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I'll be your Undertaker this evening
Here's my character, let me know what you guys think.

Atticus Foster

Humans are the most common and prosperous race, adaptable and well-versed in magic. +10 Magic Power, +1 Feat at Level 1.




Height: 5' 10" * Weight: 145 * Eyes: Gray-Blue (ignore pic)

Born and raised in Orchid Town, Atticus always admired the mages of Gryphon Wing. He grew up hearing about them, and played often with the neighbor kids while pretending to be a wizard just like Zebulon, or Rutger, or anyone else. He was a bright kid, too, so he eventually got the idea to try and learn more about Magic at the Orchid Public Library. Until he was about 12, Atticus could almost always be found reading in the afternoons after school or on weekends; soon the adventure stories and dumbed-down histories in the kid's section held nothing for him anymore, and he began reading actual books about magic, guilds, and all other kinds of things. Even the old, dusty reference tomes that no one ever bothered to check out couldn't slow him down. If he was immersed in a book, the boy could lose himself for hours--unless of course Ms. Ivory happened to be around, in which case he couldn't stop blushing and fidgeting whenever she so much as glanced his way.

But when he did turn 12, he mustered up his courage. A book on different types of magic in hand, he knocked on the door of the Gryphon Wing Guild Hall. And with a steely resolve, he begged Zebulon Artz to teach him real Magic. The old mage didn't need much convincing, seeing that the boy was prepared, so he began tutoring Atticus.

Then the youngster got his first real taste of magic, and everything changed.

"Magic" is something that can be learned so long as one possesses the aptitude for it, as 12% of the population do. One can learn different styles of magic depending on their talents and studies, but each and every true mage has a "Personal" style of magic that they prefer, or that comes to them as easily as breathing. This magic is more of a "phenomenon" than a skill--when a person learns to harness their inner energy, and then combines this with the flow of nature's own energy, the reaction produces their true Magic. And when Atticus triggered his own, natural-born magical talent...If his teacher hadn't been Zebulon Artz, someone who had turned down an invitation to be one of the Ten Wizard Saints of Fiore, it's possible the boy would have killed someone.

Atticus's magic is known as "Crash." It is a magic of "Destruction," breaking down both matter and energy, even other magics, down to their smallest components, and generating incredible forces of pressure that literally crush anything in its path. It is known as a more advanced type of magic, and incredibly powerful...but also incredibly hard to control. One of the most well-known users of this magic was none other than Gildartz Clive, the most powerful S-Rank Mage of the famous Fairy Tail Guild. Gildartz was known to be so powerful that, if he wasn't careful, merely touching brick walls, houses, or the very ground beneath his feet would cause these objects to disintegrate.

From this moment on, Atticus's enthusiasm and love of magic died, and was replaced with constant fear. How could he use this magic without killing someone? What if everything he touched broke? How could he ever even hug his father and mother again, or play with his friends? He couldn't even go to the library anymore, because the slightest slip of his self-control could cause disaster for everyone around him.

For the next 7 years, Zebulon worked with Atticus. The training was difficult, not just because of the strain it put on the boy but because he was even afraid to try during his lessons, lest he blow something up. And even under such personal restraint, he did blow things up. A lot. But the Guild Master would not let him quit, would not let him throw his power away or lose himself to it. He inducted Atticus into the Guild, and made him start taking missions--first with other, more experienced mages who could handle any "accidents." Then with just one or two teammates. Then by himself.

Now, at 19, Atticus has enough control over his magic that most of the time he doesn't have to worry about accidentally killing someone. And he can keep from destroying the tables he sits at or the roads he walks on. But still he holds back, every hour of every day, and lives under a seemingly constant pressure. The fear is still there...but, at the very least, he now has friends to help him grow.

Level: 1
HP: 12
AC: 13
MP: 70 (+10 Race, Total 80)
STR: +2
DEX: +1
CON: +2
INT: +2
WIS: 0
CHA: 0

Overpowering Magic - Increase Damage and Non-Offensive Effects by +5, but increase the Magic Power cost of all spells by +5. If Designated Healer is taken after this Feat (or vice versa), your Magic Cost increase gets worse at +7.

