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RP Idea: "A New World"; And related discussion
Topic Started: June 1, 2017, 11:12 am (183 Views)
Onime No Ryu
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I'll be your Undertaker this evening
Before I start, I do want to apologize to an extent, because it is a shame that the Zelda RP came to a screeching halt. Nevertheless I stand by my arguments that what happened should NOT have happened, that even if permission was given it should NOT have been given, and I certainly don't foresee any forthcoming information that will make me change that assessment. But I do know that the arguing wasn't fun for anyone, so I'm sorry for that. As part of my apology--although really I think it's pretty easy to see I'm also riding out my anger waves and the "I'll show you" mentality--I've been in talks with Kaze and Sin about constructing a new RP. I'll try to keep the explanations simple because I know I've always been one of those types who gets into all the lore and the rules of magic and all the other stuff that other people don't really care about.

To satisfy my own hunger for "things have to make sense!" but to stay within the realms of familiarity for everyone, Kaze and Sin helped me reach a few basic ideas I'd like to use to shape this RP. They are as follows:

  • Character Approval will rely not just on an admin, but group discussion where necessary. If you think I or Kaze or whoever is turning down, say, BO, repeatedly just because we don't like him, then we can present the case and have a vote. Same thing with character factions and proposals for side quests. I DO NOT want joke characters, or badly done, hamfisted plot lines, or widespread factions that immediately get abandoned--but I do understand that enjoying things is the reason we do this. Instead of immediately shutting down any discontent with "You have no say/I don't care about your opinion but I DO care about this person's opinion," let's fucking lay out the reasons and have the knock-down drag out in an OOC topic before it spreads to the actual RP.

  • In order for "Adventurers" to exist, the settings' Law Enforcement and Military must be thinly spread, incapable to some degree (not necessarily incompetent), tolerant of what are essentially wandering murder hobos for whatever reason, or some combination of those three.

  • In order for "Dungeons and Ruins" to exist, all one truly needs are buildings of some sort (Temples, Cities, Tombs) and some reason for them to be in a state of decay. These reasons could include War, Changing Environments (a sudden flood or volcanic eruption), the passage of Time, some form of Corruption (a plague, a magic artifact that goes out of control), or Intended Design (this place is filled with booby traps because the owner was a paranoid schizophrenic). Thus a setting needs some of these factors in its backstory.

  • To facilitate "Exploration," one can have any number of motivations (to find loot, to conquer territory) but what one NEEDS is land. Land that is wild and untamed, or at the very least so dangerous that normal people fear to tread it.

  • People like magic, but magic systems are hard and getting too deep into them is confusing. While I personally encourage logical exploration of the concepts that are introduced over time, for the most part we're planning to stick with "Magic is the extension of the Caster's will as it interacts with the natural Elements. A fireball appears in your hand because you want it to appear there, and to make your magic stronger you must have a stronger will, a better imagination, etc., thus facilitating a field of studies that focus on mental rather than physical strength."

  • Most of the time people like the Open World concept, but problems arise when players become too split up or spread too thin. Yet there are also problems with stronger plots, namely the feeling that players are being rail-roaded or taken on a tour of the setting, rather than exploring it freely for themselves. Therefore, I propose that we discuss this topic thoroughly, and in addition I make the following suggestion: What if we had an Open World, but whenever players get ready to decide where they want to go, we have OOC votes to determine the journey for the group as a whole? For instance, if we have a choice between the Forest, the Ocean, and the Volcano, instead of each character heading out on their own we instead vote and discuss things OOC, and in the case that someone doesn't want to violate character--"But my guy isn't social/has a fear of the volcano/doesn't think it makes sense to go there first,"--perhaps actively try to conspire events that would help them have whatever reasons they needed to stay with the group.

  • We will NOT use stats or dice, at least not in combat. If a character wants to make a Braveheart speech, or begin gathering a rebel army to overthrow the crown, maybe whoever is running the event could throw a d10 and a d6, then say "7 people are convinced by you, and 3 of them are soldiers who work in the castle," and stuff like that, but it's certainly not required or set in stone as long as people don't go crazy with it.

With these concepts in place, here is my proposal for an RP:

Many years, maybe even centuries ago a great disaster caused a nation, maybe several nations, to fall apart. The survivors got on huge arks, and set off to find somewhere else to live. They landed in a "New World," rich in resources but full of danger. To conquer territory for themselves, first along the shore and then further inland, the Military engaged in a War with the natives of the New World. Once the various colonists had established themselves, there was much work to be done, many obstacles to be overcome, and yet plenty of opportunities.

Before the colonists arrived, however, the natives had been there for a while, and they had built things. Even before the War, Environmental Changes and the passage of Time, along with other factors, caused some of their buildings to fall into ruin. Without the natives around (because they're being killed in the war) it's up to the inhabitants of the new world to explore these things and see what they can learn for themselves.

In addition to the civilized natives, there are also Monsters that fall into two relative categories: Magical Beasts, like dragons and griffins, that simply evolved that way and are part of the environment, and Demons, creatures that were intentionally designed by magical means as servants or soldiers. An example of Demons would be Goblins and Orcs and so forth, and because they were created rather than developing naturally, they lack the "soul" or the sentience to do anything besides what they were created, "programmed" to do--Goblins are always stupid and vicious, and will attack and kill anything that doesn't force them to retreat, because that's just what they were designed to be. So nobody really has to feel bad about slaughtering them by the hundreds.

