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December 25, 2017, 8:24 am
I'm not fond of health points or stat points in any rp. Take out those points and it's less complex since you don't have to math at all and it becomes less tedious for everyone. It's probably just me though.
Without those it's honor system, and I just can't do that anymore because it's not fun to me. There's no tension, no questions of whether or not someone will die or if they'll succeed on any kind of "skill test" to overcome an obstacle. We COULD create tension without the solely physical threats--without the threat of a character dying in a fight, without the threat of things going badly for someone else if the party doesn't solve a puzzle or complete a journey within a time limit--but those types of tension can only involve the emotional and interaction aspects of a story. Non-physical conflicts, and thus tensions, are linked to things like a romantic "Will they or won't they?," question or a "Will this character hold true to his values, or will he abandon them? For what or who's sake will he abandon them if he chooses to do so?" And our stories, no offense, just aren't good enough to use those types of conflicts to their fullest extent.

Hell, you guys don't even do this to figure out man's innermost nature or have your characters make kissy faces at each other. You do this cause you like to fight stuff. And this is how you make fighting stuff exciting--by throwing in the possibility that you can die doing it. To die we need health points, to determine whether or not we die we need checks and balances, for those to work right we need stats. For magic to work within this system, then magic also has to play by rules that are related to the stats.
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