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Topic Started: Oct 11 2008, 07:26 PM (343 Views)
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Monks are those who have chose to live without weapons. That does not mean that they don't fight. In fact, monks prefer to fight with their fists and their feet. Unarmed combat is what they live for, unburdened by metal or wood. Many chose to do away with armor as well as it limits their mobility. Some choose to slow themselves down with leather armor to afford a little bit more protection. Monks have a tendency to give themselves some quiet meditation time every day in order to focus and increase their discipline and patience. Throughout their life, a monk strives to be so disciplined as to eventually not allow themselves to feel pain. This is an advanced skill which very few, but the rare handful of eldest monks have learned. They also can take their discipline to another level. If they focus their discipline well enough and do not move, they can actually form a barrier around themselves for a short period of time, thereby granting them a small reprieve from whatever blows that they may have taken previously. Monks wear a wide variety of clothes, however, the most common feature of their attire lies in the loose quality that allows for freedom of movement.

Common monk abilities include:
Unarmed Combat
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