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Healers; Priest, Shaman, and Witchdoctor
Topic Started: Oct 11 2008, 07:27 PM (414 Views)
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Priets are generally Healers, working both with religiously fueled-magic and natural remedies to speed the healing process for injured creatures of any sort. They are welcomed amongst any society for their skills and they are eager for more knowledge about healing from other skilled professionals. Oftentimes, priests will carry a staff to aid in walking long distances and also carry a satchel full of their medical remedies which include poultices for clearing away infection, lots of bandages, and pain relievers. They also include a needle and thread for stitching up injuries and small, fine-bladed knives for the use of minor surgeries. Priests can also heal themselves of minor wounds.

Not everything to do with a priest is about healing. Most often priests are trained in on the using of a staff for their own defense. Their trusty walking sticks are usually created and designed by their original master. They are also commonly seen wearing white, tan, or gray robes with little adornment.

Common priestly abilities include:
Non-Magical Healing
Staff Weaponry
Create Poultice

Shamans are people of the land, pulling their healing powers straight from the land itself. Unlike priests, their healing powers lie in incantations, fire, and stone instead or religion or intellect alone. Their healing takes longer, but often works towards more amazing ends. Shamans must have intense concentration to keep up their incantations, often suffering from lack of food or water while allowing the spirit of renewal to possess them. Some shamans have died in cases where they were faced with severely injured patients and tried to keep them alive rather than allowing their grievous injuries to take them on. Because so much of the shaman class is devoted to incantations and tending fires, shamans cannot heal themselves and must always find someone else to care for them if serious ills befall them.

Shamans are usually seen wearing clothes made out of leather with little adornment save for sewn in pebbles or varying colors or reflective shells. They sometimes wear face paint of red or brown hues in patterns of their own choosing. For their own protection, shamans usually stick to ranged weapons like a sling or throwing hatchets. Their main healing tools consists of a piece of vocanic rock called pumice with will, if coaxed by incantation, pull the infection, poison, or evil spirit from the injured and fire which will close physical wounds.

Common shaman abilities include:
Earth Healing
Throwing weapons
Herb Lore

Witchdoctors are both healers and harmers. With a canny knack of creating potions of different sorts and a keen mind for rituals, they are a blended class of sorts. Witchdoctors are known for their ability of causing pain or discomfort through the practice of voodoo as long as the target remains in the same local area. They create love potions, poisons, and healing potions. They can also summon and converse with minor spirits. With their abilities with spirits, this is for the purpose of drawing negative health effects from patients or simply to cause havoc with very short term possession which is under the spirit's directive and not that of the witchdoctor. These negative health effects are poisons, possessions, or infection. Witchdoctors cannot heal physical wounds, whether for themselves or for patients. They can also animate small dead things, one at a time, such as rodents or recently dead snails, until they are so decomposed that they fall apart.

Witchdoctors dress very differently from the other two types of healers. Often wearing nothing but a multitude of feathers, paint of various colors, shiny beads or pebbles on strings, and a loincloth or thin robe, they are very strange in appearance. They carry a single dagger with them along with a wand. The wand provides a simple barrier against a spirit when working with one and keeps them safe from possession. The dagger is their weapon of choice in defense.

Common witchdoctor abilities include:
Potion Making
Small Bladed Weaponry
Spirit Speaking
Minor Animate Dead
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