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City Treasure Hunt?; Or is it just theiving?
Topic Started: Oct 25 2008, 09:53 PM (3,019 Views)
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After listening carefully about what the two did last night, Koro thought to himself These two seem to have a knack for trouble. He softly chuckled as he continued thinking Though the same could be said about me.

Koro did not feel the exact same feeling of safety that Pheena was projecting, but leaving the inn early without a proper meal would be foolish. As he girl started to pick out ingredients without ever informing the owner, Koro walked to the shelf to his left and opened it up only to be pleased with what he saw.

Ah, so he’s taking better care of it now.

The man pulled out a well seasoned cast iron skillet as he slowly walked towards the heath, making sure he avoided Pheena as she started gathering food items. Placing the skillet to a side counter, Koro told the two “Well we should leave as soon as possible since those men you mentioned could come back. I need to speak with my friend here, so how about you two get that fire started. I’ll be sure to make a nice meal for all of us when I get back.”

Koro left the kitchen without much warning after he finished. It only took a few minutes before he found himself behind the front desk and in facing the door where Brand sleeps. It was still a bit early, so the keeper isn’t up at the moment even though he should be by now. Either way, Koro opened his robe a bit so that he could reach for his coin bag from behind. His fingers fiddled around with the coins before he managed to feel the one he was looking for. He pulled out an awfully made gold coin and let it drop to the floor in front of him. As he locked his eyes intently at the coin, Koro slid-kicked it under the door. Wearing a warmer smile then usual, he left to go back to the kitchen to make the omelets Pheena requested.
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"Omlettes sound great Pheena..." The thief sounded a bit distracted as she started to look around the kitchen. Her eyes scanned over the shelves of food and searched for anything that might be found useful. As Koro said something about the fire getting started, she sighed, her eyes still searching for things, but she moved over to the fireplace, drawing out flint and steel and setting up the fire.

It took a few sparks, but she got it lit, and blew on it gently, adding first sticks and then logs from the pile nearby the hearth. Then, after it was burning well enough, she stood up again, and started wandering around the kitchen. Without truly thinking of it, she pulled a loaf of bread from the bread cupboard, stealthily slipping it into her pack. One could never know when one would need food...
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Pheena was only thinking about her immediate needs instead of, like Fyra, those needs for later. She began to chop up pieces of this and that for Koro's use though she was probably less accurate in her sizings. Mixed pieces of sausages and vegetables and cheese got strewn all over the counter where she worked. At the rate she was working, they would all be having identical omelettes save for the large chunk of this or that.

As Koro reentered the kitchen, Pheena sidled up to him, skillet in hand. Oh Kooooooro! Time to work your magic! I'm very hungry! The half elven thief held out the skillet for him to take from her, other kitchen utensils standing at the ready on the counter. Oh! And I chopped up your ingredients for you so you can be faster. She smiled brightly, assured by her own confidence that she had done a great deed and sped up their impromptu chef immensely.
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