crystal spires, built where several rivers converge before reaching Central Hyrule. Once the home of the proud Zora, the citadel has fallen into disrepair since the Zora were scattered by Ganon's forces, and its halls and bridges are now infested by river creatures of darkness, though the ocassional feral Zora sometimes can be seen in the surroundings. Latets rumours indicate that a so-called Octorok King now controls the citadel...

Sacred Grove/Dark Woods: Spanning the northwestern edges of the realm, this extensive forest remained completely inaccessible to Ganon's forces for several centuries. Many nature spirits reside within the confines of the woods, and the forest itself seems to be imbued with life, repelling would-be-invaders as if hoping to guard some great treasure . But Ganon's divine powers are beyond comprehension, and the tyrant has begun to extend his influence over the forest's magic, transforming large parts of it into the Dark Forest amd corrupting the spirits there into servitude.

Southern Hyrule: The large region that spans much of the realm's southern half. Without a single population center to dominate the region, it has been split into several petty kingdoms constantly warring against each other, though of course, all of them swearing fealty to Ganon in some form or the other. The inhabitants of these kingdoms are mostly humans, and many of Hylian descent can still be seen in the warring kingdoms, though they are still considered second class citizens in this region. The Gerudo Kingdom has annexed several of the smaller kingdoms near Gerudo Fortress and Calatia Valley.

Western Hyrule: The region located directly to the west of Central Hyrule and Ganon's Tower. This region is economically and politically dominated by the relations between the Sheikah at Kakariko Village, and the Moblins of Hebra Mountains and Moblin Forest. The former have built several fortresses and castles across the plains and fields, slowly pushing towards the territories of the latter.

Character Creation

You put your character's name here.

You put your character's race here. This is a vastly changed Hyrule, so things are a bit different.

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Here you put how your character look's like. A basic description will do just fine, a picture or drawing is fine too.

Here you put your character's backstory. A paragraph or two will be enough, though feel free to put more if you feel like it.

Here you put the weapons and armor your character uses.

Here you put the loot and rewards you get along your adventures, as well as key items important for questlines and stuff.

This is where it gets a bit more interesting, since abilities are divided in different gropus. Your character can have up to six (6) Weapon Arts, and up to six (6) Magic Spells. Special Abilities don't have a limit to how many you can have, since you'll end with just what your character's race allows him. All abilities start at Level I, and you will be able to level-up abilities as the campaign progresses; each level-up provides an additional effect to the abiility OR an increase in power for the ability.

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Lord of the Octoroks, all hail!
Let's do this.
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Lord of the Octoroks, all hail!
I'm still up for this if anyone's interested.
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Onime No Ryu
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I'll be your Undertaker this evening
Honestly I don't know if I'd be up for it Arc, I've got work, an RP I'm running on the Guild, an RP I'm participating in on the Guild (which i came back to after six months cause the people in it all seem to like me), possibly Onis's Fire Emblem thing if that gets off the ground, and then other stuff I want to make time for.

Plus the plot doesn't really draw me in or anything and outside of the guild I'm not real fond of freeform RPs anymore due to the lack of tension and lesser sense of tangible progression.
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