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Wide Eyes of the Woods
Topic Started: Dec 1 2008, 07:26 PM (2,288 Views)
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She had hit the ground. Finally. He smiled and pointed the way to TaƩlothloren. Northernway from their position lay the hill which they had to walk up and over towards the city of trees, elvenhome. I have never been more ready. Up the hill and over and we're there. Easy, right?

He began to walk, his usual loping stride with his wiry-muscled legs, slow enough for her to catch up before he would speed up the pace. The morning had a cool breeze accompanying it and Collin, for a moment, thought he spied a deer wandering beneath the ancient trees. Some unhappy crows were fighting over something behind them. It was a beautiful morning and Collin could revel in such moments as these. The world was, at once, alive and new, every experience a novelty.

So where are we going first, Katarina? Once we get there, I mean. We should have a plan rather than wander too aimlessly. I won't be able to guide us once we're inside. It's going to be so full of people, I'll bet. It's going to be hard to tell who is following us for a while, I'd guess. Hopefully there won't be too much trouble. Just in and out and on to the Quartz Falls. Yeah, that would be great. Katarina and I in one of the loveliest spots on the face of all of Elefor. His smile widened as he pictured his thoughts in bright color. She would look so beautiful on the banks of the river with the shining rainbow made of mist and quartz behind her...
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Kat moved quickly to get her pace set with Collins, her stride a shorter, quicker, stalking stride. She smiled as they moved towards the hill. It was a bit hard to see through all of the trees and such. But she didn't say anything as they moved. It was a comfortable silence.


Katarina stopped and stared in awe at the city before her. She had never seen such a work of art that people interacted with. She didn't think that mortal hands could build such a wonder. But she coughed to clear her throat. "The way I see it, we'll need a blacksmith to get a heavy file, and somewhere we can get some food, and possibly, some spices. I'm getting tired of fish and jerky." She couldn't stop staring in awe at the elven city. "Wow.." Her whisper was barely audible.
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