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Topic Started: Oct 11 2008, 07:29 PM (394 Views)
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Barbarians are a close ranged melee class, preferring to get personal with any foe with blunt weapons, including clubs, maces, and flails. They wear light armor for greatest manuevering capability, usually leather or fur type-armors. Barbarians are typically known as fearless fighters, but this is simply because of their berserking ability. This ability allows them to push past fear and pain and simply attack the enemy with an uncontrollable tenacity. This is often a dangerous tactic for any barbarian as they might continue to fight past the point where it is safe for them to continue, fighting to the death, unaware of grievous injuries. It also might pose a threat to traveling companions in that they attack fiercely forward without considering whether those in front of them are friend or foe.

Common barbarian abilities include:
Blunt Weaponry
Light Armor Specialty
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