Because the colonies are spread out, and most people have their hands full trying to make a living, Law Enforcement is not well established beyond the local level--a sheriff and his posse can strongarm most folk who don't play by the rules in their town, but who's patrolling the roads? And if you're just a local town posse, how are you going to take on a fire breathing dragon that's made a nest in the nearby forest? What's more, lawmen are concerned with just that--keeping the law. They have no interest in being archaeologists, and they certainly can't tell nature to stop Goblins or Dire Wolves from breeding.

Because the Military is trying to scrub the natives out entirely, and continually expanding towards the frontiers of the New World, they don't have the man power, the supplies, the time, or really even the motivation to go on monster slaying hunts unless there's no other option. Looting ruins for magical artifacts, weaponry, or to learn the native's history might help them wage better wars, but it's hard for them to do this while the war is actively going on.

Because the land is untamed, new roads have yet to be built and the environment is dangerous. Merchants need guards to transport goods, Historians need help to get past the dangers of the dungeons, map-makers need people willing to survey these frontiers.

Because the land is new and no one truly owns it yet, there are great political opportunities. Want to rule a town? Just go out in the woods and found one! But for that you need money and resources, and getting that kind of stuff isn't exactly a one-man job. Plus, other folks have the same ideas, or perhaps opposed ideas, that may create conflict.

These factors create a NEED for people who are semi-militant, yet independent. People who are strong, yet will follow orders or receive requests. People who have the means and the will to explore, to solve mysteries, to right wrongs that slip through the systems that are still in their infancy. It creates the need for Adventurers. Adventurers themselves will need information, organization, supplies. Thus, shops or guilds or other businesses that cater to them.

Thus, our characters enter this New World, and their interactions will shape it. Other factors, like whether we want to do an epic plot, or a smaller series of adventures that build into something greater, are up for discussion. But this is the setting I propose, in rough draft form at the least.

So from here, the floor's open to you guys. Thoughts, suggestions, maybe you just wanna voice your opinion on all the shit that went down, whatever.
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Onime No Ryu
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I'll be your Undertaker this evening
No one's posted yet, but continue/start other discussions if you want, this will only be a yes/no thing for most.

Part and parcel of fantasy is having different races, although I've always preferred having fewer of them or just playing a human. Kaze has a very particular race in mind he wants to play, but I'm unsure about it. Because I'm not the only one involved in making this RP, just the one pushing it the most, it's probably better to have a vote rather than myself alone putting my foot down.

Kaze's race, Dragonkin, is as follows:

  • Stronger and more Durable than a human, maybe other races too.
  • Not as Agile or Acrobatic as other races.
  • Unable to use magic
  • Has a breath weapon of one element. They are resistant to the same element as their breath weapon.
  • Very primitive, limited ability to create technology, build large or complex structures, maintain infrastructure. Emotionally shortfused.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Hatch from eggs, low birthrates.
  • Highly skilled in combat and the making of armor/weaponry, make their living outside the tribe as mercenaries. Within the tribe they seem to be solely hunters, no agriculture or animal husbandry.
  • Live in rough environments but don't build much besides basic housing.
  • Cannot fly, only glide or power jump.
  • Not much for social interaction with other races.
  • They have written language, and can copy things from other races given enough time, but don't generally care about the whys and hows of something.
  • They can and will eat almost literally anything.
  • They are, each and every one of them, somewhere between 7-14 feet tall even as adolescents. Their wingspan appears to be at least three times that, if not more, and their "wings" are more like the Gore Magala than the typical wyvern or dragon.
  • They have more muscle than the Hulk, probably at least twice as broad as a human.

Personally, I don't much like the race as it is. To me it doesn't seem like they would have had the capability to leave the old world and come to the New World at all unless they were slaves used as labor on the ships, but of course Kaze's not cool with that. They seem more like Monsters than a "race," they have such little intellectual capacity and so few achievements, they're barely out of the caveman stage. They're not as broken, power-wise, as they have been in previous iterations, but they're still really strong, maybe too much so. But for the most part, they're too damn BIG in my opinion--given their height, their muscle mass, and especially their wings, I just don't see them being able to function in cities, buildings, etc that were built for relatively human sized and human proportioned beings. Elves are usually tall, and Dwarves are usually stocky, but this is like trying to make Skyrim's Giants a playable race alongside Nords and Britons.

But, again, that's just my opinion. Players, what do you think?

See the Poll at the top of the page.

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Slow and steady...
Does this have to be done for every race we come up with or use? I personally have no issue with people creating their own races on monsters/creatures to use provided they're not ridiculously outlandish.
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Onime No Ryu
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I'll be your Undertaker this evening
June 2, 2017, 12:59 pm
Does this have to be done for every race we come up with or use? I personally have no issue with people creating their own races on monsters/creatures to use provided they're not ridiculously outlandish.
I wanted to do a vote on this one just because me and Kaze talked about it a lot on Skype and I couldn't come to a decision; like you said the only real problem is if something's too outlandish or overpowered, and in my opinion Kaze's dragonkin kinda falls on the outlandish side.

As for other races, I'm personally not super fond of the Tolkien-standard five, but if everyone else wants to use them or others all I ask is that we fit them in sensibly. Unless people wanna make changes to the setting, right now we're looking at a kingdom, or handful of kingdoms, that have only been established in these New World colonies for a few generations. So Elves wouldn't have huge crystal spire cities or thousands of years worth of history except for what they carried over from the old world, and Dwarves wouldn't have the resources to have huge steampunk factories, and so on and so forth.

Characters will be scrutinized before approval anyway, so anything brought up by their race will probably be addressed along with that.
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Let's do it!
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