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Sin is starting a new RP!
Charter of Rules, Rights, and Freedom
We need rules, it won't be strict, but simple rules. I've recently updated this because some of the rules don't seem to be very clear for some people. At first, I thought that pinpointing limits would be an easy job for people since technically, it's pretty based on common sense and morality. Somebody has pointed to me however, that some people might find them contradictory instead. This is why that I've updated the rules by making them more specific so it will be much easier for people to understand.

1. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

2. Please assist people if they need help. But do not be a huge jerk about it.

3. No absolute hate, well... not even hate at all. This includes trying to spread hate, or doing things with the intention of hating on others.

4. No racism, okay? I know that some people like to make racist jokes, but please consider those that might take it more seriously.

5. Give fair judgement to people. Judge people as you would judge yourself

6. If you are to comment on someone or something they did, please talk to them politely, not in a way that would piss them off or make them upset.

7. Have fun! Of course, there are limits, but you should know what those limits are. No trolling, hate, anything with the sole intention of being a douchebag, etc.

8. No links to viruses, spywares, trojans, or anything like that.

9. No illegal content.

10. In this board, freedom of speech is absolutely permitted as it is a human right. However, not to result that somebody gets defamed. You're free to criticize, but not to the result of being a complete dick. It's also recommended that biased remarks are to be avoided.

11. If you need help, just ask. But do not ask help for something that would break the rules of this site.

12. Nothing WAY too explicit, or something like that.

13. No one shall be excluded unless they wish to be excluded.

14. Everyone is considered a person.

15. Joking is okay unless you go way too far. Meaning, saying the same joke so many times to the point that the other person gets annoyed isn't permitted.

16. The right to post is permitted to any topic unless one is to post something very negative.

17. Freedom of thought is permitted. However, thoughts of hatred should be kept to ones self.

18. Freedom of religion is also permitted as long as hate is not involved.

19. Freedom of belief is permitted as long as it is not extreme hate.

20. No elitism. Period. It is okay to be happy of your skills, but don't be acting like a total jerk about it.

21. Members that have been banned will see their ban duration increase if they use proxies or something similar to bypass the ban.

22. Everyone is allowed to speak in any language.

23. Men and women are considered equal.

24. People of all ethnic groups, backgrounds, and religions are considered equals. So no political, religion, or racial arguments.

25. If you're going to be gone for quite some time, PLEASE let us know by posting it at the Introductions and Departures section PRIOR to your absence. If you come back and you give a legit reason for your absence, then we will understand. Otherwise, you may be put on the AWL list.

26. Trolling can lead to a ban.

27. No advertising on the cbox, email, or through the PM. There's a reason why the Advertisement section exists as guest friendly. Same by advertising sites on your profile. Breaking this rule will lead to an instant ban, UNLESS you have been granted permission to do so by an admin. So before you want to advertise like this, we suggest that you get permission from an admin first.

28. No stealing. Period. For example, don't steal the layout of this site unless you have been granted permission by the owner of the layout.

29. Try to follow the rules in a roleplay. We all make mistakes, but try your best to follow them.

30. Assisting banned members by inflicting harm to the site will result in a ban.

31. For you advertisement spammers out there, if you come to this site for the sole purpose of advertising some sort of product (like kitchen hardware for example), then consider yourself banned.

32. Also, joining the site for the sole purpose of advertising will also lead to a ban.

33. Using IP changing programs like Tor for the purpose of causing trouble or bypassing a ban is absolutely unacceptable. This will lead to a permaban. Trying to bypass a ban by using another device such as a phone is also unacceptable.

34. Banned users caught using fake accounts will be banned and will lose the privilege of having the chance to be unbanned.

35. It is okay to talk to people when you have problems, but please don't start unnecessary drama. No one needs that.
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