Offensive Spell Specialization - Gain +2 Damage on all Spell attacks, but Non-Offensive Spells have their effects decreased by -2. If you take this Feat when you already have Overpowering Magic (or vice versa), your Magic Power cost increase is now only +2.

Magic Discipline - Increase the Magic Power cost of all spells by +5, but increase the Accuracy of Spells by +5 and no longer gain Disadvantage on Called Shot rolls.

Focused Casting - Increase accuracy for all Spells by +1. If you take this Feat when you already have Quick Casting (or vice versa), you regain the ability to make Called Shots. If you take this Feat when you already have Magic Discipline (or vice versa) your Magic Power cost increase is now only +2.


Crushing Evil: Mercurius (Force Damage 2d8 (+7), Range 1d2, Defense Break 1d8 (+5), Push 1d3, MOD STR 10; Condition - If the Target is not under the effect of a Support spell, this spell loses its Defense Break Trait (-8 MP) and one of its Damage dice (-8 MP). Condition - Target makes CON save for 1/2 damage (-5 MP) and Push resist (-5 MP). Condition - Atticus makes opposed INT roll on Supported enemy, if he fails Defense Break trait does not trigger (-8 MP). +4 MP, +6 Acc)
Concentrating a specific "type" of destructive energy within his fist, this is Atticus's most reliable spell--it is designed to only "break down" other magical energies. Against a shielded or otherwise "buffed" enemy, it shatters all defenses, but otherwise is simply a nasty punch.
Spell Cost: 9

First Sphere: Luna (Force Damage 2d8(+7); Range 3x3 (1d9); Push 1d3(+5) squares; Condition - User and Targets roll opposed CON checks. If the Target wins, it takes 1/2 Damage (-5 MP) and is not Pushed (-5 MP). Allies and Enemies alike are affected by this spell's range (-5 MP). +4 MP, +6 Acc)
With a thunderous boom, the user releases their Magic in a powerful sphere of destructive force, expanding outwards around them. Atticus can't control the magic well enough to keep it from harming his allies in the vicinity, but discharging it over a wider area minimizes the chance that anything--or anyone--will be outright "broken."
Spell Cost: 17

Eden: Expulsion (Force Damage 2d8(+7); AoE 1d6 (Line); Push 1d3(+5) squares; Condition - User and Targets roll opposed STR checks. On successful save Target takes 1/2 damage (-5 MP) and is not Pushed (-5 MP). Allies and Enemies alike are affected by this spell's range (-5 MP). +4 MP, +6 Acc)
Throwing a powerful punch, Atticus releases a wave of Magic that attempts to destroy anything in front of it. It can be used at melee range or projected over a distance, but the best Atticus can do is slow down how "fast" the Magic breaks things down--what would normally tear someone to shreds instead sends them flying, as if they were being buffeted by hurricane winds. It still affects any allies in range, but at least it won't hurt them too badly...he hopes.
Spell Cost: 14

Ouranos (Force Damage 1d8 (+7), Long Range 1d6, Inflict Prone (DC+5); Condition - Target makes a CON/STR check, whichever is higher, to resist being knocked Prone. This Condition does not reduce MP cost. Condition - This spell cannot be used without an opening to the outdoors directly over an opponent (-10 MP). Condition - Target makes Reflex save for 1/2 damage (-5 MP). +4 MP, +6 Acc)
Atticus tries to use a technique to project one's magic power, and then brings it down directly on top of an enemy. It's probably his most precise spell, but its power is decreased compared to others because of the finesse it requires. Typically, it'll still smash an enemy into a crater.
Spell Cost: 3

Severance (Slash Damage 1d8, Long Range 1d6, AoE 1d3 (Line); Condition - Allies can be effected by this spell's range (-5 MP). Condition - Target makes CON save for 1/2 damage (-5 MP). Condition - Obstacles to either side of a target reduce this attack's damage by 1/2 (-5 MP). +4 MP, +6 Acc)
Concentrating his magic into a single, crescent shaped blade of projected energy, Atticus can be more selective with the amount of "destruction" he causes. Rather than simply breaking things down, this Crash spell "severs" targets the same way a blade "destroys" by cutting.
Spell Cost: 6
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