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Added the Agile feat, which like some of the other "character trait" feats like Cunning and Toughness, is just a straight boost this time to AC.

After realizing all our ACs would be on the low side, I've decided to boost the Base AC from 10 to 12. So take your DEX mod, then any Feats, and add them to 12 to get your total AC. Hopefully this'll keep fights from being "whoever hits first wins," because the spells even with standard levels of damage seem to stack up pretty fast. Then again, powerful magic is the whole point we'd RP this series.

I've added a tidbit on the Guild Bond Feat, because it's supposed to encourage the "Nakama Power" that's the staple trait of the series. You MUST roleplay a bond between yourself and whatever characters are on that feat list within the RP itself--Kaze, for example, can't just say he has a Bond with Matt's character but then have them never ever interact.

Kaze, for your character specifically, "The Knight" should be under the Magic Style section as a sub-heading or whatever under Requip. Requip is the "kind" of magic, like Fire Magic or Ice Magic, and The Knight is just a style of Requip Magic, like how Fire Dragon Slayer or Ice Molding would be different types of Fire and Ice Magic. Your actual Spells will be whatever weapons and armor you are using--for instance, something like:

Longsword (Slashing/Piercing Damage 1d8; Melee Range 1d2; No Effect 0; Metal Element 0; Modifier STR 10; Cost -5, Damage +2)
A well crafted longsword made from iron. Equally suited to slashing and thrusting, a sturdy weapon for any soldier. Kaze ordered it from the famous Heart Cruz blacksmith guild.
Spell Cost: 15
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